Assignment: Discuss cholecystokinin

Assignment: Discuss cholecystokinin
Assignment: Discuss cholecystokinin
26. If you were to give hungry animals an injection of _________, they would most likely stop feeding or reduce the size of their meals.
a. androgen
b. cholecystokinin (CCK)
c. glucose
d. estrogen
27. Scientists learned about how leptin regulates food intake and weight by studying:
a. people with bulimia.
b. people with anorexia.
c. people who have had their stomachs removed.
d. genetically obese mice.
28. Research conducted by April Fallon and Paul Rozin (1985) demonstrated that college women
____________ how thin they should be to conform to mens preferences, and that men ________ how bulky they should be to conform to womens preferences.
a. overestimated; overestimated
b. underestimated; overestimated
c. overestimated; underestimated
d. underestimated; underestimated
29. Which of the following correctly lists the Big Five personality traits?
a. Outgoingness, conscientiousness, excitability, agreeableness, and nervousness
b. Openness, candidness, excitability, apprehensiveness, and nervousness
c. Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism
d. Outgoingness, candidness, extraversion, affability, and neuroticism
30. When treating people with conversion hysteria, Sigmund Freud noticed that people with this disorder often appeared to improve when:
a. they sublimated their sexual and aggressive energies.
b. their superegos were strengthened.
c. their defense mechanisms became more balanced.
d. they re-experienced traumatic memories and feelings.
31. Having an authority figure who is physically close and who is perceived as legitimate are factors that are both most strongly associated with:
a. conformity.
b. obedience.
c. minority influence.
d. social facilitation.
32. The ego functions primarily at the __ level of mind and operates according to the_____.
a. conscious; reality principle
b. preconscious; pleasure principle
c. preconscious; reality principle
d. conscious; unconscious mind
33. During a conversation with a friend, Al starts to get angry, but this is an emotion that he considers inappropriate and childish. As a result, instead of noticing his own anger, he unknowingly starts to believe that his friend is becoming angry and excited, even though she is doing no such thing. This example best demonstrates the defense mechanism of:
a. reaction formation.
b. sublimation.
c. projection.
d. displacement.
34. The humanistic concept of self-actualization refers to the process of:
a. gaining and preserving a positive self-image.
b. believing that you can take the steps needed to achieve desired outcomes.
c. realizing our full human potential.
d. maintaining self-identity through self-consistency and congruence.
35. Research on Playboy magazine centerfolds and Miss America contestants between the 1950s and 1980s has revealed a trend for a _______________ ideal body shape for women.
a. thinner and more realistic
b. thinner and increasingly unrealistic
c. larger and increasingly unrealistic
d. larger and more realistic

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