Assignment: Ethical Implication

Assignment: Ethical Implication
Assignment: Ethical Implication
Among this case there are many factors, which contributes to potential ethical implications and integrity of the cause for the forensic psychologist. The high level of concern for the welfare of the family and the client can lead to coercion and deception, threats to confidentiality and trust of the case. The relationship between the family and forensic psychologist must not compromise the integrity of the case due to dual and multiple role relationship between the victim’s parents, client, and forensic psychologist. According to the American Psychological Association Psychologists recognize that fairness and justice entitle all people to access to and benefit from the contributions of psychology and to equal quality in the process, procedures, and service being conducted by a psychologist (Koocher, Spiegel, 2008, pg. 551). Additionally, The American Psychological Association suggests multiple-role relationships occurs when a therapist is already in a professional role with a person or in another role with the same person or closely associated with or related to the person (Koocher, Spiegel, 2008, pg. 263). Moreover, evaluate the rights, responsibilities, and vulnerability of all affected parties. Before the psychologist speaks to the client or victim’s parents there are necessary steps which need to take place before any forensic interview begins. Informed consent in psychology involves both verbal and written communication between clients and therapist. Informed consent is in agreement between professionals and client, which bonds rules, regulations, and confidentiality. The detective and psychologist must understand their role in the case in order to minimize and understood the information and rules of each individual. It is important to have informed consent before any treatment, counseling, research, experiment, and expert witness testimonies. According to APA (2014) Standard 3.10 states informed consent is a requirement when conducting research, counseling, therapy, or assessment (Koocher & Keith-Spiegel, 2008, pg. 555). The foundation of any relationships with a psychology professional and client should involve around the guidelines of engagement between both individuals. It is important to have rules and regulations in order to have an understanding of what to expect and the lines of boundaries which should not be crossed. The clients most know how fur confidentiality goes when speaking to a psychology professional. When receiving consent the person must be mentally sound and able to understand what they are agreeing to. Overall consent must be understood by both parties agreeing to the terms and the consent should follow all legal and ethical term and procedures. In this case the forensic psychologist, must establish informed consent by sitting down with the client and write an agreement both parties agree to the terms. Since, forensic psychology deals with the legal processes, it must be understood that forensic psychologist are not lawyers but expert witness to behavioral analysis. This consent must be created before we are allowed to work with the clients or cases, so both parties understand the boundaries of the relationship and expertise. Do with the fact of the case of an 11-year-old girl was reported missing at an amusement park on September 2011. The timing of the report was not mentioned during the initial reporting period. The observational time period of the incident can indicate the population and the capacity of the park in order to determine when the child was most likely kidnapped. Due to the nature of the case and the information provided by the park, the best approach for this case would be to use forensic interviewing in order to develop an accurate timeline of events. Confidentiality must be understood by all parties in this case in order to minimize any disclosure of confidential information. The role of the forensic psychologist must be understood during the case to avoid any confusion on the role of the forensic psychologist. The ethical dilemma which can arise in this case is the psychological role of the client and the victim’s parents. This can cause an ethical dilemma because the psychologist must always stay ethical, tells the truth, and stay within their field of knowledge, but when a client or victim asks the psychologist to lie to protect them it can cause in an ethical dilemma. In order to minimize this from happening an outlines of guidelines and agreements must establish before continuing the case which evaluates the rights, responsibilities, and vulnerability of all affected parties will have to sign such agreement before moving forward with the case to delineate any ethical issue which can affect the case of client eyewitness. Furthermore, determine whether the matter truly involves ethics. This is the starting point in order to identify any moral or ethical principle which are applicable to a current situation. This will allow the investigation to determine if they’re on any ethical dilemmas involved.
Implications of Diversity
It is important for psychology professionals to develop empathy around cultural differences, lifestyle differences, and diversity when handling cases because of clients who backgrounds are different. Psychology professionals are there to guide their clients to a health recover or resolution to their issue, so there is no room to judge. In this case of the missing girl the psychologist must not be biased because he or she also has a child around the same age. Personal feeling must not cloud the evaluation of the case because of personal and ethical belief which are different from others. By being empathic this will allow psychologist working the case to be more diverse and understanding of each cultural differences in order to find the right path or type of assessments for the client in order to determine who is the best eyewitness in order to solve the case. According to the American Psychological Association Psychologists recognize that fairness and justice entitle all people to access to and benefit from the contributions of psychology and to equal quality in the process, procedures, and service being conducted by a psychologist (Koocher, Spiegel, 2008, pg. 551). To be empathic is the key to be successful when working with different types of clients and cases because this will show the client compassion and that the psychologist understand the terms of the case. Being empathic and understanding the differences in parental mentoring must not be viewed as Negligence occurs when an individual falls below an ordinary or reasonable level of care. Once the authority was notified they place security watches around all the entrances and exits throughout the park and questioned patrons leaving the park. As a forensic psychologist the root cause and root condition of this cause revolve around both parents, who did not realize their daughter was missing for approximately 45 minutes before notifying the amusement park authorities. Both parents thought the other one had the child. Although there is no information about the race of the parents and the victim an open mind is important because of the information and description of the unknown subject race and gender can easily affect the psychologist prospective or assumption of who the unknown subject is because the description of the unknown subject was he was either African American or Latino which could imply that the female is of white decent. Moreover, the description of the eyewitness has not been noted and show reminds unknown to avoid any basis tendencies when evaluating which eyewitness is the best one in order to receive a verdict or guilty. In order to resolve this issue the description of all witness such as race and sex should not be disclosed to the forensic psychologist in order to minimize any basis or culturally basis stereotype to influence the decision of the psychologist.

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