Assignment: Disorders And Treatments Paper

Assignment: Disorders And Treatments Paper
Assignment: Disorders And Treatments Paper
1. Demonstrate therapeutic communication skills in a given clinical situation.
[u06s1] Unit 6 Study 1
Existential and Gestalt Therapy
Use your Current Psychotherapies text to read:
. Chapter 8, “Existential Psychotherapy,” pages 273–308.
. Chapter 9, “Gestalt Therapy,” pages 309–348.
Use the Capella Library to watch the following videos:
. “” [12 min].
· [music]
· AIPC Presents Counselling Therapies Session 2: Gestalt Therapy
· 00:20UNKNOWN All right, hi, Sandra. Um, well, uh, we have about half an hour together this time and, uh, how are you feeling right now? What’s your awareness? See there’s a bit of a, kinda, the situation’s different from last time?
· 00:35SANDRA Um, no, I, I’m still feeling the same.
· 00:40UNKNOWN Right.
· SANDRA Just, yeah, I think it’s…
· UNKNOWN (crosstalk)The same meaning what?
· SANDRA Uh, just, just, a little frustrated at the moment. That’s all.
· 00:50UNKNOWN Mm-hmm. And what is the frustration like? For you?
· 00:55SANDRA It, it’s just a, a tight feeling that I have. I, I just, um, yeah, it, it’s very, it’s, it’s difficult to put into words, but just a . . .
· 01:10UNKNOWN Yeah.
· SANDRA . . .it just doesn’t feel, feel good.
· UNKNOWN (crosstalk) Okay. So, let’s shift it to your body. Where in your body do you feel this tight feeling?
· 01:15SANDRA I think it’s, it’s in my chest.
· 01:20UNKNOWN So that’s a hard area. You feel it around the heart.
· 01:25SANDRA (crosstalk) Okay.
· UNKNOWN Yeah, right, right, yeah. And what is there in that heart? If you pay attention to that, that area in your heart, what, what do you find there?
· 01:30SANDRA (crosstalk) Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN What sort of thing do you find there?
· 01:35focusing on the here and now
· SANDRA Yes, it, it, it’s just a, a really, just a compressing feeling, just…
· 01:40being directive and confrontational
· UNKNOWN Uh, I notice that you have been saying “it” when you talked about your feelings, and, uh, I’d like to suggest if you can say “I” instead of “it” . . .
· 01:50SANDRA (crosstalk) Mm-hmm.
· 01:55UNKNOWN . . . and see what happens in your body.
· SANDRA (crosstalk) Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN So go ahead.
· 02:00SANDRA You, you actually want me to, to say.
· UNKNOWN (crosstalk) Yes. Yes, please.
· SANDRA Okay, yes. Um, my chest feels very tight. I feel very frustrated, angry.
· 02:10UNKNOWN Mm-hmm. Angry.
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· 02:15UNKNOWN So that’s what’s coming up, frustration, anger.
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN Right. So what are you doing this moment with your anger as you’re sensing it right here in your chest? This moment.
· 02:25SANDRA I’m just, just accepting it. Just, it’s just there, it’s…
· 02:30UNKNOWN (crosstalk) So you’re accepting it. And once you accept that anger inside you, what else do you do with that anger, having accepted it?
· 02:45[sil.]
· 02:50SANDRA Um, it’s, it’s just a part, it’s just a part of me, you know.
· 02:55UNKNOWN I’m noticing you’re saying “it” again.
· 03:00UNKNOWN “I am”. “I make”. Use the word “I”.
· 03:05UNKNOWN It’s a thing that, to acknowledge this is you, not something out there. You do that a lot.
· SANDRA (crosstalk) Mm-hmm. Okay.
· UNKNOWN When you think of something very strong, you put it out there.
· 03:10SANDRA Okay.
· UNKNOWN So, it’s a safe way to put it, but if you say “I feel angry”.
· 03:15SANDRA Mm-hmm. I feel angry.
· 03:20UNKNOWN And who do you feel angry at?
· SANDRA My ex-husband. Yes.
· 03:25UNKNOWN Mm-hmm. Your ex-husband.
· UNKNOWN Sandra, having just explored some of your feelings around this situation you have, uh, I’m gonna suggest that you, um, speak to Jeff on an empty chair. This may be a little uncomfortable, but it helped me to facilitate a process where I become an observer, and you’ll be in, dialoging with a, the, the party, that you are actually having to deal with. And I’ll be facilitating for you that process. And then pointing out some of the things we could do to change that process, okay?
· 03:55SANDRA (crosstalk) Okay. Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN Yeah. Let’s bring Jeff, in your imagination, as if Jeff were here.
· 04:00SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· 04:05UNKNOWN That’s all right? Okay, I’ll bring a chair.
· SANDRA Okay.
· empty chair technique
· UNKNOWN So welcome, Jeff. I mean, I welcome Jeff, you don’t have to welcome him. And, uh, and there’s Jeff. (laughing) So imagine his face, what he looks like, how you remember him.
· 04:15SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN How, uh, and bring him in in your fantasy, and then when you’re ready, you just say whatever comes to your, er, um, to you, at that moment, at this moment spontaneously, okay?
· 04:25SANDRA (crosstalk) Mm-hmm. Okay. Jeff, I feel very frustrated about the situation, that you have left me and the children in. I don’t think you understand how hard it is at times and the, the things that I have to explain to them about, about the situation. Uh, it bothers me that you don’t go out of your way to spend extra time with the children, and I really believe that in the future they, they will come to, uh, to really resent that and, and not look at you as, as their father. Uh, I, I, I honestly can’t understand why you don’t want to spend more time with them and irrespective of what’s happened between, between us, and, and you moving on and so forth, I, I just don’t think that, um, that your children and my children should really suffer in that way. I, I would like them to have as, as normal a life as possible and, and be able to, to be with both of their parents. A-, and, why, you know, what is so important rather than them wanting to be with them. It, It’s, it’s just veryhard.
· 06:00UNKNOWN Okay. Mm-hmm. Okay, so there’s a, kinda a question. You understand why this happened, etc., right?
· 06:05SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN So what, in the next thing we’ll do you’ll, you’ll sit over there, and you will be Jeff.
· 06:10SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN And see what Jeff can answer…
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· 06:15UNKNOWN . . . to you as to where he is at. That may be a little bit, uh,difficult, but let’s do a dialog as if he were here. He’s not here anyway.
· 06:25SANDRA Yeah.
· UNKNOWN So, we’ll be having a dialog between Jeff, the imaginate Jeff that you have…
· 06:30SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN . . . and you in the present, here and now. Okay?
· SANDRA A-, and what is, what is he saying?
· 06:35UNKNOWN Well go ahead as I’m suggesting.
· SANDRA Okay.
· UNKNOWN Sit over there.
· 06:40SANDRA Okay.
· UNKNOWN The moment you sit over there, you become Jeff.
· SANDRA Okay.
· 06:45UNKNOWN And whatever Jeff says to the statement of, you made…
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN Go ahead, Jeff.
· empty chair technique
· 06:50SANDRA Sandra, I know that it must have been hard on you and the kids with me leaving, and it’s not that I, I don’t want to spend more time with them, but I am very busy with, with work and, and a few other things that,that are going on in, in my life. And Sandra, my children do mean a lot to me, and you know, if, if I was to spend more time with them, though, when I contact you about it, I, I don’t want you to be, to be short and rude and, and, and I want you to be open to, to the opportunity.
· 07:30UNKNOWN Okay, I’ll stop you, Jeff, and say, “Sandra, but the children really mean a lot to me.” Just say that to her again, a statement.
· 07:40SANDRA Sandra, the children really do mean a lot to me.
· UNKNOWN Okay. So go back over there. So check your frustration over there. How is, do you feel different about him now? That he really cares for the children?
· 07:50SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· 07:55UNKNOWN And there is a future maybe with him and them?
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN Do you feel that?
· SANDRA Yeah.
· 08:00UNKNOWN Yeah. So have you any appreciations to Jeff? I know there are the hurts and the frustration, anger, but any appreciation that he still cares for these children. He’s their father.
· 08:10SANDRA Mm-hmm. I really don’t have any appreciation for that because the reason that he’s…
· 08:20UNKNOWN Tell him that.
· SANDRA The reason that you’ve given . . .
· SANDRA . . .that you’re busy, like, I’m busy in my life, and, and I still give our children priority. They still take precedence in my life.
· 08:30UNKNOWN Okay.
· SANDRA And I just don’t think that that, that that’s right.
· 08:35UNKNOWN Okay, okay. Then tell him what sort of a father he should be.
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· 08:40UNKNOWN For the children.
· SANDRA You should be proactive in wanting to see them, and I, I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to see them more than, than what we have agreed. Uh, if there are times when, when you want to do something spontaneous and, and see them then, then feel free to, to contact us and, and see if it’s okay.
· 09:05UNKNOWN Good.
· 09:10UNKNOWN Good, good, good. Go over there. That sounded like a, a very good idea.
· 09:15SANDRA Mm-hmm
· UNKNOWN A good offer.
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN As you, Jeff, are you prepared to take that offer on?
· 09:20SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN For the kids’ sake?
· SANDRA Well, Sandra, I, I’m glad that you said that, and uh . . .
· 09:30UNKNOWN Mm-hmm.
· SANDRA I think that’s something that I could look at, but when I contact you, I don’t want you to be, to be short with me or rude.
· 09:45UNKNOWN Right.
· SANDRA I, I want you to consider it and, and to be honest.
· 09:50UNKNOWN Yeah, great. Go over there. So are you aware of, of what’s going on here? A contract’s happening.
· 09:55SANDRA Okay.
· UNKNOWN You’re aware of that?
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN It seems the two parties, seem to be agreeing, beginning to agree to something important. That’s the children.
· 10:05UNKNOWN So the children will not suffer. They will actually benefit from that agreement if you two can really, really, uh, come to a, a mutual agreement to what, how you’re going to take care of the children.
· 10:15SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN ‘Cuz this thing, no matter how in my view, no matter howpeople live together, as a couple, separated, together, the, the contract, life … I’m still my father to my children. You’re still a mother to my children. If we could only get that anger out, frustration out, we can come to an agreement as to how we’re gonna work together, even if we don’t live together, we will live for the, with the kids and they’ll be happy.
· 10:40SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN Does that make sense to you?
· SANDRA Yes, uh . . .
· 10:45UNKNOWN There’s a “but”.
· SANDRA (crosstalk)But how . . .
· UNKNOWN There’s a “but”.
· SANDRA How do I… It’s a question.
· 10:50UNKNOWN Good. Good. Good.
· SANDRA This is in a counseling session.
· 10:55UNKNOWN Yeah.
· SANDRA And he hasn’t really participated in, in forming this contract.
· 11:00UNKNOWN Yes, but you hear that this happened here for you?
· 11:05SANDRA Yes.
· UNKNOWN And you’ve done it.
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN So is there something that, that now you have that you can begin to negotiate with him? No matter how he is?
· 11:10SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· 11:15UNKNOWN Good. There’s a, now in you, a realization that the children need that, that father and mother.
· 11:20SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN How’s that for you?
· SANDRA Yeah. M-, Maybe I just need to let him know that, um, and, andjust extend the invitation of, of having more time.
· 11:30UNKNOWN Without that …
· SANDRA Yeah. Yeah.
· UNKNOWN Remember?
· 11:35SANDRA Yeah.
· UNKNOWN And you’re good at that.
· SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN You’re very good. Watching you working here, you’re very good at creating contracts, and very clear about what you want.
· 11:40SANDRA Mm-hmm.
· UNKNOWN It’s a question of how you can, the two parties can get to that, uh, agreement together. What do you think?
· 11:50SANDRA Mm.
· UNKNOWN Great. ‘Cuz that’s, this is a rehearsal for what’s gonna happen.
· 11:55SANDRA Okay.
. “” [16 min].
· [sil.]
· These demonstrations are for professional training and for use in skill, theories, multicultural, and practicum/internship courses. The demonstrations present situations that viewers may encounter in real life. All demonstrations are role-played with volunteers who gave their informed consent and willingness to be videotaped.
· Influencing Skills: Strategies For Change Carlos Zalaquett, Ph.D., Lic. Seriashia Chatters, Doctoral student
· Gestalt Integration: Internal parts, polarities, and dichotomies produce stress and interfere with decision making. Establishing communication between these parts help clients integrate even unwanted parts of self and facilitate growth and progress.
· 00:45CARLOS ZALAQUETT Good to see you again, Seriashia, um, welcome back.
· 00:50SERIASHIA CHATTERS Thank you, um, thank you. It’s good to see you too.
· CARLOS ZALAQUETT We, um, decided last time that we wanted to focus on a particular aspect of your experience growing up

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