Assignment: Discuss Gender or ethnicity related to adult development

Assignment: Discuss Gender or ethnicity related to adult development
please you have to used attached articles (2)
In this assignment, you will critically evaluate research studies in the field of adult development. Each week, you will search the South University Library databases, such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest, to find two peer-reviewed research journal articles (not more than five years old) related to the weekly topics. Other sources, such as the text (other than as supporting citations), Wikipedia, and other online sources will not be accepted. You will read and analyze both articles and create a synopsis.
In your synopsis, you will include:
A summary of each of the journal articles
The main points discussed in each of the journal articles and how they relate to the week’s course and text readings
Your thoughts and perspectives regarding the concepts covered in each of the journal articles
This week, choose one of the following topics for the article analysis assignment:
Gender or ethnicity related to adult development
Aging (early to middle age)
Use the following format and the attached document to complete the following.
*Your project grade will not be based upon the amount of behavior change, but rather on the thoroughness for which you address the required areas listed above and integrate course concepts.
1. Introduction (15pts)
a.Description of overall goal and behavioral objective (target behavior) to include operational definition.
2. Method (25pts) – Actual Intervention Plan Implemented
b. Describe in detail the actual intervention plan and steps you implemented. This should contain more strategies than listed in your proposal as you have now learned more in class that you can integrate. Use class concepts and principles to describe plan and be specific on explaining how you collected data, the
recording method used, the length of data collection, antecedent control,
reinforcement, cognitive strategies, shaping, fading, etc…
i.How did you manage the situation, consequences, obstacles and
ii.What type of rewards and reinforcement schedules were used?
3. Results/Discussion/Critical Analysis (40pts)
a. Present data collected before, during, and after intervention in graphs and/or tables (e.g. baseline graph and intervention graph). You should have at least 6 weeks of intervention data, in addition to your baseline data.
b. Present a critical analysis of your project.
i.Identify patterns and themes which emerged
ii.What behavior principles helped your intervention plan to be successful
and/or what behavior principles implemented were not as successful as
hoped? Discuss your results and outcomes integrating key concepts from
class. Be sure to consider the effectiveness of the intervention in relation to
improvement over baseline and/or to whether the objective was met within
the timeline you specified.
Describe how you dealt with problems and report any changes or adjustment
you needed to make to your intervention plan (e.g. maintain commitment or
lack thereof, effectiveness of reinforcements and reinforcement schedules,
4. Maintenance and Generalization (15pts)
a. What, if anything, would you do differently next time?
b. How do you plan to maintain and generalize your results (i.e. stimulus and
response generalization)?
c. How will you apply the skills you learned throughout this project to future
behaviors you’d like to change? Think stimulus and response generalization.
5. General Writing Style (5pts): organized, free from grammatical and spelling errors
Your proposal and report should be typed single-spaced times new roman 12 and be organized as above with appropriate headings. must be at least 5 pages or more.

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