Assignment: diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms

Assignment: diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms
Assignment: diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms
Assignment: Appreciation of diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms
The collaborative practice of clinicians across disciplines requires a shared language, appreciation of diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms, and recognition of appropriate roles within the health care team. This collaborative environment is at the heart of a health care system that utilizes the skills and expertise of all its team members in appropriate and extended roles. This model of care delivery is often called integrated care (IC) or collaborative care (CC). Although this model is endorsed by many professional societies and agencies, the CC/IC care delivery model can fail due to multiple factors.
In your initial post, consider the clinical partnerships that result within the CC/IC delivery model. Integrating concepts developed from different content domains in psychology, address the following questions.
How might health care teams achieve therapeutic goals for individual clients?
How does this support health literacy?
What factors might lead to the failure of the CC/IC delivery model?
How might lack of acceptance of the value or viability of the CC/IC model by stakeholders, lack of awareness of the clinical competencies of various members of the team, barriers to financial reimbursement for services, and lack of integration of support services within the practice cause a breakdown in efficacy?
What supportive interventions within the CC/IC model address such issues?
In addition, consider how successful health care models assume an understanding of each professionÂ’s competencies and responsibilities. For example, primary care providers (PCPs) are sometimes unaware of the abilities and practice scope of psychology professionals.
Identify methods of targeted intervention and education for PCPs that might alleviate potential issues for the CC/IC model.
Explain how the APA Ethical Code oAssignment: diagnostic and therapeutic paradigmstial work settings where you might find the CC/IC model. In what ways might this model provide more job satisfaction?

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