Assignment: Evidence from Literature

Assignment: Evidence from Literature
Assignment: Evidence from Literature
Assignment Details
Unit 4 Assignment: Evidence from the Literature
Outcomes addressed:
NU310-2: Appraise credibility of sources utilizing measures of reliability, validity and level of evidence.
GEL 1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.
The purpose of this Assignment is to help you learn to conduct a review of the literature, correctly identify the level of evidence of primary sources on the evidence hierarchy, and to critique the important aspects of a scholarly research report.
1. Choose a nursing sensitive topic from the list below. Go to the University library and conduct a search of the literature and find 2 scholarly primary research reports that relate to the clinical topic you chose.
List of 15 nurse sensitive outcomes:
Nursing Hours per Patient Day.
Nursing Turnover.
Nosocomial Infections.
Patient Falls.
Patient Falls with Injury.
Pressure Ulcer Rate.
Pediatric Pain Assessment, Intervention, Reassessment (AIR) Cycle.
Pediatric Peripheral Intravenous Infiltration.
Psychiatric Physical/Sexual Assault.
RN Education/Certification.
RN Survey.
Staff Mix.
You may also choose from the following clinical topics:
Diabetic management.
CHF management.
Readmission rates.
Case management.
2. Write a brief 2-3-page critical essay paper summarizing the two research studies. This paper should be written in standard American English with proper grammar and spelling. The paper should include a title page, running head, and page numbers; it should be double spaced, have a separate page for references that follows 6th edition APA formatting and citation style.
3. Your paper should include the following:
A title page in APA format
An introductory paragraph which includes a brief discussion of the objectives of your paper.
The body of the paper should include:
> a summary and critique/appraisal of each article with a discussion of methodology and research design the researchers used. The writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
> where you would place the article in the evidence hierarchy (level of research evidence) with rationale.
> a brief discussion of the findings of the study
>how these articles contribute to the body of nursing knowledge and supports evidence for clinical practice. (one to two paragraphs for each study).
The body of the paper should be a continuous piece of writing that allows for a sustained viewpoint with logical order and organization.
4. A summary paragraph (conclusion).
5. Paper should be no more than 4 pages in length including title page and separate reference page with 3-5 scholarly references.
Unit 4 Assignment: Evidence from the Literature
Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER 1
Title of Your Paper
Your Name
Purdue Global University
Title of Your Paper Goes Here
Tab over one time to indent your paragraphs. Do not add extra space between paragraphs. Your entire paper including title page and reference page should be all double spaced. Set your margins to one inch on both sides. The first paragraph of your paper should be an introduction of what you are going to discuss in your paper.
Use Primary Header to Separate the Two Articles
Discuss in paragraph format the points that are delineated in the assignment instructions. So summarize your first article here in several paragraphs that flow logically. Use correct 6th edition APA citations when you paraphrase material as you write, like so (Jones & Smith, 2016). If you directly quote something word for word, this should be done sparingly throughout your paper, try to paraphrase. However, when you do quote, include a page number with the passage and put quotation marks around it. “The cow was in the pasture when the little girl saw it eating grass” (Grissom, 2016, p.5).
Use Primary Header to Separate the Second Article
Follow the same format here to discuss the second article in several, logically flowing paragraphs. Make sure you allow two spaces between sentences. Your font should be size 12 and New Times Roman. Make sure you cite consistently when you paraphrase or quote material. Also pay attention to the assignment instructions and the grading rubric to make sure you address everything completely in your discussions.
Include a conclusion for your paper that is about a paragraph in length. Make sure that you do not introduce new points or discussions in the conclusion that have not been addressed in the body of your paper. The conclusion simply summarizes what you have already discussed.
Burgess, C., & Curry, M.P. (2014). Transforming the health care environment collaborative. Association
of periOperative Registered Nurses Journal, 99(4), 529-538.
Grossman, S.C., & Valiga, T.M. (2013). The new leadership challenge: Creating the future of nursing
(4th ed.). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.
Lacasse, C. (2013). Developing nursing leaders for the future: Achieving competency for
transformational leadership. Oncology Nursing Forum, 40(5), 431-433.
The Nursing Leadership Institute (2003). Nursing leadership competency model. Retrieved from,
Patterson, B.J., & Krouse, A.M. (2015). Competencies for leaders in nursing education. Nursing
Education Perspectives, 36(2), 76-82.
Assignment Unit 3
Instructions: First enter total points possible in cell C13, under the rubric. Next enter scores (between 0 and 4) into yellow cells only in column F.
Unit 4: Evidence from the Literature
Inappropriate Below Average Average Above Average Score Weight Final Score
1 2 3 4
Introduction Incomplete or missing introduction The introduction shows some structure but does not create a strong sense of what is to follow. May be overly detailed or incomplete and is somewhat appealing to the audience The introduction is clear and coherent and relates to the topic The introduction presents the overall topic and draws the audience into the presentation with compelling questions or by relating to the audience’s interests or goals 15% 0.00
Correctly identifies type of primary source and research design of each study inlcuding level of evidence Content is missing or incomplete The content is vague in conveying a point of view and does not create a strong sense of purpose. The content is written with a logical progression of ideas and supporting information; some details omitted The content is written clearly and concisely with a logical progression of ideas and supporting information 25% 0.00
Summarizes each study with correct discussion of salient parts of the study including purpose, methodology,results, and how it supports evidence for practice Content is missing or incomplete The content is vague in conveying a point of view and does not create a strong sense of purpose. The content is written with a logical progression of ideas and supporting information; some details omitted The content is written clearly and concisely with a logical progression of ideas and supporting information 25% 0.00
Conclusion There is no indication the author tried to make a conclusion Conclusion is weak and doesn’t conclude the paper Some of the conclusions, were not supported in the body of the report. The author was able to make succinct and precise conclusions 15% 0.00
Spelling/Grammar Significant errors in spelling and/or grammar Poor spelling and grammar are apparent and/or with many spelling and or grammatical errors Uses Standard American English with rare errors and misspellings. Occasional errors in spelling or grammar Consistently uses Standard American English with no misspellings. No errors with grammar or writing mechanics 10% 0.00
APA/proper formatting Significant errors in APA and/or formatting no references cited Poor APA formatting with 1-2 references Follows APA formatting occasional errors in citations or format Consistently follows correct APA and formatting with correct reference list 3-5 scholarly references provided 10% 0.00
100% 0.00
Final Score 0
Percentage 0.00%
Total available points = 120 4
Rubric Score Grade points Percentage
Low High Low High Low High
3.5 4.0 108 120 90% 100%
2.5 3.49 96 108 80% 89.99%
1.7 2.49 84 96 70% 79.99%
1.0 1.69 72 84 60% 69.99%
0.0 1.00 0 72 0 59.99%

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