Grand Canyon University Effective Strategies Used to Relieve Tension Summary

Grand Canyon University Effective Strategies Used to Relieve Tension Summary Grand Canyon University Effective Strategies Used to Relieve Tension Summary ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS Unformatted Attachment Preview MASSAGE THERAPY Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and WellBeing – 8th Edition (2015) By Brian Luke Seaward MUSCLE MASSAGE Muscle massage is the manipulation of skin, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue for the purpose of decreasing muscle tension and increasing physical comfort in musculature and surrounding joints. This is the one relaxation technique that requires the assistance of someone else to achieve the full relaxation effect. MASSAGE THERAPY Massage therapy is now a bona fide practice, with more than 56,000 practitioners certified through the American Massage Therapy Association. Massage therapists must go through formal education (500 hours of classroom instruction) and 3 years of practice before becoming certified. Massage therapy not only aids in the reduction of muscle tension, but also provides an essential human need: touch. Research indicates that human touch is vital for well-being, and that as people become more involved with technology, there is less human contact, resulting in what some call touch deprivation. RESEARCH STUDIES ON HUMAN TOUCH Landmark studies by Field showed that infants require human touch to thrive; with the speculation that people of all ages need it as well. Other research shows that massage therapy is a effective in promoting the relaxation response as are other forms of relaxation. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-ND DIFFERENT TYPES OF MASSAGE, OR BODYWORK Swedish massage is the most widely recognized type in the West However, there are other types of massage that are well known in other parts of the world, and are gaining popularity in the West: 1. Shiatsu massage 2. Rolfing massage 3. Myofascial massage Grand Canyon University Effective Strategies Used to Relieve Tension Summary 4. Sport massage OTHER RELATED TYPES OF TOUCH THERAPIES Aromatherapy Hydrotherapy Pet therapy Therapeutic touch This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA RESEARCH STUDIES ON VARIOUS MASSAGE THERAPIES Research indicates that there is not only a physical relaxation effect, but in many cases, an emotional benefit as well. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND MASSAGE AND HEALTH MAINTENANCE Since the advent of the fitness boom in the late1970s and early1980s, massage has become a significant aspect of health maintenance. Today, several corporations offer muscle massage as part of wellness programs for employees who spend their workdays in front of a computer terminal. Massage therapy is used as a modality to decrease episode of acute and chronic pain. T’AI CHI CH’UAN MANAGING STRESS: PRINCIPLES FOR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING – 8TH EDITION (2015) BY BRIAN LUKE SEAWARD CHI • CHI IS A CHINESE TERM REPRESENTING THE UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY THAT SURROUNDS AND PERMEATES EVERYONE, THE LIFE FORCE. • T’AI CHI CH’UAN IS A FORM OF EXERCISE THAT IS THOUGHT TO HELP REGULATE THE FLOW OF THIS UNIVERSAL ENERGY. • THE CHINESE BELIEVE THAT POOR HEALTH IS A RESULT OF BLOCKAGES AND CONGESTION IN THE FLOW OF INTERNAL ENERGY, WHICH IN TURN LOWERS ONE’S PHYSICAL RESISTANCE AND MAKES ONE VULNERABLE TO VARIOUS PATHOGENS. T’AI CHI • IS CONSIDERED BY MANY TO BE THE SOFTEST OF THE MARITAL ARTS, AND IS CALLED MOVING MEDITATION, OR A SERIES OF MOVEMENTS THAT ACT TO HELP UNIFY THE LIFE FORCE ENERGY WITH THAT OF THE PERSON. • T’AI CHI IS DEEPLY ROOTED IN PHILOSOPHY, PRIMARILY TAOISM, BUT TO A LESSER EXTENT, CONFUCIANISM. • THE PREMISE OF THIS EXERCISE IS TO MOVE WITH, RATHER THAN AGAINST, THE FLOW OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY. • THE POSITIONS (OVER 100 IN ALL) REINFORCE THE CONCEPT OF CONSCIOUSLY MOVING WITH, RATHER THAN AGAINST, PERCEIVED STRESSORS IN EVERYDAY LIFE. THE FOUR PRINCIPLES IN T’AI CHI 1. FASTING THE HEART 2. RETURNING TO NATURE 3. WU-WEI 4. WINNING BY LOSING RESEARCH STUDIES • STUDIES INVESTIGATING THE PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF T’AI CHI SHOW THAT THIS TECHNIQUES IS A EFFECTIVE AS OTHERS IN PROMOTING RELAXATION. • QIGONG, A FORM OF ENERGY WORK, IS OFTEN USED AS A MODE OF HEALING FOR CHRONIC PAIN. • WHEN PRACTICING T’AI CHI, BREATHE EFFORTLESSLY, HOLD NO EXCESS MUSCULAR TENSION, MAINTAIN A PERPENDICULAR STANCE, KEEP YOUR CENTER OF GRAVITY LOW, MOVE AT A CONTINUOUS SPEED, AND INTEGRATE THE MIND AND BODY AS ONE. … Purchase answer to see full attachment Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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