Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing

Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing Using the assigned textbook reading, Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care: Principles and Methods , the South University Online Library, and the Internet, write a 3–4-page proposal for improvement for your selected issue. Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing Cover the following: Select one of the approaches to improvement, such as lean management, lean improvement, lean toolbox, clinical practice guidelines, or six sigma improvement models. Describe how the selected approach to improvement positively impacts the selected issue. Identify and describe a method of evaluating the effectiveness of the improvement approach you propose. Be sure to support your statements with scholarly references and appropriate examples. Cite all sources using the APA format. Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing su_nsg6605_w1_a3_peek.doc su_nsg6605_w2_a3_peek_t.docx su_nsg6605_w3_a3_peek_t.docx Running head: ADEQUATE NURSE STAFFING AND EFFECT ON PATIENT SAFETY Adequate Nurse Staffing and Effect on Patient Safety Tina Peek Institution 1 ADEQUATE NURSE STAFFING AND EFFECTS ON PATIENT SAFETY 2 Adequate Nurse Staffing and Effects on Patient Safety Apparently, there are inadequate nurses in most hospitals and the patients have to queue for long hours to receive the services of the available nurses (Boamah et al., 2017). Availability of adequate nurses is critical in hospitals because at times critically injured or ill patients visit the hospitals in large numbers especially when there has had an accident, and the casualties are brought in the nearest hospital. Typically, there are six standards of quality required by patients. Safety is the first standard of quality needed by patients in all hospitals. All healthcare providers should avoid harm to patients by all means. An inadequate number of nurses cannot offer quality care and will unintentionally confuse details and cause harm or watch helplessly, as patients die in the queue waiting for healthcare service. It is therefore essential that each hospital employs enough nurses Effectiveness is the second standard of quality required by the patients. Health care services should be founded on scientific knowledge as well as evidence-based. Such services cannot be possible without adequate and qualified nurses (Boamah et al., 2017). Evidence-based requires that the nurses involve the patients in decisions concerning their health.Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing The nurses should, therefore, form a personal relationship with each patient to get to know their preferences. Without adequate nurses, evidence-based quality healthcare services cannot be possible. Patient-centered is the third standard quality healthcare service needed by the patient. Medics should provide care to the patients in a respectful manner and care that considers patient’s preferences, values and needs as well as ensuring that the patient’s values direct clinical decisions. Therefore, more nurses are required to provide such a personal service to the patients. ADEQUATE NURSE STAFFING AND EFFECTS ON PATIENT SAFETY 3 Timely is the fourth standard required by the patients. Typically, reducing harmful delays and waits in the queue is essential for both the patients and the medics (Gross, 2017). It is quite demoralizing to watch endless queue as a healthcare provider, and there are no ways to reduce them. The patients also spend the whole day, while even some lose their lives as they wait for the treatment. Employing adequate nurses will reduce the number of people in the queue and enable medics to give quality service. Efficiency is the fifth standard quality needed by the patient. It helps avoid wastes such as energy, ideas, equipment, and supplies (Boamah et al., 2017). With inadequate nurses, it is not easy to monitor the usage of most of the supplies and other equipment. Inadequate medics get very tired and will most of the time not avoid wastes. It is, therefore, essential that the administrations of the hospital employ enough nurses. Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing The job will be distributed equally to the medics, and each nurse will ensure there are minimum wastes in their departments. Equitability is the last standard quality required by the patients. It means that the medic should provide care that doesn’t vary in quality of service (Gross, 2017). In the hospitals that have inadequate nurses, some healthcare providers will not allow their relatives, and close friends to queue. It impacts negatively on patients who have been waiting on the line for a long time. Employing adequate nurses will help minimize the line, and the medics will not be tempted to attend to their relatives or friends because there will be no queue. ADEQUATE NURSE STAFFING AND EFFECTS ON PATIENT SAFETY 4 References Boamah, S. A., Laschinger, H. K. S., Wong, C., & Clarke, S. (2017). Effect of transformational leadership on job satisfaction and patient safety outcomes. Nursing outlook. Gross, K. N. (2017). Evaluating Nurse Staffing in Hospitals After Implementation of a Nurse-toPatient Ratio Policy. Running Head: PATIENT SAFETY 1 Patient Safety Tina Peek April 16, 2018 PATIENT SAFETY 2 PATIENT SAFETY 3 It is imperative for care practitioners to understand that the safety of patients is a significant priority. Care organizations should make an effort to ensure that they promote the safety of the patients. It is argued that safety is the first standard quality that all patients desire in hospitals. Individuals seek care assistance in a bid to improve their health condition. Thus, if they feel that their safety is threatened in the facilities, they are likely to lose the confidence and trust they have in the healthcare system. Numerous approaches have been proposed to impact the safety of patients including technology, organizational culture, and the relationship between clients and nurses. Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing The authors of this article aim to describe a patient safety culture. The study conducted by the authors incorporated a qualitative meta-analysis review to gather adequate information regarding patient safety culture. Based on the data collected the study discovered seven distinct subcultures associated with patient safety. According to the data findings, the seven different subcultures include leadership, patient-centered, just, communication, evidence-based, learning, and teamwork. The authors of this article claim that the seven subcultures help care organizations in creating and maintaining a patient safety culture. Thus, in a bid to enhance patient safety in the hospitals, the care organizations and providers should incorporate the seven subcultures in their organizations. This study focused on investigating the impact of the bar-code technology on patient safety in association with medication administration. According to the authors of the study, medication errors are common within healthcare facilities. The errors are believed to occur PATIENT SAFETY 4 during administration of the drugs to the patients. As such, the study sought to identify whether the use of bar-code technology would help mitigate the errors caused during the administration of the medicines. The study utilized a quasi-experimental study to gather adequate information on the subject. The study findings concluded that the use of bar-code technology reduced the errors caused during the administration of drugs. In turn, by mitigating medication errors care organization can maintain and promote patient safety. The authors of this article sought to examine whether promoting a culture of safety would enhance the safety of patients and quality of care services. This study supports the claim that organizational culture influences the safety of the patients in hospitals. The study examines some of the interventions that are believed to promote a safety culture in care facilities. Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing Based on previous research studies reviewed by the authors of the articles various programs have been recommended to promote a safety culture. The programs recommended to enhance a patient safety culture include team training, implementation of communication tools, and improved perceptions of care providers about safety culture. This study investigated the global evidence available regarding patient safety. The authors of the study claim that care practitioners should understand the scope of unsafe care for the entire world. Also, the study suggests it is critical to understand the available solutions for unsafe care for the patients since they help to deliver a safe culture and effective care. The study utilized investigative and consultative processes to examine the issue patient safety. Data findings from the study found that patients tend to suffer harm from medical care and as such to PATIENT SAFETY 5 promote a safety culture all stakeholders in care facilities should understand the scope of unsafe care. Safety is a critical standard of quality that all patients in care organizations should be assured of at all times. Care organizations should make an effort to prioritize patient safety. They should start by advocating for a safety culture in the organization. Further, they should incorporate measures such as technology use to avoid harm caused to patients through medication errors and unsafe care. As such, by promoting a safety culture for the patients care organization can promote the safety standard of quality. 6 PATIENT SAFETY References Jha, A. K., Prasopa-Plaizier, N., Larizgoitia, I., & Bates, D. W. (2010). Patient safety research: an overview of the global evidence. BMJ Quality & Safety, 19(1), 42-47. Poon, E. G., Keohane, C. A., Yoon, C. S., Ditmore, M., Bane, A., Levtzion-Korach, O., … & Churchill, W. W. (2010). Effect of bar-code technology on the safety of medication administration. New England Journal of Medicine, 362(18), 1698-1707. Sammer, C. E., Lykens, K., Singh, K. P., Mains, D. A., & Lackan, N. A. (2010). Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing What is patient safety culture? A review of the literature. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 42(2), 156165. Weaver, S. J., Lubomksi, L. H., Wilson, R. F., Pfoh, E. R., Martinez, K. A., & Dy, S. M. (2013). Promoting a culture of safety as a patient safety strategy: a systematic review. Annals of internal medicine, 158(5_Part_2), 369-374. Running Head: SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ISSUE Examining Safety Improvement Issue Tina Peek April 23, 2018 1 SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ISSUE 2 Safety is one of the most important things that the health sector focuses on ensuring. In this discussion, the author has examined the safety improvement issue using a process improvement tool. Though there are various process improvement tools, one specific tool was a found convenient and efficient in testing safety improvement issue. This tool is the cause and effect diagram. This is a process improvement tool that deeply does the identification of the possible cause of a certain problem and seeks to put ideas into categorical usefulness(Sutcliffe, et al,2016). In some cases, patients experience different safety challenges in different health centers. An error in medication is one of the most common safety challenges that a patient may find themselves in. This I even more common with the inpatient health centers. Medical research ho that almost five percent of a patient hospitalized are encountered with adverse drug event every year. Medication error sometimes happens to more than just drugs to the inpatient and at times it happens during surgical operations. Medication errors mostly occur in cases where mistakes are made in the process of labeling drug container, failure to attend to a problem, indicated by the signs of a particular ill person and poor documentation. Another safety problem is the diagnostic errors. Diagnostic errors are the wrongly administered diagnostics which result from gross malpractices in this field. The health practitioners are involved in the safety challenge in the health sector either directly or indirectly(Duncan, 2013). And in some cases, the health worker themselves face safety challenges while at work. The potential exposure to chemical and drug is a very serious safety problem in the health sector. There are various factors that have been quite impactful on the healthcare safety agenda. Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing One of them is the staff view on the safety of the patients and avoidable deterioration. The kind of perception that the staff in the healthcare have towards safety in the healthcare really SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ISSUE 2 determines the level of safety that will be experienced. If the healthcare staff does not find the effect of lack of safety to patient detrimental then they may not put effort to ensure that safety is achieved. Delayed medical investigation and consequent treatment can really end up compromising the observation of safety in the health care enormously. In addition to that, when it comes to the safety of the health practitioners themselves, being unconscious of their own safety could really encourage negligence on safety measures. There are various causes of safety breaches in the healthcare. Illiteracy in a patient is something that has really affected the safety of patient negatively. Lacking the basic nursing care in terms of nutrition, hydration and pressure area care as a result of overshadowing and poor channels of communication. The limitation in the establishment of preventable deterioration has an adverse negative effect on healthcare safety. In the cause and effect analysis diagram, the cited main cause for safety issue in the healthcare ignorance and illiteracy(Higginson, et al,2012). Illiteracy in the patient has been a great cause of various after problem being experienced by the patient. On the other hand, the ignorance of medical practitioner on being conscious of their safety and that of the patients have also contributed. All this take place in health Centre mostly. Some of the equipment used on the patient could be used inappropriately and since the patients are illiterate they are not able to recognize that and raise an alarm. Some practitioners are also ignorant hen carrying out omen risky task, for example, a surgical operation. Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing They fail to put on the protective garment as a result of mere ignorance. In the undertaking of such a task on a patient error could be done but because of the illiteracy of the patient, they are not able to know. Lack of supervision of the practitioner also can contribute negatively to health safety(Thomas, et al,2012). SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ISSUE 2 There are various reasons why the cause and effect tool is good to test the safety issue. One is because this tool enables one to understand that there are quite a number of factors that contribute to an effect. It also displays the graphic relationship of cause to the effect and to each other. It will also help in identifying specific areas where there is an urgent need for improvement. In conclusion, the cause and effect tool is quite a reliable tool in the testing quality process. If the aim of testing a certain process is to get a sensible base for improvements to be done objectively then this tool will be of help. This is because it gives a broad view of the whole process that you are testing. However, it is a bit technical because it involves the drawing of an analysis diagram. If this tool could be improved in such a way that the getting all the information you need for the tool become easier and faster it would be more effective. SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ISSUE 2 References Duncan, J. R., Street, M., Strother, M., & Picus, D. (2013). Optimizing radiation use during fluoroscopic procedures: a quality and safety improvement project. Journal of the American College of Radiology, 10(11), 847-853. Higginson, J., Walters, R., & Fulop, N. (2012). Mortality and morbidity meetings: an untapped resource for imp Thomas, K. S., Hyer, K., Castle, N. G., Branch, L. G., Andel, R., & Weech-Maldonado, R. (2012). Sutcliffe, K. M., Paine, L., & Pronovost, P. J. (2016). Re-examining high reliability: actively organising for safety. BMJ Qual Saf, BMJ’s-2015. Thomas, K. S., Hyer, K., Castle, N. G., Branch, L. G., Andel, R., & Weech-Maldonado, R. (2012). Patient safety culture and the association with safe resident care in nursing homes. The Gerontologist, 52(6), 802-811. … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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Discussion: Proposal for improvement in nursing staffing
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