Assignment: Diagnosis of juvenile arthritis

Assignment: Diagnosis of juvenile arthritis
Assignment: Diagnosis of juvenile arthritis
Question 15
A patient with diabetes has had a cough for 1 week and has been prescribed a cough syrup (an expectorant) What special instructions should the nurse include in the patient teaching for this situation?
A) Wash hands before and after taking the medicine
B) Keep track of any gastrointestinal tract infections
C) Monitor glucose levels closely
D) Note the time the medicine is taken each day
Question 16
A 13-year-old patient has juvenile arthritis He has recently had oral surgery and was told by the surgeon to take aspirin for the pain The nurse will monitor for which of the following?
A) Bronchoconstriction
B) Hepatotoxicity
C) Aplastic anemia
D) Agranulocytosis
Question 17
A nurse has been invited to speak to a support group for persons with movement disorders and their families Which of the following statements by the nurse addresses the chronic nature of these diseases and the relevant drug therapies?
A) “Drug therapy can consist of one or more drugs to eliminate the symptoms of these diseases.”
B) “Drugs do not cure these disorders; they instead enhance quality of life.”
C) “Persons of all cultures are treated similarly and respond in similar ways to treatment.”
D) “Drugs used to treat these disorders always pose a risk of severe liver and kidney dysfunction.”
Question 18
A patient in need of myocardial infarction prophylaxis has been prescribed sulfinpyrazone for gout Which of the following will the nurse monitor the patient most closely for?
A) Hypothermia
B) Hypotension
C) Renal dysfunction
D) Bleeding

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