Discussion: Health Care Facility Organizational Chart

Discussion: Health Care Facility Organizational Chart ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Discussion: Health Care Facility Organizational Chart write a minimum 525 words proposal also make a minimum of 7 slides powerpoint presentation (not including title and references slides) – i will use this to make a video myself (you DON’T have to make the video). Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart Write a 525- to 700-word SBAR proposal for the new or improved health care service that you want to introduce into the community’s health care system. Discussion: Health Care Facility Organizational Chart Create a 7-10-minute video detailing your proposal. In your comments, review all sections you completed in the course, and discuss what you discovered. Consider your audience, and have fun! Discussion: Health Care Facility Organizational Chart Cite three reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality). Format your assignment according to APA guidelines for 7th edition. Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart week_4_individual_assignment_u.s._health_care_systems_for_small_populations__part_4.docx week_5_individual_assignment_u.s._health_care_systems_for_small_populations__part_5.docx week_3_individual_assignment_u.s._health_care_systems_for_small_populations__part_3.docx Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Organizational Chart Brandy Blue MHA/599 June 30, 2020 0 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART 1 Organizational Chart Leadership Structures for the Miami Florida Health Care Facility The healthcare facility will comprise several departments that will include human resources, finance, planning, and information technologies. The human resource department is in charge of recruiting and controlling staff members within the organization. Recruitment of talent is the top role of this department (Lahlou, 2018). The human resource plays a vital role in the organization for several reasons: directing, hiring, and helping new staff get into the organization’s system. Before conducting interviews on new employees, the head of this department has to communicate with the CEO, who will, in turn, inform the board of governors that will make the final decision. Discussion: Health Care Facility Organizational Chart/. Communication flow is always encouraged between this department and the rest of the team members. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART 2 The finance and planning departments remain joined as most members need to know the budgeting of the institution. Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart Budgeting is responsible for controlling the organization’s financial accounts. For instance, when the marketing or human resource department has projects to conduct, they must get approval through this department. It is a necessary department that supports a budget for the organization’s units. Like the human resource department, which is the head of this department has to be among the board of directors to assist in deciding financial matters. The IT department is held accountable for all online transactions. Discussion: Health Care Facility Organizational Chart. It is responsible for making sure that the institution’s online activities are running according to plan. Therefore, electronic records management is part of the required data (Boonstra, Versluis & Vos, 2014). For online activities to take place effectively and avoid security issues such as cybercrimes, this unit has to stay active. In the structure, there are clinicians and none clinical staff. The non-clinical staff comprises all the employees responsible for ensuring the institution runs effectively. They include the security personal, cleaners, cooks, and those responsible for the marketing of the organization’s image. Existences can extend up to legal experts that advise the institution of the right policies to abide by each time to avoid fines. The firm has to comply with the law each time (Moini, 2010). At the top-most, there is a board of directors. It is from this board that the CEO is selected. The committee’s primary responsibilities include providing directions the organization is supposed to follow, evaluate processes, and establish policies (Lahlou, 2018). Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart The board remains comprised of leaders from all the departments. Leaders are essential to ensure that every section of the organization is covered whenever there is a requirement to make a decision. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART 3 References Boonstra, A., Versluis, A., & Vos, J. F. (2014). Implementing electronic health records in hospitals: a systematic literature review. BMC health services research, 14, 370. https://doi.org/10.1186/1472-6963-14-370 Lahlou, I. (2018). Corporate Board Of Directors: Structure and efficiency. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-05017-7 Moini, J. (2010). Law and Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians (2nd ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. https://doi.org/10.1177/875512251002600414 1 Healthcare Facility Costs Brandy Blue MHA/599 June 7, 2020 Robert S. Libberton HEALTHCARE FACILITY COSTS 2 Healthcare Facility Costs Hospital facilities need sufficient equipment and financial backing to maintain operations. The current facility would need more money as the structure involves several employees and functional areas. As a facility that aims to sail through its first year of operation, it is imperative to understand all the costs and elements that will get incurred if the business thrives. Discussion: Health Care Facility Organizational Chart. Miami Florida healthcare facility will incur different expenses such as rent, salaries, telecommunications, utilities, licensing, taxes, distribution, promotion, and maintenance. The possible costs to be incurred by the facility include: 1. Rent and Salaries As a facility, they need enough money to cater for the rent and salaries. Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart The rent would take care of the facility’s location while the wages would take care of the human resource employed at the facility (Balasubramanian et al., 2016). As a facility, the number of employees could go in with around thirty members who would require sufficient investment as the business’s responsibility. The average rent of an apartment in the United States stands at $1,400 to $1,500. However, in the case of a commercial building that can house such a facility, it could take three times the cost of an average apartment (Balasubramanian et al., 2016). The average expense would estimate at a little over $4,000. As for salaries, the facility could incur an average of $20,000 per month or more. The approximation comes into secure minimum expenditure with all employees. 2. Telecommunications Telecommunication in a medical facility stands for communication between departments and incoming messages from clients. The departments will be working on different clients, and for functions to flow effectively in the facility, there needs to be effective communication. This expenditure would remain incurred at this stage (School of Business the George Washington University, 2019). Awarding each employee would average HEALTHCARE FACILITY COSTS 3 $50 for telecommunication expenses. With an average of thirty employees, the facility will incur an average of $1,500. 3. Licensing The hospital will incur an average of $500 to $600 for every licensed bed at the facility. As a result, depending on the facility’s expansion strategy, it will adjust the amount spent on licensing (Miami-Dade County, n.d.).The facility cannot operate without applying for licensing, which makes it a critical expense for the business to incur. 4. Taxes The facility will incur several taxes, depending on the amount of money it makes per year. Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart They include provider tax and state tax. Tax expense is essential because it is a requirement of business (Miami-Dade County, n.d.). Hence, the government’s taxes and fees are regulated and appear to be mandatory expenses that the company must provide before commencing and continuing operations. 5. Promotions and Maintenance Being a new facility, the promotion and maintenance expenses must be incurred. The facility can opt to set aside an average of $3,000 for their advertising. They need the right name in the market, which would flag their success in the current business environment. On the maintenance, the facility would be sizeable hence creating a possibility of higher risk maintenance levels. The best approximate for the business would be an average of $2,000 in maintenance. The amount is manageable and reasonable for a facility that has just started operations. Sources of Income As a medical facility, their best sources of income would be revenue streams and partnerships with a local organization. In terms of revenue streams, the facility remains responsible for the accurate billing of patients to recover revenue. On the other hand, the HEALTHCARE FACILITY COSTS 4 facility plans to make strong partnerships with the local organizations to get more funding. Medical assistance remains a crucial priority for most organizations. Therefore, a facility of such caliber would mean a lot for the most local organization making them contribute to its funding (School of Business the George Washington University, 2019). The facility is out to help the community and to receive such assistance would only make it better in terms of foundation. Prospects of being in Business a Year after Opening With the significant investments, there are high expectations for the facility to be in business after a year of existence. Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart Other than being aware of the costs inherent in running the facility and employing precise cost control mechanisms, the facility plans to offer the best quality services to patients. This way, it is anticipated that we will consistently grow our client base, primarily through return patients and referrals. Through the proper method of becoming a leading provider of healthcare services, the facility will also expect positive reception and recommendations from the community to potential donors and partners. This way, the facility is projected to have revenue that will help it to cover the enumerated costs of operations and remain afloat one year after opening. HEALTHCARE FACILITY COSTS 5 References Balasubramanian, S., & Jones, E. C. (2016, July). Hospital closures and the current healthcare climate: the future of rural hospitals in the USA. Rural and Remote Health., 16(3), https://www.rrh.org.au/journal/article/3935. Miami-Dade County. (n.d.). Local Business Tax Receipt (Formerly known as Occupational License). https://www.miamidade.gov/global/service.page?Mduid_service=ser149979 632911111 School of Business the George Washington University. (2019). The Top Costs Associated with Running a Hospital. https://healthcaremba.gwu.edu/blog/the-top-costsassociated-with-running-a-hospital/#:~:text=Hospitals%20in%20the%20United %20States, issued%20by%20The%20Commonwealth%20Fund. Running Head: THE MIAMI FLORIDA HEALTH SYSTEM Workflow Diagrams Relevant to the Proposed Miami Florida Health Care Facility Brandy Blue MHA/599 June 23, 2020 Robert S. Libberton 1 THE MIAMI FLORIDA HEALTH SYSTEM 6 Workflow Diagrams Relevant to the Proposed Miami Florida Health Care Facility Patient Check-in and checkout workflow Improving healthcare services in Miami, Florida, will require the employees’ full involvement in record keeping. In the patient check-in process, it is a requirement for staff to know when patients are there for a medical visit at the health care facility each day. Once a patient arrives, he/she must get registered in the schedule/booking system. Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart The date, time, and reason for the visit are required to get recorded. Also, it must get determined if it is a new patient visit, which will help in knowing the number of people visiting the health facility daily so that strategies cover any increased number get easily employed. For complete registration, one is provided with documents to fill put important information required. Patient information remains kept in the EHR (Boonstra, Versluis, & Vos, 2014). Establishing pacific for a visit, along with any fixed fees, are indicated on the form, giving a patient a choice for selection. After the completion of the documents process, the patient is checked-in. The next process is to get the patient evaluated by the assistant to retrieve vitals to get recorded in the patient’s EHR. Most times, patients are overwhelmed with the process of information during their visit; they do not remember everything that’s explained to them. Once the physician sees a patient for the concerns of their visit, he/she then get checked out. Check-out gets done to improve the security levels of patient information as well as schedule any follow-up visits needed (Hunsberger, 2015). As the patient goes to checkout, make sure it is a clear understanding of the next steps, and supply any further instructions in writing. Consequently, checking out will require a signature from the patient, confirming that the visit is complete, which is also marked and stamped with the date and time the appointment concluded. THE MIAMI FLORIDA HEALTH SYSTEM 6 E-prescribing With the internal use of the internet in the Miami Florida health facilities, E-prescription will create a good relationship between the external and internal systems of healthcare. Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart Within the last year, Miami, Florida, has just recently adopted the method of utilizing E-prescribing (Florida Board of Medicine, 2020). Authorized physicians’ login to the patient’s EHR to confirm their identity for verification. With computerization, the patient’s information gets reviewed. Then the physician selects the medications needed and electronically submits the script. Authorizations get produced with a digital signature, and the data is transferred electronically to a participating pharmacy (Moini, 2014). Once the prescription gets retrieved by the pharmacy, it should be available to print and receive all details. There is a workflow diagram for eprescription elaborated by the chart below. THE MIAMI FLORIDA HEALTH SYSTEM 6 Billing flow chart The billing process is essential for both the internal and external systems. The billing method follows a sequence of phases accomplished by billing professionals to ensure that medical providers get compensated for services provided. The determination of how long the process will take depends on the circumstances of the contents within the billing (MedicalbillersandCoders.com, 2020). Many health facilities, which also include those located in Miami, Florida, generate a mass amount of billing information. The information helps the patients to identify the value of the services provided. Once a patient/client visits, records are reviewed, and the type of services required gets determined in addition to the method of payment (Ornum, 2009). Once complete payments are processed, they are charted into the billing records to track any remaining balances that may be due. Waldorf Week MHA 599 6 Miami Florida Health Care Facility Organizational Chart While each process is different to some extent between medical offices, Miami Florida health facilities have an overall aspect of a medical billing workflow. THE MIAMI FLORIDA HEALTH SYSTEM 6 THE MIAMI FLORIDA HEALTH SYSTEM References Boonstra, A., Versluis, A., & Vos, J. F. (2014). Implementing electronic health records in hospitals: a systematic literature review. BMC health services research, 14, 370. https://doi.org/10.1186/1472-6963-14-370 Hunsberger, A. (2015). The Imperfect Checkout Process: 6 Steps to Enhance Patient Experience. Retrieved from http://meetings.hayesmanagement.com/blog/the-imperfectcheckout-process-6-steps-to-enhance-patient-experience MedicalbillersandCoders.com. (2020). Hospital Billing. Retrieved from https://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/hospital-billing.aspx Moini, J. (2014). Law and ethics for pharmacy technicians. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning. Ornum, V. M. (2009). Electronic prescribing: A safety and implementation guide. Jones & Bartlett Publishers. 6 … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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Discussion: Health Care Facility Organizational Chart
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