Handbook For New Employee

There are three (3) parts required for this.Step 1: Read the Handbook Valve_NewEmployeeHandbook (its a link)Step 2: Answer the following questionsStep 3: Submit your Answer Sheet in D2L by March 11 at 11.59 pmAnswer the following Questions:In your own words, summarize in 5 to 6 sentences the VALVE’s corporate structure “from Human resource’s perspective”. (5 marks)Note: Valve has hundreds of employees but no managers or bosses at all.What strategic issues should HR management in VALVE be most concerned with? (4 marks)How would you characterize Valve’s organizational structure? Is it completely unique, or could it be characterized as a multidivisional, matrix, or functional structure? (3 marks)What recommendations would you make in your given organization in terms of executing workforce strategy for the VALVE? (8 marks)

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