Assignment: Discuss pseudoscience

Assignment: Discuss pseudoscience
Assignment: Discuss pseudoscience
Question 18 1 / 1 point
Which of the following would be considered a pseudoscience?
Question options:
a) Anthropology
b) Biology
c) Astrology
d) Psychology
Question 19 1 / 1 point
A theory is defined as:
Question options:
a) a practice that appears to be and claims to be science, even though it does not use the scientific method to come to conclusions.
b) a specific, informed, and testable prediction of what kind of outcome should occur under a particular condition.
c) a set of related assumptions from which testable predictions can be made.
d) the repetition of a study to confirm the results.
Question 20 1 / 1 point
The first step in obtaining a sample is for the researchers to decide the makeup of the ____________ in which they are interested.
Question options:
a) group
b) descriptive design
c) topic of research
d) variable
Question 21 1 / 1 point
When a researcher is interested in a particular question or topic that is relatively new to the field, it is best to use a(n) ____________.
Question options:
a) representative sample
b) experimental study
c) descriptive design
d) case study
Question 22 1 / 1 point
Cal believes that a larger percentage of a city’s population will engage in public displays of affection in highly populated cities due to feelings of anonymity when an individual is among a lot of other people. He watches people’s interactions with each other in the university area, and unobtrusively counts the number of couples who are holding hands, hugging, or kissing. He then does the same in the sparsely populated city of Stillwater, Oklahoma. The research method Cal used is known as ____________.
Question options:
a) interviewing
b) a true experiment
c) naturalistic observation
d) a case study
Question 23 1 / 1 point
____________ measure two or more variables and their relationship to one another.
Question options:
a) Correlational designs
b) Descriptive statistics
c) Descriptive designs
d) Random assignments
Question 24 0 / 1 point
The ____________ is the middle score, which separates the lower half of scores from the upper half.
Question options:
a) mean
b) frequency
c) median
d) mode
Question 25 1 / 1 point
The ____________ is a statistical measure of how much scores in a sample vary around the mean.
Question options:
a) standard deviation
b) mode
c) mean
d) median
Question 26 1 / 1 point
The process of informing participants of the exact purposes of the study, revealing any and all deceptive practices, and explaining why they were necessary to conduct the study and ultimately what the results of the study were is known as ____________.
Question options:
a) debriefing
b) scientific thinking
c) decreeing
d) descriptive statistics
Question 27 1 / 1 point
What does recent research in consciousness through neural firing suggest?
Question options:
a) An individual in a vegetative state can show signs of awareness without wakefulness.
b) An individual in a vegetative state cannot react to any stimulus from the environment.
c) Behavioral responsiveness is not the only determining factor of an individual’s capacity to communicate with other people.
d) Behavioral non-responsiveness cannot be the sole determinant of one’s ability to interact with the world.

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