Assignment: Discussing Similarities Differences

Assignment: Discussing Similarities Differences
Assignment: Discussing Similarities Differences
In 500 words, discuss the similarities and differences between spirituality and religion. What is Poll and Smith’s Model of Spiritual Identity? Do you agree or disagree with the model? Why or why not? Remember to support your comments with relevant information from course resources or other academic resources using the APA 6th Edition citation format. Give at least 2 references to support your discussion.
· 05:35DR. ROLLO MAY Another source of anxiety that you described in your writing is, is our very freedom, our ability to make choices and to have to confront the consequences of those choices
· 05:45DR. ROLLO MAY Yes, that’s right. Freedom is the, uh, also the mother ofanxiety. If you had no freedom, you’d have no anxiety. That’s why the sleight(ph) is in the films. Or people without any expression on their faces. They have no freedom, but those of us who do have are alert, alive. We’re aware that what we do matters. Uh, and, that we only have about 70 or 80 or 90 years in which to do it. So, why not do it and get joy out of it rather than running away from it. But, I think that’s a little capsule of the meaning of anxiety.
· 06:30JEFFREY MISHLOVE But, isn’t there a little bit of a , a conflict between feeling anxiety and allowing oneself to be open vulnerable to that feeling of anxiety, and then also seeking joy?
· 06:40DR. ROLLO MAY Oh, no. Uh, there’s a conflict betweent hat, uh, and what’s generally called happiness or the, the flat. I would speak of , of the meaningless forms of feeling good. I’m not against anybody feeling good or having happy hours, but joy is something different from that. Joy is the zestthat you get out of, uh, using your talents, your understanding, uh, your totality of your being for great aims. The musicians, men who, uh, wrote music, Mozart and Beethoven and the rest of them. They always showed considerable anxiety because they were in the process of loving beauty, of feeling joy when they heard a beautiful, uh, combination of notes. Now, that’s the kind of feeling that goes with, uh, creativity. That’s why I say the courage to create. Creation does not come out of, uh, simply what you’re born with. That must be united with your courage, uh, which both of whichcause anxiety, but also great joy.

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