Assignment: Embedded Safeguards to Reduce Injury & Infection

Assignment: Embedded Safeguards to Reduce Injury & Infection ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Embedded Safeguards to Reduce Injury & Infection Each week the professor has give us a guideline on what she will like the paper to be and I been stuck in writing the outline of my research paper. Assignment: Embedded Safeguards to Reduce Injury & Infection I am going to put in order of weekly how the development of the paper needs to be complete. I will like for the STUDYPOOL tutor to help me develop my research APA paper by using my references and to keep my thesis statement idea. If there is any questions please contact me at 239-603-1584 The draft document is what I have so far, and the instructions document is what the professor requires for this assignment. instructions.docx draft_week_5_d.docx INSTRUCTIONS I CHOOSE FOR MY PAPER EMBEDDED SAFEGUARDS TO REDUCE INJURY AND INFECTION, AND MY LEADERSHIP STYLE IS “TRANSFORMATIONAL” STYLE. WEEK 2 Identify a Topic and Thesis Statement for Your Research Paper Identify a topic related to health care and leadership; this will be the subject of your research paper due in week 7. You will then be working to incorporate a leadership theory or approach discussed in this course and apply it to your leadership in healthcare topic in later weeks. Make sure that your leadership in healthcare topic is neither too broad nor too narrow. Consider some of the following general areas: Leadership in: Change management in health care Technology in health care Finance of health care Conflict management in health care Evidence-based protocols Gender equality in the workplace Health sector reform Embedded safeguards to reduce injury and infection CHOOSE THIS ONE Please note the above general areas must have a narrower focus in order to work well for a research paper. The list above is not exhaustive, but merely suggestions. Identify a research area and then develop a thesis statement for your research paper. Ensure your topic is presented in descriptive detail and a clear plan for the research paper is identified. Submit a 1- to 2-page, double-spaced paper identifying your topic in descriptive detail, including a clear plan for your research and a thesis statement. Assignment: Embedded Safeguards to Reduce Injury & Infection WEEK 3 Include the following in your annotated bibliography: APA citations and annotations for three (6) sources you deem relevant to your problem statement (thesis). For each source: Cite the source in proper APA format. The citations should be organized in alphabetical order by author as in an APA References page. Follow with a brief annotation that summarizes the source (approximately 3–5 sentences). You may quote from the source, but do not copy and paste from the abstract. In 1 or 2 sentences, explain and evaluate the source’s relevance and significance to your research. Use an academic tone and style. Review the rubric for further information on how your assignment will be graded. Include a copy of your working thesis statement at the top of your assignment submission. WEEK 4 Develop a full-sentence outline of your research topic, taking care to structure your thoughts on the topic in a coherent fashion that clearly illustrates your objectives and intentions. Your full sentence outline should identify your thesis statement, the leadership in healthcare topic, and also a leadership theory or approach learned in this course. You must incorporate at least one leadership theory or approach to tie into your leadership in health care topic in your final paper. You must incorporate the use of at least 6 references (as required in your final paper) to use within your outline. Follow the alphanumeric outline structure and use complete sentences. Use APA format throughout. Include citations as needed along with a title page and a reference page. Assignment: Embedded Safeguards to Reduce Injury & Infection WEEK 5 Submit Your Final Leadership in Health Care Research Paper In your final paper on your approved topic for leadership in health care, be sure to: Present your topic, a summary of the larger scholarly discussion, and your thesis statement. Present the evidence to support your thesis, referencing 6 peer-reviewed sources in an organized and focused manner within your paper. You must thoroughlyapply at least one leadership theory or approach to your chosen leadership in healthcare topic. Close your paper by summarizing your findings, drawing conclusions, and making connections to the larger scholarly discussion. Provide an APA-formatted title page and reference page. The body and content of your research paper should be 4–5 pages total. This does not include the title or reference page. Assignment: Embedded Safeguards to Reduce Injury & Infection Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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