Assignment: Eliminating Barriers Within Communities

Assignment: Eliminating Barriers Within Communities
Assignment: Eliminating Barriers Within Communities
Respond to the prompts below in full sentences. Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling:
As a community health nurse, you work with migrant workers in your community. Access to health care in the rural areas of the United States is a major concern.
Discuss possible barriers to health care this population group may face.
How will you intervene to eliminate or at least minimize these barriers?General System Theory Von Bertalanffy (1968) emphasized that systems are open to and interact with their environments and that they can evolve as they acquire new properties. Rather than reducing an entity to the properties of its parts or elements, system theory focuses on the arrangement of and relations between the parts that connect them into a whole. This particular organization defines a system. Major concepts of general system theory include a system–environment boundary, input and output processes, and the organizational state of the system. General System Theory is founded on the premise that the world is composed of systems that are interconnected and influenced by one another. The two primary assumptions of the theory are that energy is needed to maintain an organizational state and that dysfunction in one system has an effect on other systems (Boulding, 1956). Roy’s Adaptation Model, King’s Interacting Systems Framework and Theory of Goal Attainment, and Neuman’s System Model are all nursing theories that have foundations in general system theory.Social Cognitive Theory Social Cognitive Theory explains human behaviors in terms of dynamic reciprocal interactions among cognitive, behavioral, and environmental influences. According to Albert Bandura (1986), human behavior is learned observationally through modeling or observing others. Once a behavior is observed, the person forms an idea of how the new behavior is performed; on a later occasion, this coded information serves as a guide for action. Principles derived from Social Cognitive Theory are often used to promote behavior change.

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