Health and Human Performance

Self-Evaluation Paper : (30 points)Students will complete a self-­?evaluation to be turned in at the end of the semester, refer to course schedule for due date. Students will upload their Self Evaluation through the Assignment tab in Blackboard Learn. Late self-evaluations will not be accepted!Please note late self-­?evaluations will not be accepted. Instructions: You will need to answer the three following questions honestly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. The self-­?evaluation must be typed, double-­?spaced, 10-­?12” font, with a 1” margin and 3-­?4 pages in length. Begin with an opening statement, write your content in a clear, succinct manner, and end with a concluding statement.1. Describe the major learning events related to course content/information you learned in this class.2. Identify a career path in Health and Human Performance that you are most interested in at this point in your education. Specifically, what is your background in this career-path and what are your future goals.3. What could you have done yourself to improve your efforts/learning during this semester for this class?

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