Assignment: Developmental psychologist

Assignment: Developmental psychologist
Assignment: Developmental psychologist
The point of view that human behavior is solely the result of ______________ appears to be a very Western, very North American idea.
Question options:
a) nature
b) inborn tendencies
c) nurture
d) genetics
Question 60 1 / 1 point
Which of the following topics is most likely to be studied by a developmental psychologist?
Question options:
a) Are people who interact extensively with other people via Facebook more or less outgoing than those who do not?
b) What is the effect of gender on interest and participation in social networking sites?
c) What is the effect of talking on a hands-free cell phone while driving?
d) How much of people’s personality is reflected in their Facebook profiles?
Question 61 1 / 1 point
More than just about any other area of psychology, ______________ psychology lends itself to a rich set of research questions regarding electronic interactions.
Question options:
a) cognitive
b) positive
c) social
d) clinical
Question 62 1 / 1 point
Which of the following is true about behavioral measures?
Question options:
a) Behavioral measures provide more objective measurements because they come from a trained outside observer.
b) Behavioral measures are not very time-intensive.
c) Behavioral measures are more susceptible to social desirability bias than are self-report measures.
d) Under this measure, people cannot modify their behavior even if they know they are being observed.
Question 63 1 / 1 point
Jessica wants to conduct a study about differences in jealousy between men and women. She asks 400 college men and women a series of questions about hypothetical scenarios of partner infidelity.
What is Jessica’s sample?
Question options:
a) Women in the college
b) The 400 college men and women chosen
c) Men and women in the United States
d) Men in the United States
Question 64 1 / 1 point
The advantage of naturalistic observation is:
Question options:
a) it is easy to administer to large numbers of participants.
b) it allows the researcher to ask people directly or indirectly what they think, feel, or have done.
c) it gives researchers a look at real behavior in the real world.
d) it allows the psychologist to control the conditions and demonstrate cause-and-effect relationships between variables.
Question 64 1 / 1 point
The major limitation of the correlational approach is:
Question options:
a) it influences the behavior of the participants via the experimenter’s knowledge of who is in which condition.
b) it does not establish whether one variable actually causes the other or vice versa.
c) people do not always accurately report their true thoughts or feelings.
d) the probability of social desirability bias is extreme.
Question 65 1 / 1 point
Which of the following indicates the magnitude and the direction of the relationship between two variables?
Question options:
a) An experiment
b) Confounding variables
c) A random assignment
d) Correlation coefficients

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