Assignment: Factors That Influence The Public’s Perception Of Nursing

Assignment: Factors That Influence The Public’s Perception Of Nursing
Assignment: Factors That Influence The Public’s Perception Of Nursing
Describe how the nursing profession is viewed by the general public. Discuss factors that influence the public’s perception of nursing? Describe ways to educate the general public on the professional nurse’s role and scope of nursing within a changing health care system.
Title:Family Nurse Practitioner
Organization: Peace Hospice & Pallative care
Academic or Professional: Professional
Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse:
Notes: She inspired me in different aspect of my life. I worked with her for a long period of time, she believe in education and nothing more. She believe that education is a continuous of life. She believe you can’t stop at a point, you need to move on and on.
Complete Part 1 of your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Template. Be sure to address the following:
· Identify at least two academic and at least two professional individuals or teams to collaborate with to be successful in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse.
Explain why these individuals and/or teams were selected and how they will support success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse.
Over the past two decades, majority of suicide studies in Asia were conducted on suicide deaths [17, 19, 27, 28]. The current study on suicide attempts would be valuable in that it sought to enhance our understanding of relevant variables contributing to the diagnosis of mental illness in Asian suicide attempters in Singapore, with simultaneous consideration of psychosocial variables, e.g., risk and pro- tective factors and variables related to the attempt. This could assist clinicians in succinct and accurate assessment, to derive an appropriate suicide management plan to pre- vent further suicide attempts [29]. Current international research embraces the concept of a mental illness con- tinuum and cautions against an overarching definition of mental illness without considering the different contexts in which DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) diagnoses are used [30]. This exploratory study would add further insight into the evidence base for brief clinical assess- ment and diagnosis of mental illness in our local con- text.
As mental illness was among the strongest predictors of suicide [31], it is concerning that there might be under- diagnosis of mental illness in Asia [22]. Mental illness, such as depression, is associated with an elevated risk for suicide attempt [32]. The cultural formulation section of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, DSM [11], highlights con- sideration of contextual and psychosocial factors to inform diagnosis, management, and treatment of mental illness. To add to the complexity of culturally sensitive clinical assessment, it was suggested that Asian suicide attempters were more likely to self-report physical symptoms when interviewed by clinicians about their suicide atte

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