Assignment: Determine Personality Formation

Complete the Theory Tables, your last portion should be submitted this week.
Report the major figures that influence trait and biological theories, the key concepts that determine personality formation, and how they explain disordered personality.
Only need the highlighted portion in the table
Key figures: who are the main theorists associated with the theory?
Key concepts: what are the key components that make up the theory?
Explanation of disordered personality: how is this theory used to explain the causes of a personality disorder? What are some of parts used in the explanation?
Scientific credibility: is this theory testable? If yes, what are some of the ways that it is tested? What are some of the tests used? If not, why is it not testable?
Comprehensiveness: does this theory look at the whole person? Does it address all parts of personality, or does it look at only various components?
Applicability: how is this theory used in the world of psychology in a professional manner? Think about different types of psychology that the theory might be used in, and talk about how (i.e. counseling, educational, I.O.).
When providing information in the table, make sure to format it using APA guidelines, which includes having the same font size and type and using in-text citations. Also, make sure to format your references using APA guidelines.

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