[ORDER SOLUTION] Philosophical Trading

800 words essay about philosophical trading

Aug 21st, 2021


[ORDER SOLUTION] International Business Plan

International Business Plan – IMPORT Term Project Submit: a) PowerPoint Presentation (at least 10 slides) and b) 4 page typed paper ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1 -Introduction: · Describe your a) company, b) project plan, c) position (title) in the company, etc. Make up a company name; do not use the name of an existing company. 2 – Product Description: · List specific details about your product: i.e., color, size, components that it is made from, etc. · Submit a visual representation of your product · Advise on a) the volume (quantity) that you will import and b) cost from supplier · Provide the product’s a) HTSUS and b) Import Duty Rate · Describe the U.S. requirements/restrictions (if any) on importing the product from your selected country. 3 – Country of Product’s Manufacture: · Provide information about why you decided to import from that country: i.e., inexpensive labor, special U.S. duty rates for your specific product, etc. · Describe the a) political, b) economic and c) cultural aspects of the country 4 – Customer/target market Description: · Briefly list their a) demographics and b) psychographics · Briefly discuss your Advertising/Marketing Plans to capture this market 5 – Selected Customs Broker: · Summarize their history · Amount of years in business · Their specialization (i.e., if you’re importing footwear, don’t select a broker who specializes in food) · Number of employees, etc. · What is the approximate cost you expect them to charge you? 6 – Selected Freight Forwarder: · Summarize their history: i.e., a) amount of years in business, b) specialization, c) number of employees, etc. · What is the approximate cost you expect them to charge you? 7 – Creation of Import Documentation: · a) Commercial Invoice and b) Import Entry 8 – Profit: · Discuss how much profit do you expect to make: (i.e., cost from supplier x quantity x U.S. duty rate + FF cost of transportation + Customs Broker cost to clear your goods + marketing expenses – your sales price = estimated profit) 9 – Conclusion: · Recap of your Business Plan, highlighting the main issues

Aug 12th, 2021


[Get Solution] Trade Barriers

Cordell Hull, former US Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize winner, once argued that “unhampered trade dovetails with peace; high tariffs, trade barriers, and unfair competition with war”. please explain what Mr Hull meant by this statement and argue, using past and present examples, whether you think he was right, wrong, or somewhere in between – and why you believe this to be the case. Kindly understand the question, effectively make your argument, and clearly and logically construct the essay and marshal your evidence

Jul 18th, 2021


[Get Solution] Philosophical Trading

800 words essay about philosophical trading

Jul 15th, 2021


Distech controls (ECB-VAV) | Get Solution Now

Just needs to be an informational paper on Distech controls specifically there ECB-VAV device. A link to the page of the before mentioned device is included:

Jun 21st, 2021


Global Trade Economics Problems | Get Solution Now

Answer all four questions below. Answers should be supported by clear, thorough reasoning. You can consult any other resources about your answers. Domestic Redistribution and Factor Proportion Model 1. What does the Hecksher-Ohlin/Stolper-Samuelson model demonstrate (who gains, who loses) and what are the shortcomings of the model (what does it fail to capture about reality)? 2. Answer the same question for the specific factors model. Policy Distortions 1. What are the assumptions for an optimal subsidy? If these assumptions are met, why is a subsidy superior to a tariff? 2. Explain one of the market failures that quotas can lead to under perfect competition? Imperfect competition? (Make sure you explain why/how these market failures arise)

Jun 6th, 2021


Global Trade Economics Problems

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Apr 3rd, 2021

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