Assignment: Discussing Neurotransmitters

Lorraine and Albert are discussing neurotransmitters, getting ready for an exam. Lorraine maintains that neuronal dendrites sort excitatory and inhibitory messages through a process of elimination dictated by reuptake activity. Albert, on the other hand, argues that inhibitory messages always cancel out excitatory messages. Who is correct?
Appendix A
Remember-know instructions (Experiment 1)
These instructions were read by the experimenter, and are as follows:
Now you will be shown a series of individual words and asked if you recognize the word from the studying phase or if it is a new word. As you make your decision about recog- nizing a word, I would like you to bear in mind the following:
Often, when remembering a previous event or occur- rence, we consciously recollect and become aware of aspects of the previous experience. At other times, we sim- ply know that something has occurred before, but without being able consciously to recollect anything about its occurrence or what we experienced at the time. For exam- ple, if I see a friend on the bus today and recall having lunch with him earlier, I would say that I remember that person from before. If I see someone on the bus that appears familiar, but I can’t remember having met him, I would say that I only know that person.
On the following task, you will be asked to make two responses for each word. You will press the button ‘‘n” on your keyboard if you believe it is a newword or the but- ton ‘‘o” if you believe it is a word you have seen before. Then, you will press ‘‘r” if you remember the word con- sciously, ‘‘k” if you simply know that you saw the word earlier, or ‘‘space bar” if you believe it was a new word. These instructions will be repeated on the computer and button values will be on each slide with the word.

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