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1. In what might be the earliest example of media synergy, some of the first magazines in France were collections of works taken mostly from newspapers.
A) True
B) False


2. The word magazine comes from the French term magasin, meaning “storehouse.”
A) True
B) False


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Magazine Assignments | Online Homework Help
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3. The first magazines in America were edited for the working classes.
A) True
B) False



4. The first colonial magazines published by Andrew Bradford and Benjamin Franklin enjoyed instant success and continued for several years.
A) True
B) False



5. The first magazines primarily offered entertainment news and gossip.
A) True
B) False



6. Specialized magazines were published in America throughout the nineteenth century.
A) True
B) False



7. Some of the most influential magazines of the nineteenth century were targeted at women.
A) True
B) False



8. By the end of the nineteenth century, some magazine prices actually went down—from thirty-five cents to ten cents.
A) True
B) False



9. Production costs and reduced distribution forced magazine publishers to raise magazine prices.
A) True
B) False



10. President Theodore Roosevelt criticized magazine journalists who exposed corruption in government and business by calling them muckrakers.
A) True
B) False



11. Muckraking journalists exposed corruption and abuses in the oil, meatpacking, and patent medicine industries.
A) True
B) False



12. The Saturday Evening Post continued the muckraking tradition—especially by criticizing business corruption—into the 1920s.
A) True
B) False



13. For many years Reader’s Digest was the most popular magazine in the world.
A) True
B) False



14. Life magazine was able to compete with the popular radio programs of the 1930s and 1940s by running popular fiction, first-person news reports, and other text-based features.
A) True
B) False



15. Collier’s and Woman’s Home Companion failed in the 1950s because of poor management.
A) True
B) False



16. TV Guide succeeded, in part, because it was readily available at the nation’s supermarket checkout lines.
A) True
B) False



17. In a desperate attempt to compete with television in the late 1960s, the Saturday Evening Post and Life cut their cover prices and thereby increased circulation by millions of copies.
A) True
B) False



18. Women’s magazines, such as Good Housekeeping and Woman’s Day, survived the competition for ad dollars better than magazines like Life and Look.
A) True
B) False



19. The magazine industry continues to shun the Internet because of its threat to printed journals.
A) True
B) False



20. Webzines such as Salon and Slate have opened new doors for online journalism.
A) True
B) False



21. Specialized magazines outside the mainstream publish information and viewpoints for readers not served by other media channels.
A) True
B) False



22. Until Playboy entered the marketplace, most large-circulation magazines were targeted at women.
A) True
B) False



23. To avoid offending readers, Sports Illustrated does not publish investigative articles.
A) True
B) False



24. To create new interest in the magazine, Playboy announced it would no longer publish nude photos beginning in 2016.
A) True
B) False



25. The AARP Bulletin and AARP The Magazine have the largest circulations of any U.S. magazines.
A) True
B) False



26. The New Yorker was the first city magazine aimed at a national upscale audience.
A) True
B) False



27. Though they resemble newspapers, supermarket tabloids are considered to be a type of magazine.
A) True
B) False



28. The circulation of tabloid newspapers such as the National Enquirer declined after their peak in the 1980s.
A) True
B) False



29. The average magazine contains about 45 percent ad copy and 55 percent editorial material.
A) True
B) False



30. The Web and App formats give magazines unlimited space and the ability to do things that are impossible in the print versions.
A) True
B) False



31. Magazines survived the coming of television in part by developing demographic and regional editions.
A) True
B) False



32. Demographic editions of national magazines are able to charge higher rates for advertising.
A) True
B) False



33. Split-run editions allow national magazines to tailor ads to different geographic areas.
A) True
B) False



34. Demographic editions of national magazines are tailored to the interests of different geographic areas.
A) True
B) False



35. Almost all magazines offer 25 to 50 percent discounts from their rate cards to advertisers.
A) True
B) False



36. The typical consumer magazine distributes far more copies through newsstand sales than through subscriptions.
A) True
B) False



37. Evergreen magazine subscriptions are those that are automatically renewed on the subscriber’s credit card.
A) True
B) False



38. By 2015, digital distribution accounted for about 60 percent of the magazine audience.
A) True
B) False



39. Large companies are increasingly beginning to dominate the magazine business.
A) True
B) False



40. Alternative magazines such as the Progressive and the National Review have historically defined themselves in terms of gender and race.
A) True
B) False



41. Zines are usually noncommercial, small-circulation magazine projects self-published by individuals.
A) True
B) False



42. With so many specialized magazines appealing to distinct groups, magazines today don’t have as strong a role in creating a sense of national identity.
A) True
B) False



43. Early European magazines were oriented toward _____.
A) broad political commentary
B) discussions of women’s issues
C) medical and health advice
D) hunting and fishing tips
E) recent news



44. Which of the following statements about colonial American magazines is true?
A) George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin all had work published in these magazines.
B) Circulation was relatively small and typically limited to politicians, the educated, and merchant classes.
C) Some magazines helped rally the colonies against British rule.
D) The very first colonial magazines had difficulty catching on.
E) Athe options are correct.



45. In 1828, Sarah Josepha Hale started the first magazine directed exclusively to a female audience, called _____.
A) Godey’s Ladies Book
B) Harper’s
C) Youth’s Companion
D) Ladies’ Magazine
E) Ladies’ Home Journal



46. What factor had an effect on the dramatic growth in magazine circulation around the end of the nineteenth century?
A) Cheaper postal rates
B) Advances in mass-production printing
C) Lower cover price
D) Dramatic growth of drugstores and dime stores
E) All of the options are correct.



47. Who wrote History of the Standard Oil Company, first serialized in McClure’s magazine?
A) Ida Tarbell
B) Upton Sinclair
C) Joseph Pulitzer
D) Nellie Bly
E) Frederick Douglass



48. The term muckraker _____.
A) was coined by President Theodore Roosevelt because he was angry with negative reporting
B) described investigative reporters who only wrote about American institutions in a positive light
C) was seen as an insult by leading investigative reporters
D) described reporters who wanted to write in the simplistic and conventional style of newspaper journalism
E) None of the options are correct.



49. Who wrote The Jungle, a fictional account of Chicago’s meatpacking industry?
A) Lincoln Steffens
B) Ida Tarbell
C) Tim Allen
D) Upton Sinclair
E) Frank Norris



50. Which of the following is not a result of muckraking journalism in magazines around the start of the twentieth century?
A) Antitrust laws for increased government oversight of business
B) The creation of government oversight of food and drugs
C) A progressive income tax
D) The direct election of U.S. senators
E) A drop in attention paid to the plight of immigrants in big cities



51. One of Cyrus Curtis’s strategies for reinvigorating the Saturday Evening Post was to _____.
A) appeal to farmers
B) romanticize American virtues through images like Norman Rockwell paintings
C) denigrate American values
D) continue the muckraking tradition
E) publish risqué pictures



52. Which magazine was the foremost outlet for photojournalism in the mid-twentieth century?
A) Life
B) The North American Review
C) The Nation
D) The Saturday Evening Post
E) Harper’s



53. Which of the following statements about general-interest magazines is false?
A) They became popular starting in the mid-to-late-nineteenth century.
B) With one or two exceptions, they had mostly gone out of business by about 1910.
C) Television played a big role in signaling the demise of general-interest magazines.
D) Photojournalism was a key aspect of general-interest magazines.
E) None of the options are correct.



54. One of the reasons for TV Guide’s popularity was that _____.
A) its first issue featured Elvis
B) it offered lurid commentary about TV stars
C) it was initially free
D) many newspapers hadn’t yet started publishing TV listings
E) All of the options are correct.



55. Media baron Rupert Murdoch bought TV Guide in 1988 because _____.
A) it was one of the world’s most profitable magazines
B) he wanted to ensure that programs for his Fox network would be listed
C) he wanted to change the magazine’s liberal editorial policy
D) he enjoyed reading the magazine
E) he was afraid it would go out of business without him



56. Which of the following is not a reason Life and Look magazines went out of business in the early 1970s?
A) Their paid circulation had plummeted, with the magazines falling out of the Top 10 magazines in the nation.
B) Advertisers were shifting their money toward television.
C) Postage rates had increased for oversized magazines.
D) They had relatively small supermarket sales.
E) They were being sold for far less than the cost of production.



57. Which of the following was designed as a general-interest or mass audience magazine?
A) The Saturday Evening Post
B) Reader’s Digest
C) Time
D) People
E) All of the options are correct.



58. Which popular magazine was launched in 1974 by Time Inc.?
A) Sports Illustrated
B) The Saturday Evening Post
C) People
D) Life
E) TV Guide



59. An example of a magazine that was conceived as online-only is _____.
A) Time
B) TV Guide
C) Wired
D) Entertainment Weekly
E) Slate



60. Launched in 2009 by MSN and BermanBraun, _____ is a leading online entertainment magazine.
A) Entertainment Weekly
B) Wired
C) Wonderwall
D) Salon
E) Slate



61. Claiming over 25 million unique monthly visitors, _____ is currently the leading online magazine.
A) Salon
B) Slate
C) Wonderwall
E) Elle Girl



62. Which of the following statements about the relationship between magazines and the Internet is false?
A) The Internet was initially seen as a medium that would kill print magazines.
B) Some print magazines that have folded are finding new life on the Internet.
C) Online-only magazines have gained journalistic credibility.
D) The Internet gives magazines the ability to do things that they couldn’t do in print.
E) The Internet is still widely considered to be putting the final nails into the coffin of print magazines.



63. An example of the way in which an online magazine might be different from a print magazine is to _____.
A) feature interactive 3-D models
B) allow readers to click on an item on a digital page and be taken to an online store where they can purchase it
C) feature video and audio
D) use an innovative layout that is only possible online
E) All of the options are correct.



64. Online-only and online versions of magazines are _____.
A) having trouble attracting an audience
B) more expensive to produce and distribute compared to printed versions
C) able to add interactive components to their articles
D) struggling with space limitations in the online format
E) All of the options are correct.



65. Which of the following is an example of a consumer magazine?
A) Progressive Grocer
B) Dakota Farmer
C) Dairy Herd Management
D) Advertising Age
E) O: The Oprah Magazine



66. Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine became an instant success in 1953, thanks in part to _____.
A) an expensive TV ad campaign
B) sending free copies to one million male college students
C) articles that criticized divorced and working women
D) a nude calendar foldout of Marilyn Monroe
E) insightful feminist articles



67. Which of the following is true about the magazine Sports Illustrated?
A) It is an example of a general-interest magazine.
B) It is never criticized for its annual swimsuit edition.
C) It is never credited with major investigative reporting.
D) It was originally aimed at well-educated, middle-class men.
E) It originally promoted its content as “humanized geography.”



68. The top children’s magazine in 2014 was _____.
A) Ranger Rick
B) Maxim
C) Boy’s Life
D) Highlights for Children
E) Youth’s Companion



69. Of the following magazines, which has the largest circulation in the United States?
A) Maxim
B) AARP The Magazine
C) Time
D) Reader’s Digest
E) TV Guide



70. Among magazines that target audiences by age, the most dramatic recent success has come from those aimed at _____.
A) children
B) tweens
C) young adults
D) adults over fifty
E) thirty- to forty-year-olds



71. Which of the following is true about minority-targeted magazines?
A) They have a history dating back to before the Civil War, with titles like Emancipator and Reformer.
B) They have a history dating back to the first half of the twentieth century, with titles like Negro Digest and Ebony.
C) Minority-targeted magazines cover only racial minorities.
D) They were popular during the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, but have mostly gone out of business since then.
E) Most of them started up as Webzines in the last ten years.



72. The bilingual magazine _____ is the most successful English-language publication for Hispanic women.
A) Latina
B) Essence
C) Vanidades
D) ESPN Deportes
E) None of the options are correct.



73. Within the magazine publishing industry, the department that usually produces the nonadvertising content of a magazine is known as the _____.
A) advertising and sales department
B) production and technology department
C) editorial department
D) circulation and distribution department
E) table of contents department



74. A magazine’s rate card lists _____.
A) what it costs to advertise in the magazine
B) how often the magazine is published
C) the price of a one-, two-, or three-year subscription
D) how much the magazine pays its freelance writers
E) None of the options are correct.



75. Advertisers frequently pressure magazines to publish _____.
A) gatefold covers
B) more complimentary copy
C) investigative stories
D) color photos
E) more often



76. A national magazine with regional editions _____.
A) tailors ads to different age groups
B) contains different stories for different geographic regions
C) relies solely on subscription sales
D) relies solely on newsstand sales
E) sends special editorial content to readers with high incomes



77. Split-run editions are _____.
A) magazines that publish two issues a month
B) a new ownership strategy—such as when Bertelsmann bought Random House
C) magazines that have ads that are tailored for geographic areas
D) national magazines that tailor their content for specific groups of readers
E) None of the options are correct.



78. A main purpose of split-run and demographic editions of magazines is to _____.
A) move the magazine industry back to more general-interest publications
B) make sure that local and regional companies are cut off from advertising in nationally distributed magazines
C) create fewer places for advertisers to spend their money
D) attract more targeted advertisers and compete with television advertising
E) None of the options are correct.



79. Within the magazine publishing industry, the department that typically monitors single-copy and subscription sales is known as the _____.
A) advertising and sales department
B) circulation and distribution department
C) table of contents department
D) editorial department
E) production and technology department



80. In terms of ownership structure and business models, the magazine industry has the most in common with which other form of mass media?
A) Book publishing
B) The recording industry
C) The Internet
D) Movies
E) Cable television



81. Which of the following statements about Linux software is true?
A) Exposing government corruption
B) Transforming the United States from a producer society to a consumer society
C) Forcing change in powerful institutions
D) Giving a voice to ordinary American citizens
E) None of the options are correct.



82. A style of early-twentieth-century investigative journalism, ______________________ refers to reporters crawling around in society’s muck to uncover a story.



83. A type of magazine that addresses a wide variety of topics, ______________________ magazines are aimed at a broad national audience.



84. Salon is an example of a ______________________, a magazine that appears exclusively online.



85. ______________________ typically publish human-interest stories, celebrity gossip, and crime stories that push the limits of decency and credibility.



86. Editions of national magazines whose advertising is tailored to subscribers and readers according to occupation, class, and zip-code address are ______________________ editions.



87. ______________________ subscriptions automatically renew on a credit card account unless subscribers request that the automatic renewal be stopped.



88. The ____ championed women’s property rights.



89. ____ published the work of writers such as Emerson, Thoreau, and Twain.



90. ____ is the longest-running magazine in U.S. history.



91. ____ pioneered the national political magazine format.



92. _____ took on the Standard Oil Company.



93. _____ investigated patent medicines.



94. _____ investigated Chicago’s meatpacking industry in The Jungle.



95. _____ targeted urban problems.



96. In _____, ads in national magazines are tailored for geographic areas.



97. In _____, unique versions of magazines can be sent to specific subscriber groups.



98. _____ are magazines created exclusively for online readers.



99. Explain the role of early magazines in America’s political and social shift from British colony to independent nation.



100. What are the typical characteristics of a general-interest magazine? What types of content would you expect to see in such a magazine?



101. What role did magazines play in social reform in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?



102. When and why did some of the major general-interest magazines fail?



103. What are some of the advantages that online versions of magazines have over print versions?



104. How are some online-only magazines trying to reinvent the idea of a magazine?



105. In what ways do magazines serve democratic ideals?



106. Why is the muckraking spirit—so important at the turn of the twentieth century in popular magazines—generally missing from magazines today?



107. Imagine you are the marketing director of your favorite magazine. What would you do to increase circulation?



108. Do your favorite magazines define you primarily as a consumer or as a citizen? Do you think magazines have a responsibility to educate their readers as both? Why or why not?




Answer Key


1. A
2. A
3. B
4. B
5. B
6. A
7. A
8. A
9. B
10. A
11. A
12. B
13. A
14. B
15. B
16. A
17. B
18. A
19. B
20. A
21. A
22. A
23. B
24. A
25. A
26. A
27. A
28. A
29. A
30. A
31. A
32. B
33. A
34. B
35. A
36. B
37. A
38. A
39. A
40. B
41. A
42. A
43. A
44. E
45. D
46. E
47. A
48. A
49. D
50. E
51. B
52. A
53. B
54. D
55. B
56. A
57. E
58. C
59. E
60. C
61. B
62. E
63. E
64. C
65. E
66. D
67. D
68. D
69. B
70. D
71. A
72. A
73. C
74. A
75. B
76. B
77. C
78. D
79. B
80. E
81. B
82. muckraking
83. general-interest
84. Webzine
85. Supermarket tabloids
86. demographic
87. Evergreen
88. Godey’s Lady Book
89. The North American Review
90. The Saturday Evening Post
91. The Nation
92. Ida Tarbell
93. Colliers
94. Upton Sinclair
95. Lincoln Steffens
96. split-run editions
97. demographic editions
98. Webzines

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