Assignment: Current Program

Assignment: Current Program
Assignment: Current Program
1. What has changed since your enrollment in your current program that has prompted you to seek an internal transfer admission?
2. What have you been doing to prepare for study in your proposed new school or college and/or major?
3. Briefly describe how you feel your educational goals can be better achieved in this program of study?
From knowledge to comprehension. To move from knowledge to comprehension, students need to learn to put the ideas they are reading into their own words. Many students admit that when they are writing papers, they sit down at their computers with the source articles before them, read a source article (or parts of a source article), and type what they are reading into the computer. This strategy encourages low levels of complexity as students merely repeat information directly gleaned from the source articles without any effort to comprehend the source material. Thus, students benefit from a strategy that forces them to restate or summarize source material in their own words before they include the material in their papers. One such strategy is to read a source article and summarize the main points or themes on a “sticky note” or 3 x 5 card stapled to the article, then enter material into the paper based on the summaries rather than on the actual source articles.
From comprehension to application. To move from comprehension to application, students must take their comprehension summaries and add a direct link from the source material to the paper being written. By asking themselves, “How does this information directly link or apply to my topic?” students force themselves into the application process. If they cannot make direct links, or if the links are strained and difficult to support, then the student is probably including extraneous or irrelevant information.

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