Assignment: Describe The Personality Disorder Of Joseph Paul Franklin?

Describe personality disorder, whether he is a sociopath or psychopath and why, describe Joseph Paul Franklins personality traits that relate to either psychopathy or sociopathy. Explain what distinguishes the individual as being a psychopath or sociopath instead of the alternative.Another source of variability comes from DNA. Chance events, a mistake by the cellular machinery, or damage caused by an environmental agent such as radiation may produce a mutated gene, a permanently altered segment of DNA (Bauman, 2015; Freeman & others, 2017). Even when their genes are identical, however, as for the identical twins described at the beginning of the chapter, people vary. The difference betweengenotypes and phenotypes helps us understand this source of variability. All of a person’s genetic material makes up his or her genotype. There is increasing interest in studying susceptibility genes, those that make the individual more vulnerable to specific diseases or accelerated aging, and longevity genes, those that make the individual less vulnerable to certain diseases and more likely to live to an older age (Cho & Suh, 2016; Dong & others, 2015; Sutphin & Korstanje, 2016). These are aspects of the individual’s genotype. However, not all of the genetic material is apparent in an individual’s observed and measurable characteristics. A phenotype consists of observable characteristics, including physical characteristics (such as height, weight, and hair color) and psychological characteristics (such as personality and intelligence). For each genotype, a range of phenotypes can be expressed, providing another source of variability (Klug & others, 2016; Solomon & others, 2015). An individual can inherit the genetic potential to grow very large, for example, but good nutrition, among other things, will be essential to achieving that potential.

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