Assignment: Delivery Systems Presentation

Assignment: Delivery Systems Presentation
Assignment: Delivery Systems Presentation
Write a 1050 to 1400 word paper about health care delivery systems that includes the following information:
Choose a health care organization and describe the current health care delivery structure in that organization.
Compare your health care delivery system to the system of a competitor in the market.
Profile the effects of licensing and regulatory factors on health care delivery requirements at your chosen organization.
What changes are occurring in the economy or concerning licensing and regulatory factors that must be considered in the future?
What national trends are affecting competition and pricing initiatives?
What quality indicators affect pricing at the local level?
Cite a minimum of three sources.
Format your sources consistent with APA guidelines.
HCS 552 WEEK 3 Health Care Delivery Systems Team Presentation Bibliography
This week as a team you are to select the healthcare organizations–your primary organization and the organization that you will use as a competitive comparison for your Health Systems Presentation in Week 5. After you have selected the organizations, your team will begin your initial research. Also refer to the requirements for the Health Care Delivery Systems Presentation in Week 5.
For this brief assignment, your submission should include:
The name of your selected health system and a short description including why your team selected this particular organization.
The name of the comparison health system and a short description including why the team believes it is a relevant organization to compare to your selected health system (above).
The annotated bibliography which includes at least three relevant, high-quality (e.g. journal articles, book chapters, etc.) references. An annotated bibliography is a reference using APA formatting accompanied by a short summary paragraph noting the key points from the article (or other source) as well as how it relates to your team’s presentation.

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