Assignment: Evaluating & Developing Preparedness for Internal Disasters at KFCH PPT

Assignment: Evaluating & Developing Preparedness for Internal Disasters at KFCH PPT ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Evaluating & Developing Preparedness for Internal Disasters at KFCH PPT Hello again< I have uploaded the final project ppt and I have done the proposal sections. Please complete the other section. Thanks! Assignment: Evaluating & Developing Preparedness for Internal Disasters at KFCH PPT alnami_s_capstone_presentation_.pptx Evaluating & Developing the Preparedness for Internal Disasters at KFCH By: Ibrahim Alnami Capstone Experience in Disaster Medicine and Management DMM 755 An Overview • • • • • • • Statement of the Problem Purpose of the Study Research Questions Significance of Study Limitations Literature Review Methods Statement of the Problem • Many Saudi hospitals have struggled with preparing for internal disasters due to the lack of educational and training programs in disaster management. • A 2014 study showed shortcomings of many Saudi hospitals regarding preparations for the 2009 major flooding that struck Jeddah, western SA. • As a result of poor infrastructure and lack of the emergency preparedness system at Jizan General Hospital, a fire occurred in 2015 at this hospital, resulting in 25 deaths, and more than 100 injuries. (Bajow & Alkhalil, 2014) ; (Boshnaq, 2015) Purposes of the Study • To evaluate and develop the preparedness internal disasters at KFCH. • Based on the evaluation results, some vital recommendations were provided to develop the preparedness of the hospital staff. • To review how the lack of education and training programs in disaster management have adversely impacted some Saudi hospitals in their preparedness for disasters. • To show how implementing disaster management curricula in SA schools and training programs in SA hospitals can solve this issue. Research Questions • Are the hospital staff familiar with the internal disaster plan? • Are the hospital staff prepared to perform an evacuation to respond to internal disasters such as fire, flood, and power outage? • How can the hospital staff improve their ability to operate an evacuation plan effectively? • Why should the hospital staff understand and practice the internal disaster plan, including the evacuation plan? • How can the Saudi Ministry of Health develop its hospitals and employees to be more prepared for hospital evacuation during internal disasters? Assignment: Evaluating & Developing Preparedness for Internal Disasters at KFCH PPT Significance of Study • • • • No previous studies focused on hospital preparedness for disasters in Jizan City. Some hospitals in this city have experienced floods, power outages, and fires. This study is valuable as it focused on the largest hospital in this city. It focused on both Arabic and non-Arabic speakers since the hospital plan is written in Arabic. • It will lead to the development of the hospital staff ’s knowledge and skills in operating and implementing the hospital evacuation plan and activating the internal disaster plan. Limitations • This study focused only on one hospital, KFCH in Jizan, Saudi Arabia. • The focus of this study was to evaluate the hospital’s preparedness for internal disasters exclusively, and not include external incidents. • However, the researcher will conclude this study by recommending further studies that focus on both internal and external disasters. Literature Review • • • • • • The Vulnerability of Floods in Southwestern SA. The Lack of Hospital Preparedness for Flooding in Jeddah. The Lack of Disaster Management Curricula in Saudi Schools. Inadequate Training Programs and Drills in Saudi Hospitals. The Advantages of Effective Hospital Preparedness Plan in SA. The Significant Functions of Internal Disasters Plan. The Vulnerability of Floods in Southwestern SA Method • Study design: – A literature review identified the problem. – Quantitative and qualitative methods were deployed to complete this study: • Questionnaire for demographic information. •Assignment: Evaluating & Developing Preparedness for Internal Disasters at KFCH PPT Semi-structured interview questions for evaluation. • Population and Sample: Hospital staff at KFCH, including physicians, nurses, EMTs, pharmacists, radiologists, physiotherapists, and safety and security personnel. Method • Instrumentation – A questionnaire and semi-structured interview questions were created based on the hospital plan and the research questions. – The questionnaire and the interview questions were reviewed by experts in disaster and emergency management. – Conducting a pilot interview with three healthcare workers (2 paramedics and 1 nurse). Method • Sampling Process: 1) Sending the consent form with the demographic questionnaire to the medical director of KFCH after receiving the IRB approval. 2) The medical director created a sampling frame from the target population, 10 employees from each department. They were those with more than a year work experience at the hospital and are willing to participate. 3) The sample was randomly created by choosing 5 participants from the sampling frame. Data Collection Process … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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