Assignment: Discrimination psychodrama

Assignment: Discrimination integrating psychodrama
Assignment: Discrimination integrating psychodrama
Assignment: Discrimination model and integrating psychodrama
Part 1: For the first part of this discussion, use the Journal of Creativity in Mental Health to peruse the last five years of the and pick two articles published within the last five years that seem interesting or groundbreaking to you in terms of a non-traditional, experiential approach. In your initial post, present your observations about the strengths and weaknesses of each approach described in these articles. Note whether you may want to incorporate each approach into your counseling practice. Explain why or why not. Please follow the instructions get
Part 2
· Response Guidelines
Respond to at least one other learner in a manner that advances the discussion in a meaningful way. Contribute to the conversation by asking questions, respectfully debating positions, or responding freely to the topic at hand.
Peer ‘s Post
The first article that was read was about Bernard’s discrimination model and integrating psychodrama. This is something interesting because it’s mainly about student supervisors and how to use the correct approach or self check with supervisees. I have a tendency of using little bits and pieces of the different things that I’ve learned. I figure that in the future I would like to supervise students and having a mode and rational of how to evaluate and go about doing that is a great way to get started. The only issue, as there is always this issue, is that it might not work for everyone or every group. If this is the case, then have the sense to feel things out and approach each situation uniquely. The next article was about using video games as a therapeutic tool. I’m conflicted about this because I see that there are a lot of children spending too much time on the video games and phones and too little time playing and exercising, in my personal opinion. However, if there could be an appropriate and therapeutic game for them to play which could help them reach their goals, it’s sort of genius. This might help with some of the ODD and spectrum children I’ve worked with who have difficulty interacting with others but seem to have an obsession with gaming. This week we had a very interesting conversation about creativity in counseling. I was very excited about this topic because I try to incorporate different things during individual and group. It’s important to remain flexible and creative when working with children and some more difficult diagnoses. Not everyone feels it benefits them to talk through and process all of their challenges and reaching a point of catharsis. Some individuals who have difficulty with insight, communication, and so on need to have an activity to help the brain activity and conversation flow. Anyway, I really appreciated the conversation and found it to be very fun! References: Dantzler, J. Z., & Volkmann, S. (2018). The Science and Art of Integrating Psychodrama and Bernard’s Discrimination Model. Journal Of Creativity In Mental Health, 13(1), 43-57. doi:10.1080/15401383.2017.1281183 LaFleur, L. B., Hebert, Z. J., & Dupuy, A. S. (2018). Leveling Up Your Game: The Use of Video Games as a Therapeutic Modality. Journal Of Creativity In Mental Health, 13(1), 58-67. doi:10.1080/15401383.2017.1328293

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