Assignment: Defining Normal And Abnormal

At this stage in your study of human psychology, you might be wondering, “I can often recognize what I consider to be abnormal behavior, so why is it so difficult to define?” As you found in this week’s assigned reading, some of the issues involved in distinguishing abnormal from normal behavior are complex and fraught with controversy. Additionally, the definition of abnormal behavior can change with time.
To prepare:
Review the definitions of abnormal and abnormality in Chapter 1 of your text.
Analyze how the definitions align, overlap, or differ.
Reflect on how these statements or others might have changed your ideas of what constitutes abnormal behavior.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 3 a comparison of normal and abnormal behavior, drawing from your original definition of abnormal behavior and from the definitions put forth in the Learning Resources. Include any challenges you might see in using these definitions to guide the assessment of your clients.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references from the Learning Resources

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