Assignment: Effect of Frequent Urination

Assignment: Effect of Frequent Urination
Assignment: Effect of Frequent Urination
Question 1
Jeannie is a 24-year-old pregnant woman who asks you if her frequent urination is normal Which of the following hormones is most likely responsible for this?
Question 2
Marion presents to your office with back pain associated with constipation and urinary retention Which of the following is most likely?
Epidural abscess
Cauda equine
Idiopathic low back pain
Question 3
Which is true of examination of the olfactory nerve?
It is not tested unless patient reports a change in smell
The smell must not be identified to declare a normal response
Abnormal responses may be seen in otherwise normal elderly patients
Allergies are unrelated to testing of this nerve
Question 4
A woman in her 24th week of pregnancy notices she feels faint when lying down for a period What would you suspect as the cause for this?
Adrenal insufficiency
Orthostatic hypotension
Supine hypotensive syndrome
Question 5
What is the most effective pattern of palpation for breast cancer?
Beginning at the nipple, make an ever-enlarging spiral
Divide the breast into quadrants and inspect each systematically
Examine in lines resembling the back and forth pattern of mowing the lawn
Inspect the breast in a circular motion
Question 6
You are assessing a patient with diffuse joint pains and want to make sure that it is only the joints that are the problem, and that the pain is not related to other diseases Which of the following is a systemic cause of joint pain?
Question 7
You are examining a child with severe cerebral palsy When you suddenly move his foot dorsally, a sustained “beating” of the foot against your hand ensues What does this represent?
A focal seizure
Kernig’s sign
Brudzinski’s sign
Question 8
A young woman comes in experiencing brief, rapid, jerky, irregular movements They can occur at rest or during other intentional movements They mostly involve her face, head, lower arms, and hands How would you describe these movements?
Question 9
An infant presents with a heart rate of 180, a respiratory rate of 68, and an enlarged liver What diagnosis does this suggest?
Heart failure
Necrotizing enterocolitis
Question 10
You are assessing a patient with joint pain and are trying to decide whether it is inflammatory or non-inflammatory in nature Which one of the following symptoms is consistent with an inflammatory process?
Cool temperature
Question 11
Which is true of women who have had unilateral mastectomy?
Examination of the remaining breast only
Lymohedema of the ipsilateral arm usually suggests recurrence of breast cancer
Breast reconstruction over the mastectomy site no longer requires examination
Examination starts at the nipple, making an ever-enlarging spiral
Question 12
Which is true of prostate cancer?
It is commonly lethal
It is one of the less common forms of cancer
Family history does not appear to be a risk factor
Ethnicity is a risk factor
Question 13
Which of the following will help to optimize yield from a pediatric examination?
Take advantage of quiet periods for auscultation
Perform a head to toe exam
Use firmness, as needed to make it through your examination
Encourage Mom to hold the child’s hand

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