Assignment: Cultural Self-Awareness

Assignment: Cultural Self-Awareness
Assignment: Cultural Self-Awareness
Assignment: Cultural Self-Awareness
Assignment: Impacts on Personal and Professional Cultural Self-Awareness and Relationships
These incidences mentioned above had a great deal of impact on both my personal and professional cultural awareness. It is necessary for a anyone who is providing social services to acknowledge the culture and utilized the training educational information in order to obtain an opinion that is culturally competent and effective. It also became a lesson of utilizing cultural awareness to evade patterns of culture shock, which can end up in confusion and a disapproving professional connection (Stempleski, 2013). These experience required personal reflection to brighten the communication diversely and to be able to include the proceeding technology regarding cultural competency of human service worker. At large, it was an explanation concerning the necessity of increasing one of the four fundamentals of cultural competency which is a talent (Simon L. Dolan, 2015).
Proposal to Improve Sensitivity to Multicultural Issues
Illustrating from the observation research which was done, the community center has average understanding and knowledge in the area of cultural sensitivity. For example, the succeeding model of interdisciplinary and a multicultural methodology will provide a plan recommended for the center. The training sessions given by the associates of the center are given all over different common locations in the United States (Simon L. Dolan, 2015). In this scenario, the specialists only obtain the academic skills and miss the pragmatism and advantage of learning in setting that is multi-cultural, which allows them to exercise the theories they have learned. Another example would be for them to obtain education in other countries to learn other cultures. The specialists could then learn the roles of awareness for those countries lived in while advancing their education.
The second suggestion that can significantly influence the compassion to multicultural problems is the procedures in various work places. Besides saying in the mission statement that they are an organization that widens its touch on the worldwide, the past procedures of the center have been only managed here locally in the United States. The United State have claimed to similar cultures, which is why they use the term “western countries” (Harris, 2013). The associates of the center are certain to have their sensitive, multi-cultural assets limited on a wide-ranged background which is categorized as being the unaffected. The projected plan is to position the procedures outwardly from other western countries thus making various sensitivities of cultural awareness.
In summary, the development discovers the idea of diversity and multiculturalism in connection to the human services field. The topics stated above can be portrayed from the inside and outside assembly of the Culmer Community Action Center. The associates of the center should extend the range of procedures to other countries, with the mission of creating an even more multi-cultural sensitive association. The association should also think about hiring associates who have study abroad to offer a direct practice of the concepts they learned.
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