Assignment: Datasets and Elementary Statistics

Assignment: Datasets and Elementary Statistics ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Datasets and Elementary Statistics Week 1 Project – STAT 3001 Student Name: Date: Assignment: Datasets and Elementary Statistics Instructions: To complete this project, you will need the following materials: STATDISK User’s Manual (found in the classroom in DocSharing) Access to the Internet to download the STATDISK program. This assignment is worth a total of 60 points. While arriving at the correct solution for a task or problem is important, the primary purpose of this assignments is for you to demonstrate that you understand the process of completing the task or problem by providing a clear explanation and showing the steps necessary to complete the task or solve the problem. Guidelines: You may place your answers directly into this document. Use TAB to advance through the table below. If the assignment asks you to perform a task, you should explain the steps for completing this task in enough detail so that someone else could do the task. For example: Let’s say the instructions are to “Make a Copy of Column1”. You might type “Click COPY button, select Column 1, click COPY button on dialog. Click on Column 2. Press CTRL-V” If the assignment asks a direct question , you should answer the question in a full sentence. For example if the assignment asks “What type of data is this? Why?”, you might answer “This data is categorical data because it could be used to divide the data into 3 categories: SMALL MEDIUM LARGE.” Your answers should be typed in red. Before you begin this assignment, you will need to download and install STATDISK [Version 13] on your computer, using the instructions in the STATDISK User’s Manual. Instructions Answers & Explanations Open the STATDISK program, then open the data file Oscar Winner Age using Datasets and then Elementary Stats, 13 th Edition. The Oscar Winner Age data set consists of the age (years) of actresses and actors at the times that they won Oscars for the categories of Best Actress and Best Actor. The data are complete as of the writing of this textbook. 1. [Hint: Use the Datasets menu, as instructed in the STATDISK User’s Manual.] How many observations are there in the file? 2. Make a copy of the data values listed in column 1. Paste the data files into column 3. Re-name the title of column 3 to COPY. Explain the steps. 3. Make a copy of the data values listed in column 2 and paste those into column 4. Then sort only the data values in column 4 choosing Sort Z to A. Label the column SORT. What is the largest value in this dataset? 4. Manually enter the following data values into column 5. Type all of the data values into the one column in a vertical fashion like the other data values are listed in the other columns. The order in which you enter the data values into column 5 does not matter. Label this new column IQ. Explain the steps. 100 89 106 139 110 92 139 111 100 135 89 96 110 123 145 167 99 120 134 165 87 95 103 95 101 130 85 108 125 130 5. What are some of the problems that could occur when entering data values? 6. Go to the Data menu then select Sample Transformations to add 15 to all of the data values in column 5 and then paste these values into column 6. Label column 6 IQ + 15. Now what is the value of the data item in the 10 th row? Assignment: Datasets and Elementary Statistics 7. Would the ages of the actresses in column 1 be considered a sample or a population? Why? [Hint: Think hard about the difference between a sample and population.] 8. Would you consider the actress age variable to be qualitative or quantitative? Why? 9. Would you consider the actress age variable to be discrete, continuous or neither? Why? 10. What is the level of measurement for the actress age variable? Why? 11. Save all the data in columns 1-6 using the file name W1PROJECT. Be certain to add column labels to the data set, if necessary. Explain the steps. 12. Use the COPY function in the Sample Editor to copy the data values (all columns with labels) and paste them into your Word file immediately below these directions. You may have to type the column labels if they do not copy from STATDISK into your Word file. Data from Sample Editor goes here: Submit your final draft of your Word file by going to Week 1, Project, and follow the directions. Please use the naming convention “WK1Assgn2+first initial+last name” as the Submission Title. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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