Assignment: Depression and Suicide compared to Medical Telemetry

Assignment: Depression and Suicide compared to Medical Telemetry ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Depression and Suicide compared to Medical Telemetry Numerous international, national, and regional professional organizations sponsor conferences at which nursing studies are presented. Sometimes, researchers present their findings or their study designs in poster sessions. A poster presentation is a “snap shot” of your research proposal. Designing an effective poster can be challenging. The poster must convey essential information about the background, design, and results of a study in a format that can be perused in minutes. Bullet points, graphs, and photos are useful for communicating a lot of information quickly. Large, bold fonts are essential, because posters are often read from a distance of several feet. They must also be sturdily constructed (e.g., mounted on a poster board). Although it is important to follow conference guideline in determining size, typically a poster should not exceed 36 inches X 48 inches. It must be attractive or artful enough to capture the attention of the attendees, but not so busy that it detracts from your study. Generally, less is better. Remember, you are not entering an art show. It should also be organized in a logical, easy to follow manner. It should include the following: (1) Study title and byline with names of the author and mentor plus the respective school; (2) Abstract (not to exceed 150-250 words); (3) Introduction; (4) Methodology; (5) Expected Results for Proposals; (6) Expected Discussion/Conclusions for Proposals; (7) References (according to APA format). POSTER PRESENTATION GRADING CRITERIA Assignment: Depression and Suicide compared to Medical Telemetry Elements Maximum Points Title adequately captures key concepts and the population under investigation. Beneath heading, acknowledges mentor and university school of nursing 10 Abstract adequately summarizes the research problem, study methods, and important findings in 150 – 300 words. 10 Introduction describes sufficient detail to understand the problem/need and significance for study. 10 The report is well-organized with an orderly, logical presentation of ideas and continuity of thought and expression. 10 The report includes a sufficient amount of detail to permit a thorough critique of the study’s purpose, conceptual framework, design & methods, handling of ethical issues, analysis of data, and interpretation. 10 The report is visually appealing and easy to read from a distance 10 The report effectively combines text with tables, graphs, figures for expected results 10 The report avoids biases, exaggerations, or distortions. 10 The report is written using appropriately tentative language. 10 The report is well-written without grammatical errors. 10 TOTAL: 100 screen_shot_2019_03_18_at_1.21.05_am.png creating_a_poster_presentation_for_6302_by_linda_eanes.pptx jrebolledo_critical_car Assignment: Depression and Suicide compared to Medical Telemetry Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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