Assignment: Discuss Ten Cultural Myths That Create a Climate That Supports Rape

Assignment: Discuss Ten Cultural Myths That Create a Climate That Supports Rape
Read “Ten Cultural Myths That Create a Climate That Supports Rape” FIRST POSTING: Comment on a couple of the myths. For example, write which myths you believe really are myths. Or comment on which myths you think should NOT be called myths because you believe they are true.Finally, can you think of some other myth about rape that is not included in that self-test? This posting should be 5 to 7 sentences long.
Postings #2 & #3
Respond to what two other students in the class have said, in separate postings as always.,These postings should each be about 4 sentences long. (As always you can respond to more than two students but that is optional.)
In responding to students in class you could, for example, state why you agree or disagree with what they have posted; ask them a question about what they said; or state how you have experienced or observed something similar. Make some substantial comment — do not just say I “agree” or “disagree” or just say “that was a”good comment”! If you feel it was a good, or a bad, comment — also write why!
STUDENT 1 Jordan
These are all myths. The decision to have sex needs to be made between two people, or else it is rape. The myths that bother me the most are the ones pertaining to the way a woman dresses herself or acts in public, and how these determine whether she’s ‘asking for trouble’ or not. No one ‘asks for’ an ordeal that is known to lead to years of emotional anguish and suffering and that generally requires professional help to try overcome.Another myth I thought of is that women who drink alcohol at a party or in a bar and flirt with men are putting themselves out there and are down to have sex. it doesn’t matter if you aren’t forcibly raped- if a person who is sober/ far more sober than you are gets you to have sex with them, you may not realize the nature of it if you are intoxicated- that they are consciously taking advantage.
STUDENT 2 Nicole
I believe that all of these are myths. The ones that really stuck out to me are 4, 5, and 9. Woman should be able to dress the way that they want. Just because they dress a certain way doesn’t mean they are asking to get raped. #5 is terrible. Nobody asks to get raped therefore a reputation has nothing to do with it. #9 is also a bad one. Again nobody wants to get raped therefore why would they unconsciously want to get raped. No person wants to feel that of getting raped. Hopefully the percentage of people that do get raped goes down because it is so sad.

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