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How To BullyProof Your Child


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[ORDER SOLUTION] How to BullyProof Your Child
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Th? ?nf?rm?t??n ??nt??n?d ?n “BULLYWARS,” H?w T? BullyProof Y?ur Child,” ?nd ?t? ??m??n?nt?, ?? m??nt t? ??rv? ?? a ??m?r?h?n??v? ??ll??t??n ?f ?tr?t?g??? th?t th? ?uth?r ?f th?? ?B??k h?? d?n? r????r?h ?b?ut. Summ?r???, ?tr?t?g???, t??? ?nd tr??k? ?r? ?nl? r???mm?nd?t??n? b? th? ?uth?r, ?nd r??d?ng th?? ?B??k w?ll n?t gu?r?nt?? th?t ?n?’? r??ult? w?ll ?x??tl? m?rr?r th? ?uth?r’? r??ult?.

Th? ?uth?r ?f th?? Eb??k h?? m?d? ?ll r????n?bl? ?ff?rt? t? ?r?v?d? ?urr?nt ?nd ???ur?t? ?nf?rm?t??n f?r th? r??d?r? ?f th?? ?B??k. Th? ?uth?r ?nd ?t? ???????t?? w?ll n?t b? h?ld l??bl? f?r ?n? un?nt?nt??n?l ?rr?r? ?r ?m?????n? th?t m?? b? f?und.

Th? m?t?r??l ?n th? Eb??k m?? ?n?lud? ?nf?rm?t??n b? th?rd ??rt???. Th?rd ??rt? m?t?r??l? ??m?r??? ?f ??ini?n? ?x?r????d b? th??r ?wn?r?. A? ?u?h, th? ?uth?r ?f th?? ?B??k d??? n?t ???um? r????n??b?l?t? ?r l??b?l?t? f?r ?n? th?rd ??rt? m?t?r??l ?r ???n??n?.

Publ???t??n ?f ?u?h th?rd ??rt? m?t?r??l ?? ??m?l? a r???mm?nd?t??n ?nd ?x?r?????n ?f th? ?uth?r’? ?wn ???n??n ?f th?t m?t?r??l.

Th? ?ubl???t??n ?f th?rd ??rt? m?t?r??l d??? n?t ??n?t?tut? th? ?uth?r’? gu?r?nt?? ?f ?n? ?nf?rm?t??n, ?r?du?t?, ??rv????, ?r ???n??n? ??nt??n?d w?th?n th?rd ??rt? m?t?r??l. U?? ?f th?rd ??rt? m?t?r??l d??? n?t gu?r?nt?? th?t ??ur r??ult? w?ll m?rr?r ?ur r??ult?. Publ???t??n ?f ?u?h th?rd ??rt? m?t?r??l ?? ??m?l? a r???mm?nd?t??n ?nd ?x?r?????n ?f th? ?uth?r’? ?wn ???n??n ?f th?t m?t?r??l.

Wh?th?r b???u?? ?f th? ?r?gr???i?n ?f th? Int?rn?t, ?r th? unf?r????n ?h?ng?? ?n ??m??n? ??l??? ?nd ?d?t?r??l ?ubm?????n gu?d?l?n??, wh?t ?? ?t?t?d ?? f??t ?t th? t?m? ?f th?? wr?t?ng m?? b???m? ?utd?t?d ?r ?n???l???bl? l?t?r.

Th?? Eb??k ?? ????r?ght ©2018 by Dr. Wallace E. Smith w?th ?ll r?ght? r???rv?d. It ?? ?ll?g?l t? r?d??tr?but?, ????, ?r ?r??t? d?r?v?t?v? w?rk? fr?m th?? Eb??k wh?l? ?r ?n ??rt?. N? ??rt? ?f th?? r???rt m?? b? r??r?du??d ?r r?tr?n?m?tt?d ?n ?n? f?rm? wh?t???v?r w?th?ut th? wr?tt?n ?x?r????d ?nd ??gn?d ??rm?????n fr?m th? ?uth?r.


Bull?ing i? initiated b? ?n? ?r m?r? individu?l? with the int?nt t? ??u?? h?rm, f??r ?r ??ntr?l ?v?r ?n?th?r person.

Th? bull? h?? m?r? ???i?l ?nd physical ??w?r. Bull?ing is ?ft?n r????t?d with th? ??m? individuals h?r???ing the ??m? vi?tim?. Oth?r ??mm?n factors in?lud?:

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Bulli?? ?ft?n f??l ju?tifi?d in ??u?ing f??ling? ?r ?h??i??l ??in.

Bull?ing i? diff?r?nt th?n fight? ?r ??nfli?t?. Bull?ing involves an imb?l?n?? of ??w?r ?r ??ntr?l.

Bullies are ??lf-??nt?r?d. Th?? bully t? fulfill a pleasure, desire ?r n??d.

Bullies ?r? ?ft?n inv?lv?d in other inappropriate acts th?t m?? include vandalism, th?ft, fighting, drug ?bu??, ?nd truancy ?nd ??li?? i??u??.

Bull?ing ?ft?n ??u??? vi?tim? t? withdraw ?nd b???m? depressed.

S?m? vi?tim? take ?xtr?m? measures th?t m?? include vi?l?nt r?v?ng? ?r ?ui?id?. Approximately 70% ?f th? ??h??l ?h??t?r? w?r? vi?tim? ?f bullying.

C?mm?n F?rm? Of Bullying

Ph??i??l: This t??? ?f bull?ing involves physical ??nt??t with the vi?tim’? b?d?. Hitting, ?un?hing, ?h?ving, ?u?hing, tri??ing ?nd other ??t? of ??t?nti?ll? harmful ??nt??t are common.

Emotional: This t??? of bull?ing is intended to cause ????h?l?gi??l or m?nt?l ??in. Th? bull? u??? words, gestures ?r writt?n messages t? generate th? vi?tim t? f??l sad or hurt. “Cyberbullying” i? now a ?t?nd?rd m?th?d u??d b? m?n? bulli??. It involves the u?? ?f computers ?r ?h?n?? t? e-mail, chat line, t?xt or in?t?nt message someone with th? int?nt to ??u?? emotional ?tr??? ?r pain.

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V?rb?l: Thi? t??? of bull?ing involves w?rd? th?t are meant to b? intimidating, embarrassing or hurtful g???i?. U?ing in???r??ri?t? w?rd? ?u?h ?? ?lut, wh?r? ?nd bit?h ?r? common.

R??i?l: Thi? type of bull?ing is m??nt t? ?tt??k individu?l or group cultures, ?kin ??l?r, accents ?r b?li?f?. R??i?l ?lur? and t?unt? are ??mm?n ?nd ??u?? vi?tim? t? f??l threatened, i??l?t?d ?r rejected.

S?xu?l: S?xu?l bull?ing ?ingl?? out victims because of their gender or ??xu?l ?ri?nt?ti?n. Unw?l??m? sexual ?dv?n??? ?r? common. Victims wh? appear ?r are of different ??xu?l ?ri?nt?ti?n than the bull? are often ??ll?d “g??,” “f?gg?t,” and ?th?r n?m?? with th? intent to cause ?m?ti?n?l ??in.

Wh? Bullies Bull??

T? b???m? m?r? popular

T? ??t out the b?h?vi?r th?t was d?m?n?tr?t?d t? them

Im?ul?iv? b?h?vi?r ?r ??ti?n

T? ??ntr?l ?th?r?

F?ilur? in ??h??l ?r other life activities

J??l?u? t?nd?n?i??

F??l ?r gain ?nj??m?nt b? w?t?hing ?th?r? ?uff?r

Desire t? look t?ugh

S??i?l ?t?tu? g?in


Cyberbullying u??? t??hn?l?g? such as th? int?rn?t, t?xt m????ging ?nd ?th?r forms ?f ??m?ut?riz?ti?n t? ?tt??k victims. M?r? ?nd m?r? students ?r? using bl?g?, instant messaging ?nd ?h?t lines t? embarrass, humili?t?, threaten ?r ??u?? fear in others.

Cell ?h?n?? ?nd text messaging i? also becoming a m?r? fr?qu?nt form ?f t??hn?l?g? t? bull? an individu?l. Th? impact ??n b? more d?v??t?ting f?r th? f?ll?wing r????n?:

Bulli?? ??n di?tribut? n?g?tiv? inf?rm?ti?n worldwide ?t a f??t pace without th? victim b?ing ?bl? t? r?tri?v? th? information. Oth?r? m?? ?dd t? th? bull?ing message b? l?gging on t? th? blog ?r instant m????ging.

Cyberbullying i? leisurely ?????d ?n fr?m ?n? ??nd?r t? th? next at a ?li?k ?f a butt?n.

Cr??tivit? i? ?ndl???. S?m? individu?l? ?dit ?i?tur?? and create f?l?? messages t? go with the ?i?tur? ?ft?n ?l??ing th? victim in a bad ?itu?ti?n th?t i? n?t tru?.

Rum?r? ?nd gossip ?r? ??r??d ?t th? ????d ?f a “?li?k.”


W?rning Sign?

Of ?ll th? problems ??ur child ??uld ?x??ri?n??, bullying i? ?r?b?bl? ?n? ?f th? most serious. This b??k helps you t? id?ntif? some ?f th? ?ign? th?t m?? indi??t? ??ur ?hild is being bulli?d.

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Fir?t of ?ll, bullying in?lud?? ?n? behavior th?t intimid?t?? or ??u??? ??ur ?hild di?tr???, hurt ?r pain wh?th?r ?m?ti?n?ll?, physically ?r a combination ?f these. Th?r? i? n? ?ingl? r????n why a child may b? ?u????tibl? t? bull?ing. F?r in?t?n??, a ?hild may b? bullied because th?? w??r glasses, ?r b???u?? ?f their ?h??i??l ?????r?n??, religion, race, ?ign? ?f poverty, f?mil? br??k-u?, being ?h? ?r merely quiet. Th? bull? usually ?i?k? ?n a ?hild th?t ?t?nd? ?ut t? b? diff?r?nt fr?m ?th?r ?hildr?n, ?nd ?? th?? f??l they can easily bull? th?m.

It i? a f??t th?t bull?ing ??n d??tr?? th? confidence ?f a child thus l??ving th?m f??ling w?rthl???, fright?n?d, withdrawn ?nd ?l?n?. Th? consequences of bullying if not ?t????d qui?kl? ??uld im???t ?n a ?hild for many ???r?.

Num?r?u? ?urv??? ?f gr?u?? ?f children h?v? b??n und?rt?k?n in the r???nt past, ?nd m?n? conclude th?t m?r? th?n h?lf ??id that they had b??n bullied ?t school. D???it? m??t ??h??l? h?ving an ?nti-bull?ing policy, it w?uld appear th?t bull?ing ??ntinu?? t? b? a ?ignifi??nt issue f?r ?hildr?n of all ?g??.

Th?r? i? n? ?ingl? r????n why a child may b? ?u????tibl? t? bull?ing.

A? ??r?nt?, ?n? ?f th? most important thing? th?t need t? be l??rn?d is b?ing able to r???gniz? th? ?ign? th?t might indi??t? th?t your ?hild i? b?ing bulli?d in school, ?r ind??d ?n? club or society th?t ??ur ?hild m?? ?tt?nd. While these symptoms d? not ?ut?m?ti??ll? ??int t? bullying, th?? n?v?rth?l??? can be a useful indicator. Th??? ?r? th? ?ign? t? look out f?r:

A change in the behavior ?f ??ur ?hild such as b?ing m??d?, d??r????d, t??rful, or qui?t ?nd withdr?wn wh?n he/she comes home from ??h??l

F??ling ?i?k in the morning, ?r has a h??d??h?, ?r ?t?m??h ache, ?nd therefore d??? n?t w?nt t? go t? ??h??l

N?t sleeping w?ll ?nd h?ving b?d dr??m?

L??? ?f ????tit?

H?ving l?w self-esteem when ?r?vi?u?l? thi? ?????r?d g??d

Vi?ibl? ?ign? ?f b?ing ?nxi?u?.

T?k?? a different walking r?ut? to ??h??l than ?r?vi?u?l?

Not w?nting to t?k? th? bu? to school

H?? l??t int?r??t in ?tud?ing ?nd school grades h?v? recently fallen

C?m?? h?m? fr?m school with torn ?l?th??

Has un?x?l?in?d ?ut? and brui???

P?r??n?l belongings h?v? b??n d?m?g?d, br?k?n, ?r b??n stolen

Lun?h m?n?? has been taken

H?v? f?w?r fri?nd? th?n ?r?vi?u?l? ?r n? r??l friends ?t ?ll

Int?r??t in t?king part in ??h??l ??tiviti?? h?? r?du??d

M?d?rn t??hn?l?g? is terrific and n?w?d??? m?n? children h?v? a ??ll/m?bil? ?h?n? and Int?rn?t ??????. Childr?n ?ft?n ?h?r? th?ir phone and ?m?il d?t?il? with th?ir fri?nd?, but friendships ??n ???il? be br?k?n, ?nd th?ir ??r??n?l information ??n b? used ?g?in?t th?m to ??u?? di?tr???.

Th?r?f?r?, does your ?hild ?wn a cell/mobile ?h?n?? It ??uld b? your ?hild i? receiving r?gul?r insulting, thr??t?ning or vulg?r text messages. Th? bully m?? ?l?? l??v? unpleasant messages on the ?n?w?r phone. S?, is thi? h????ning t? ??ur child?

Y?ur child m?? ?l?? b? bulli?d b? r???iving thr??t?ning emails, ?r th?r? m?? be a very unpleasant ??m??ign ??rri?d out by ??v?r?l ?hildr?n ?g?in?t ??ur ?hild thr?ugh ?m?il? ?r unmonitored Internet ?h?t r??m?. In this r?g?rd, ??r?nt? n??d t? closely m?nit?r th? u?? ?f th??? modern m?th?d? ?f ??mmuni??ti?n b? their ?hildr?n.

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Is Y?ur Child A “Bull?”?

A bully child m?? n?t kn?w that bull?ing ??n be ?xtr?m?l? dangerous f?r him and it can ruin hi? ??r??n?lit? and ??r??r ?? w?ll. Th?r?f?r? ??r?nt? h?v? to id?ntif? th? common ?h?r??t?ri?ti?? ?f bull?ing among their children b???u?? they ?r? the ?n?? wh? kn?w their ?hildr?n b?tt?r than ?n??n?.

Ch?r??t?ri?ti?? Of A Bull? Child

Your child ??h??l t???h?r, ?rin?i??l or ??un??l?r ??n give ??u th? m??t r?li?bl? indi??ti?n th?t th?r? have b??n ????? ?f ??ur ?hild bullying. Maybe it i? diffi?ult for ??r?nt? t? trust the w?rd? ?f ?tr?ng?r? but school ?uth?riti?? d? n?t make f?l?? ???u??ti?n? ?f trouble making. Y?u ??n also ask ?b?ut child bullying attitude from hi? fri?nd? ?r th? ????l? ?r?und him at ??h??l. Observe ??ur ?hild ?ttitud? t?w?rd? hi? friends and peers.

If your ?hild has an authoritative and bossy t??? ?f ?ttitud?, th?n it m??n? th?t th?r? are m?r? t?nd?n?i?? th?t a child ??n b? a bull?. If ??u ?r? also g?tting so m?n? complaints fr?m other ??r?nt? ?b?ut the bull?ing attitude ?f ??ur ?hild, th?n it m??n? th?t th?r? i? ??m?thing wrong with ??ur child ?nd it n??d? t? be fixed ?? ???n ?? ????ibl?.

If your ?hild ??m?? h?m? with ?ut? ?nd ?br??i?n? on a r?gul?r b??i?, th?n it ?h?uld b? ?n alarming ?ign f?r ??u. If your ?hild repeats th? same excuses f?r the brui??? and ?ut?, it ??uld m??n th?t th?r? is ??m? severe bull?ing going ?n. If ??ur ?hild h?? the h?bit ?f breaking home rules, th?n it says th?t th?r? ??uld b? trouble.

If ??ur ?hild has th? nature to intimidate young kids, th?n it m??n? th?t th? ?hild indeed h?? a bull?ing nature. Also, if ??ur ?hild has a l?w t?l?r?n?? l?v?l, ?n ?ggr???iv? and dominating ?ttitud? then these ?r? th? strong indi??ti?n? ?f a bull?ing n?tur?.

Bull? Vs Victim

Th? bull? i? a HE man wh? is mu?h ?tr?ng?r ?nd m?r? prominent ?? ??m??r?d t? the vi?tim. Bull? ?hild lik?? t? t???? a victim with hi? g?ng. Th? g?ng ?f a bull? ?hild consists ?f those ????l? who ?n??ur?g? the bull? child t? bull? th? victim. Bull? ?nj??? bullying with hi? fri?nd? whil? th? vi?tim ?lw??? suffers fr?m pain, misery, ?nd distress.

Th? Vi?i?u? Cycle ?f Bull?ing

Bullying ?n??ur?g?? ??r??ding the b?d culture in th? ???i?t?, and it ?r??t?? trouble f?r th? vi?tim and makes it diffi?ult f?r th? victim to liv? a healthy lif?. Bully vi?tim? ?lw??? feel f??r ?nd ?nxi?t? in th? presence ?f a bull? person.

If you suspect that ??ur ?hild i? a bully or a bull? vi?tim ?nd ??u d? n?t kn?w how to d??l with it, ????k t? your ?hild ??h??l ?uth?riti?? and g?t ??m? inf?rm?ti?n ?b?ut their anti-bully policies and ??k f?r h?l?.


A? ??r?nt?, it i? your duty and r????n?ibilit? to t???h your children ??lf-?r?t??ti?n and self-preservation. Recently, th? h?rr?nd?u? ??t ?f bull?ing h?? taken a wh?l? new dim?n?i?n with th? ?dv?nt ?f t??hn?l?g?. Pr?vi?u?l?, ??r?nt? were concerned with ?fflin? bullying ?nl?, but n?w ??b?r-bull?ing h?? b???m? in?r???ingl? ??mm?n.

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Mostly there ?r? tw? main t???? of bullying, n?m?l? ?h??i??l ?nd ?m?ti?n?l. Ph??i??l bull?ing is easier t? deal with ?in?? it is ???i?r t? d?t??t and prove and th?r? is ?n existing fr?m?w?rk to help d??l with such f?rm? of bullying lik? ??r?nt? ??n report the bull? t? th? ??h??l ?dmini?tr?ti?n ?r ?v?n fil? a ??li?? ????.

H?w?v?r wh?n it ??m?? t? emotional bullying, this i? not ?nl? harder t? ?r?v? ?nd d?t??t, but it m?? leave t?rribl? emotional scars th?t ??n t?k? a whole lifetime to h??l.

Do ??u w?nt t? kn?w h?w t? m?k? ??ur children bull?-?r??f, b?th ?nlin? ?nd offline? H?r? ?r? ??m? tricks.

• Build u? ??nfid?n?? in ??ur ?hildr?n

Children wh? ???m h?l?l???, d?f?n??l???, with l?w ??lf-??t??m ?nd confidence as w?ll ?? h?ving ??m? di??bilit? ?r? the ones who rise in th? bull? r?d?r. On? w?? ?f ??tu?ll? ?r?v?nting your ?hild fr?m b?ing bull? ?r?n? i? t? m?k? him w?rk harder in building a ?tr?ng ?h?r??t?r. It ??n b? d?n? b? ?n??ur?ging him t? do ?xtr??urri?ul?r ??tiviti?? like j?ining S??ut? ?r ?r??ti?ing a ???rt.

• In?r????d responsibility

M?k? ??ur child f??l im??rt?nt ?nd giv? him a ??n?? ?f b?l?nging. It will build hi? ??lf-??t??m in th? l?ng run. For example, if ?? a parent you continuously ??m??r? him to ?th?r kid? ?nd ?r? n?t appreciative of his behavior, this is lik?l? t? m?k? him f??l w?rthl??? ?nd weak.

Inform your kid? ?b?ut cyberbullying ?nd th? t???? ?f behavior that cannot b? t?l?r?t?d ?nlin?.

The process ?f making ??ur ?hild bully-proof ?t?rt? ?t h?m?. You cannot possibly ?x???t ?th?r? to treat ??ur ?hild with respect if ??u ?r? yourself ?r his ?ibling? ?m?ti?n?ll? d?wngr?ding him.

• Im?r?v?d communication

If you ???t ??rt?in ?ign? th?t ??ur ?hild might b? bulli?d at ??h??l-un?x?l?in?d brui???, l??? ?f interest in ??h??l, th? d??lin? in ??rf?rm?n??, f?w?r friends, m??d swings ?n??ur?g? ??ur ?hild to speak about hi? f??ling? ?nd remain ?u???rtiv? and l?ving.

• Encourage friend network

Encourage your ?hild to ?t?? within his fri?nd ?ir?l? at ?ll tim?? and ?v?id b?ing ?n his ?wn. Bulli?? ?r? more likely t? ?tt??k wh?n your ?hild is ?l?n? ?nd h?l?l???.

• Proper way t? face a bull?

T???h your ?hild h?w to r?m?in ??tiv? in fr?nt of bulli?? and m?int?in his composure.

T???h him not t? giv? in ?nd ?h?w that h? i? afraid ?f them. F?r ?x?m?l?, ??ur child has t? r?m?in ?tr?ng, m?int?in ??? ??nt??t ?nd ?r???r ???tur? ?nd t?ll hi? bulli?? “Y?u h?v? to ?t?? n?w. Oth?rwi??, I will r???rt ??u”. If a bull? is stopped right from the ?t?rt it??lf, th? ?itu?ti?n i? likely t? r?m?in in ??ntr?l.

• Information about cyber-bullying

Inform your kid? ?b?ut cyberbullying ?nd th? t???? ?f behavior that cannot b? t?l?r?t?d ?nlin?. Encourage them t? ?h?r? ?n? b?d ?x??ri?n?? th?t they m?? have h?d ?nlin? lik? ??m??n? i? h?r???ing them ?nlin? with ?ng?ing threatening ?m?il? ?r instant m????g??.

Image result for bullying kids asian
• D?ng?r? ?f ??x-ting

A? ??ur kid? gr?w u?, ??u have t? make sure th?t th?? und?r?t?nd th? d?ng?r? of sending ?i?tur?? with a sexual ??nn?t?ti?n t? th?ir fri?nd?. It takes ?nl? a f?w minut?? t? ???t a saucy ?i?tur? t? someone, but th? resulting implications ??n have lif?tim? impacts.

• L???ti?n ?f ??m?ut?r? ?nd software

M?k? ?ur? th?t th? computers are in a ?tr?t?gi? ?l??? wh?r? ??u can ??? what your kid? are up to online. It is n?t ?b?ut intruding th?ir ?riv???-r?m?mb?r th?t if you ?r? continuously keeping tabs ?n what th?? do ?nlin?, th?? will find ?th?r w??? of accessing internet without h?ving ??u around. But fr?m tim? t? tim?, it is im??rt?nt t? ??? ?n whi?h w?b?it?? your child i? mostly l?gg?d ?n.

• Addr??? ??b?r-bull?ing ?t ??rl? stages

If ??u find th?t ??u ?hild i? getting m?r? ???r?h?n?iv? wh?n it ??m?? to th? u?? ?f computers ?nd is ?h?wing signs ?f anxiety, r?i?? the i??u? right fr?m the start. Al?? m?k? ?ur? t? do it in ?n und?r?t?nding w?? ?nd explain t? them that no m?tt?r wh?t th? ?r?bl?m i?, ??u will ?lw??? ?t?nd b? th?m ?nd will n?t ?urb th?ir int?rn?t privileges ?nd ??????.

H?l? Y?ur Child D??l With Bullying

Bull?ing can change ?n ?th?rwi?? happy ?hild int? a f??rful, depressed individual r?th?r qui?kl?. Changes in b?h?vi?r lik? reluctance t? g? t? ??h??l, feigned illness, and r?qu??t? for ?xtr? m?n?? ?r m?t?ri?l goods ??n b? indicators ??ur ?hild is being bulli?d. Wh?t is bull?ing ?nd h?w do ??u h?l? ??ur child deal with it?

Bullying in it? most ?tr?ightf?rw?rd ??n?? is th? d??ir? of ?n? to dominate another. Th? m??n? b? whi?h this ??hi?v?d i? v?ri?d, but the r??ult? are similar. Wh?th?r th? bull?ing t?k?? the form of vi?i?u? teasing, ?x?lu?i?n fr?m gr?u?? ?nd ??tiviti?? ?r thr??t? ?r ??t? ?f vi?l?n??, the vi?tim i? m?d? t? feel in?d?qu?t?, defenseless and helpless. It ??n result in d??r???i?n and m?? h?v? long-lasting effects th?t ??rr? int? ?dulth??d.

Once ??ur child admits h? ?r ?h? is b?ing bulli?d, there ?r? ??m? things ??u ??n do t? h?l? them ???? with th? ?itu?ti?n. The fir?t thing? t? d? ?r? a ??mf?rt ?nd reassure ??ur child. Often vi?tim? ?r? ?mb?rr????d ?nd bl?m? th?m??lv?? f?r the bull?ing. Th?? ??m?tim?? fear th?t parents will ?nl? tell th?m to fight b??k and th?? ??nn?t b???u?? they are ?fr?id. Y?ur r????ur?n?? is a n??????r? step to th? recovery.

Take the admission ??ri?u?l?, particularly in cases wh?r? th? bull? has thr??t?n?d th?t thing? will g?t w?r?? if your ?hild tells ??m??n?. St??? ??u ??n take m?? include speaking t? th? ?th?r ?hild’? ??r?nt? ?r th? ??h??l staff. If ??u ?h???? t? ????k t? th? other ??r?nt?, a g??d ?r??ti?? i? t? d? ?? with a ??h??l ?ffi?i?l ?r???nt t? mediate. Your ?hild still has to f??? the bully ?t ??h??l ?v?r? d??, and this can be tr?um?ti?. Explain th? buddy system t? your ?hild as a w?? ?f ???ing with th? bully. If th? aggression ???ur? ?n the ?l??gr?und, for ?x?m?l?, find a fri?nd who ??n ?ti?k with your ?hild. Bulli?? often b??k d?wn when f???d with numb?r?. It ??n w?rk f?r tri?? t? the l??k?r, bathroom ?nd th? bu? ride home.

Image result for bullying kids black kids
C?nt?ining th? ?ng?r a child f??l? wh?n h? i? bulli?d ??n h?l?. Bullies thriv? ?n kn?wing they h?v? angered ?r u???t th?ir victims. Depriving th?m of the r????n?? th?? ???k ??n h?l?. Instead, t???h ??ur child t? ??unt to t?n, w?lk ?w??, and write in a notebook the angry w?rd? th?t h? wanted to say, ?n?thing th?t l?t? the ?ng?r ?b?t? without r?w?rding th? bull?.

T?ll an ?dult. Once th? m?tt?r has b??n brought t? th? attention of the school, t?lling a teacher, playground m?nit?r or other adults ?h?uld help ??ntr?l th? incidents. If a bull? i? tr?ing to t?k? something like lun?h m?n??, ?t?rt bringing lun?h ?v?r? d??. If h? wants ??ur h?ndh?ld g?m? d?vi??, ?t?? ???ing it t? ??h??l. R?m?v? the incentive ?nd bulli?? l??? interest.

H?w ??n We H?l? Reduce Bullying?

A? adults, we ??n do ?ur share in h?l?ing decrease the possibility of bull?ing.

• R???h ?ut t? ?ur t??n?

C?mmuni??t? with y?ur teens if you see ??m?t?m? ?f bull?ing. It i? best t? understand th?m and kn?w wh?t th?? are g?ing through.

• Su???rt

B? ?n ally to th?m in understanding h?w to battle bullying. M?k? th?m kn?w bull?ing ?nd ?du??t? them. Thr?ugh this, th?? ??n ???k advice ?nd h?l? when th?? see that th?? ?r? b?ing ??nfr?nt?d b? th? ?itu?ti?n.

• Encourage

Tr? t? ?n??ur?g? our t??n? by ??tting good ?x?m?l?? especially thr?ugh int?r??r??n?l skills. Let th?m l??rn th?t making friends ?nd h?ving a g??d interpersonal relationship i? v?r? beneficial.

En??ur?g? our teens also t? b? vigil?nt ?????i?ll? wh?n sharing information (thi? i? for cyberbullying). If th?r? is ?lr??d? an ?dv?r?? ?ff??t ?n ?ur kid? b???u?? of bull?ing, l?t u? not h??it?t? to seek professional h?l?.

H?w You Can H?l? R?du?? Bullying?

F?r kid?, there ??n ?l?? be w??? ?n h?w to ?r?v?nt bullying.

• Tr??t ?v?r??n? with utm??t r?????t

By ?r??ti?ing thi?, ??u will g?t t? ?limin?t? n?g?tiv? f??ling? t?w?rd? ?th?r ????l?. It will ?l?? ?n??ur?g? other teens t? d? th? ??m? t? ??u.

• S???k u?

If you think th?t ??u ?r? in the ?r????? of being bulli?d ?lr??d?, d? n?t h??it?t? to speak u? ?nd stand for ??ur??lf.

R?m?mb?r th?t bull?ing i? a cycle. If ??u ni? it in th? bud b?f?r? it b???m?? a ???l?, whi?h i? a good ?ign. But if ??u think that ??u ??nn?t stand ?n ??ur ?wn, b?tt?r speak with ?n ?dult ?r ?uth?rit? figur? which you tru?t. D? not l?t ??ur feelings bottled up inside ??u. It i? b??t to let th?m kn?w how ??u feel.

• J?in support gr?u??

H?v? ?th?r people around ??u t? l??rn and kn?w m?r? ?b?ut bullying. Thr?ugh this, ??u ??n ?l?? ?x?r??? your f??r? ?nd ??ur thoughts.


C?b?rbull?ing i? a t?rm u??d to define recurrent ?nd ?u?t?in?d v?rb?l and ?h??i??l ?tt??k? b? ?n? ?r m?r? ?hildr?n t?w?rd? ?n?th?r ?hild wh? i? un?bl? or unwilling to diffu?? th? ?ng?g?m?nt using inf?rm?ti?n and communication technology. Lik? traditional bull?ing, ??b?rbull?ing i? harmful, repeated and h??til? behavior int?nd?d t? d??r???t? and di???r?g? a targeted child.

Bull?ing u??d t? b? confined t? ??h??l?, neighborhoods or some ?m?ll g??gr??hi? location that th? bulli?d ?hild ??uld l??v? and ???k respite. With ??b?rbull?ing, th? t?rg?t ?hild has n? ?????? fr?m th? taunting and h?r???m?nt afforded b? the int?rn?t ?nd m?bil? digital technology. Given th? v?ri?t? ?f methodologies cyberbullies use, which ??ntinu?? to ?x??nd, provided below ?r? th? t?n m??t ??mm?n.

1. Exclusion

Ex?lu?i?n i? a ??b?r-bull?ing tactic th?t i? highly ?ff??tiv? ?nd indirectly ??nd? a ?r?v???tiv? m????g? t? th? victim child without the n??d for actual v?rb?l d??r???ti?n.

A? it? w?ll-kn?wn ?hildr?n ?nd t??n? ?r? developmentally fixated on b?ing r???gniz?d b? th?ir ???r?, th? ?r????? ?f d??ign?ting who is a member ?f th? peer gr?u? ?nd who i? not in?lud?d ??n b? devastating t? th? child.

2. Flaming

Fl?ming is a term d???ribing a passionate ?nlin? argument that fr?qu?ntl? ??m?ri??? ?r?f?n? ?r vulg?r l?ngu?g?, whi?h t??i??ll? ???ur? in ?ubli? ??mmuni??ti?n environments f?r ???r b??t?nd?r? to witn??? in?luding discussion b??rd? ?nd groups, ?h?t r??m? and n?w?gr?u??. Flaming m?? have features of a standard m????g?, but its int?nt if designed differently.

3. Outing

The ?uting is a t?rm th?t in?lud?? the ?ubli? display, ???ting, ?r f?rw?rding of ??r??n?l ??mmuni??ti?n ?r im?g?? by the ??b?rbull? ??r??n?l t? th? target ?hild. Outing b???m?? ?v?n more d?trim?nt?l t? th? ?hild wh?n the ??mmuni??ti?n? ???t?d ?nd displayed publicly contains sensitive ??r??n?l inf?rm?ti?n or im?g?? th?t are ??xu?l.

4. E-m?il Thr??t? ?nd Di???min?ti?n

E-m?il Thr??t? ?nd Dissemination i? a ??b?r-bull? t??ti? u??d t? inspire fear in the vi?tim ?hild ?nd then inf?rming other m?mb?r? in th? ???r gr?u? ?f th? ?ll?g?d thr??t. The cyberbully ??nd? a threatening ?-m?il t? th? t?rg?t child ?nd th?n forwards ?r ???? & ???t?? th? d?ng?r?u? message to ?th?r? ?f th? implied thr??t.

5. H?r???m?nt

H?r???m?nt i? sending hurtful messages t? th? vi?tim child th?t i? worded in a ??v?r?, persistent ?r pervasive manner ??u?ing th? r????nd?nt undu? ??n??rn. These thr??t?ning l?tt?r? ?r? h?rmful, fr?qu?nt and v?r? ??ri?u?. Although ??nding ??n?t?nt ?nd ?ndl??? hurtful ?nd insulting m????g?? t? ??m??n? may be in?lud?d in cyberstalking, th? implied threats in h?r???m?nt d? n?t l??d th? ?hild t? believe the ??t?nti?l ?xi?t? th? bull? m?? b? ?ng?g?d in the offline ?t?lking of the target child.

6. Phishing

Phi?hing i? a tactic th?t r?quir?? tri?king, persuading or manipulating th? target ?hild int? r?v??ling personal ?nd fin?n?i?l inf?rm?ti?n about th?m??lv?? ?nd their loved ?n??. Once th? ??b?rbull? ??quir?? thi? inf?rm?ti?n, th?? b?gin to u?? the information to ?????? their profiles if it may b? the t?rg?t ?hild’? ????w?rd, ?ur?h??ing un?uth?riz?d it?m? with th? child’s ?r ??r?nt? ?r?dit ??rd?.

7. Im??r??n?ti?n

Impersonation ?r “im?ing” ?? a t??ti? ??n only ???ur with the “v?il ?f ?n?n?mit?” ?ff?r?d by digit?l technology. C?b?rbulli?? im??r??n?t? th? t?rg?t ?hild and m?k? offensive online comments ?n ???i?l networking ?it?? ?nd in ?h?t r??m?. Using im??r??n?ti?n, ??b?r bulli?? ??t up w?b?it?? th?t in?lud? vitri?li? information l??ding t? th? vi?tim ?hild b?ing ??tr??iz?d ?r victimized in more ?l???i? bull?ing w???.

8. D?nigr?ti?n

D?nigr?ti?n i? u??d in b?th traditional ?nd ??b?rbull?ing. Vilification i? a t?rm u??d to d???rib? wh?n bullies ??nd, ???t or ?ubli?h wild rum?r?, g???i? ?nd untru? ?t?t?m?nt? ?b?ut a ?hild to intentionally d?m?g? th?ir r??ut?ti?n or friendships. Al?? kn?wn as “dissing,” thi? method i? a ??mm?n element and layer involved in almost all ?f th? ??b?rbull?ing t??ti?? li?t?d.

9. E-m?il ?nd C?ll Ph?n? Im?g? Di???min?ti?n

N?t ?nl? a t??ti? u??d in ??b?rbull?ing but a f?rm of inf?rm?ti?n ?x?h?ng? th?t can b? a ?rimin?l ??t if th? im?g?? ?r? ??rn?gr??hi? ?r gr??hi? ?n?ugh d??i?ting underaged ?hildr?n. Childr?n can r???iv? images dir??tl? ?n their phones and th?n ??nd th?m t? everyone in their address b??k?. Of ?ll cyberbullying m?th?d?, this t??ti?, whi?h ??rv?? to embarrass a vi?tim ?hild, can l??d t? ??ri?u? ?rimin?l ?h?rg??.

10. Images ?nd Vid???

Briefly d???rib?d in H???? Slapping, the u??g? ?f im?g?? ?nd video r???rding has b???m? a gr?wing ??n??rn th?t many ??mmuniti??, law ?nf?r??m?nt ?g?n?i??, ?nd ??h??l? ?r? taking ??ri?u?l?. Due in part to th? ?r?v?l?n?? ?nd ??????ibilit? of ??m?r? ??ll ?h?n??, ?h?t?gr??h? and vid??? of unsuspecting vi?tim?, t?k?n in b?thr??m?, l??k?r r??m? ?r in ?th?r ??m?r?mi?ing ?itu?ti?n?, ?r? b?ing di?tribut?d ?l??tr?ni??ll?. S?m? im?g?? ?nd vid??? ?r? emailed to ???r?, whil? others ?r? ?ubli?h?d on video ?it??.

S?, h?w can we save our ?hildr?n?

A? children gr?w and blaze a tr?il t?w?rd ?dulth??d, they seek t? di???v?r th?ir own identity while d?v?l??ing a sense ?f m?r?lit? ?nd the ?bilit? t? tell right from wrong. Th?r? i? h?l? for children who ?truggl? with f??ling? ?f inadequacy and inferiority f?r those wh? bully ?nd th??? wh? are bulli?d. P?rh??? our b??t h??? i? f?r ??r?nt?, ??h??l? ?nd ??mmuniti?? to h?l? all ?hildr?n r???gniz? ?nd und?r?t?nd their divin? inheritance and spiritual ??lfh??d.

H?l?ing ?ll children t? b? th? b??t th?? ??n b? and ??? th? b??t in th?m??lv?? ?nd in their ???r? ??uld ?limin?t? the false ??int of vi?w that one ??r??n is b?tt?r th?n another.

Kn?wl?dg? th?t ?ll h?v? th?ir own uniqu? and ????i?l talents ?nd ?biliti?? i? something t? be ???r??i?t?d ?nd celebrated, rather th?n ?nvi?d ?r ?riti?iz?d.


It is ????ibl? that if your child is ?uff?ring in any w??, th?t th? ??u?? is n?t bullying but ??m?thing else. Y?ur ?hild might b? genuinely unw?ll. But ?? you will know ??ur child b?tt?r than ?n??n? ?l??, ??u ?r? in the b??t position t? determine what the ?r?bl?m i? and ???k m?di??l h?l? wh?n n??????r?.

Bull?ing in ?n? f?rm ??n h?v? lifelong ??n??qu?n???, ?nd it is th? role of ??r?nt? to make th?ir ?hildr?n r??i?t?nt t? bulli??. Al?? by ?n??ur?ging th?m t? confide in ??u, you ?r? m?r? likely t? d?t??t th? ?r?bl?m ?t ?n early ?t?g? ?nd find the ?r???r ??luti?n? t? it.

Alth?ugh th??? ti?? can h?l? m?k? ??ur child stronger, you h?v? t? decide if your child needs th??? ti?? or somewhat ?r?f???i?n?l h?l? in m?king him a ?tr?ng?r and m?r? confident ??r??n.

Ab?v? ?ll, m?k? ?ur? ??ur ?hild h?? ??m??n? to t?lk to about hi? f??ling?. Childr?n n??d ??unding b??rd? and outlets t??.

Fin?ll?, your ?hild will h?v? t? u?? th?ir w?rd?. Sim?l? phrases ?nd ??mm?nd? ??id in ?n assertive v?i?? will tell th? bull? that th?? will n?t be a vi?tim. Sim?l? ??ntr?l? like; St??, B??k Off, B??k Aw??! T?ld in the right t?n? will stop the bull? in his tracks!

It is u??ful b???u?? the d??? of ??h??l??rd fighting ?r? over. It i? v?lu?bl? f?r ??ur child to kn?w h?w t? defend th?m??lv?? if th? situation arises, but ju?t the f??ling of b?ing ??m??t?nt in self-defense is ?n ?b?t??l? t? a ??t?nti?l bull?.

Ju?t r?m?mb?r b?ing bulli?d i? n?v?r ??ur child’s fault. Ev?r?b?d? has th? right t? live th?ir liv?? without feeling bullied, thr??t?n?d ?r un??f?.

NOTE: Apa style format which includes a cover page, running head on all pages and proper citation of all resources inside the body of my paper not just the references page. look for proper citations style and they must be properly added yo this paper. 5 differenct resources plus the bullywar book as their references(I added the info needed from book of bullywars). Citation must be found in the body of the paper. Thank you

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