Assignment: Developmental Study Paper

Assignment: Developmental Study Paper
Assignment: Developmental Study Paper
Developmental Self Study Paper
In this paper you are going to be asked to apply developmental theory to your own life as a way of increasing the chances the principles of development will be relevant and retainable for your future work with other people. Using your textbook and at least THREE additional, academic references (books and journal articles) reflecting two different theories, develop a well-written paper of NO MORE THAN 10 pages following all guidelines for an APA style paper. In the paper, you are required to address 4 developmental stages of your life based on the following stages:
Infancy and Early Childhood 0 – 6 years
Middle Childhood 7 – 11 years
Adolescence 12 – 17 years
Later Adolescence 18 – 23 years
Early Adulthood 24 – 34 years
Middle Adulthood 35 – 59 years
Later Adulthood 60 – 74 years
Elderhood 75 and older
As you discuss each stage, consider the major influences (e.g., individuals, family/sibling constellation, personal responsibilities and roles in the family, institutions and circumstances), role-models (at school, home, extended family, neighborhood/community), significant life events (e.g., moves, injuries/trauma/illness/death of someone close, change/loss, successes/failures), the impact of social identify factors (gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, ability, class, and sexual orientation), and areas of development (social, cognitive, language, physical, emotional, motor, gender/sexual, career). Explain the importance of these factors in terms of the developmental models studied. It is strongly suggested you review our textbook’s chapter on each stage/age in order to get a sense of the type of information to include.
Consider the following questions as well, to give you ideas of appropriate content. THEY ARE NOT OBLIGATORY to answer but can be used to guide the content of your paper.
· In each stage, what aspects of your life represent typical/atypical development?
· In each stage, what evidence shoes that you were moving forwards, “on hold” or “stuck” in regards to developmental tasks of that stage?
· What were the easiest stages for you? The most difficult stages for you?
· What were some questions, feelings or concerns you had then?
· If you could go back and traverse a particular stage again, which would it be, and what would you do differently?
After you choose the 4 stages of life you are going to address you need to choose two theories of development to follow throughout the stages you choose. You must demonstrate clear understanding of these theories and developmental concepts. You must demonstrate the ability to think critically about and thoughtfully evaluate developmental theories and concepts.
Your paper should start with an introduction that identifies the two developmental theories you plan to follow throughout your paper as well as the identification of the stages of development you are going to address in the paper.
Within the body of your paper you should address each developmental stage by explaining how each theory views the tasks of this stage of development. You should then also identify how you navigated that stage of development considering the areas mentioned above (major influences, role-models, significant life events, social identify factors, or areas of development). You do not have to address each of these areas for each stage of development but you should be able to provide at least one or two personal examples of how you met the developmental stage in a typical or atypical fashion.
**As you write this paper, remember that you are in charge of the degree to which you choose to self-disclose. As the instructor, I promise confidentiality, i.e., no one will see your paper after you turn it in, no copy will be made, it will be returned to you, and there will be absolutely no discussion of the content outside of any potential discussion between you and your instructor.**
Your paper will be graded based on the following criteria:
Proper APA Title Page 5 points
Introduction 10 points
Each stage of development explained from two theories 60 points
Each stage of development has 1-2 personal examples of how it was achieved 60 points
Proper grammar, APA Style of paper and internal citations 10 points
Proper APA reference page 5 points
150 points

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