[SOLVED] Factors Influencing Luxury Travel

Choosing a specific type of Luxury Travel as your example, you are required to undertake an in-depth analysis of ONE sociological or situational factor and ONE psychological or individual factor that influences the decision by consumers to purchase this type of Travel.

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[SOLVED] COVID-19 Affect Special Interest Tourism


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[SOLVED] Power of Branding in Hospitality

The purpose of this project is to capture your key learnings from the exceptional list of guest speakers who are working with our class this semester.  You are required to reflect on the key learnings gained from the guest speakers, and to link these learnings to the academic theory we have discussed in class and the academic theory that you have learned about from your textbook readings.  The final paper should be 4-5 pages single-spaced.  The entire paper is worth 15%.  In the final paper, you will be evaluated on the overall quality of the reflection (content), originality, and connection to the theory, and professional presentation (spelling and grammar, references). Please use APA style for references only so we had three guest speakers.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethpizzinato/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-worden-ab17592/ and Kimberly Faith, I will post her bio in the files section, please research them well and identify potential things you can learn from them. and to link the stuff we learned from the guests speaker I will post what our course is about and I will post 2 slides so you can get an idea of our basic materials  The Power of Branding in Hosp/Tourism  This course discusses the marketing, operations management, and value creation aspects of branding. Case studies of a hotel, restaurant, and destination brands will help students understand how branding theory can be applied in practice. The concepts of branding, brand equity, and quantifiable advantages of brand power are examined from consumer and corporate perspectives. Brand distribution in the hospitality industry through franchising and management contracts will be discussed as well.

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[SOLVED] Tourism Entrepreneurship

What is a new entry, and why is it important to have an entrepreneurial strategy (minimum of three paragraphs)? What is a trend and what were two current trends occurring in the tourism and hospitality industry prior to the virus (minimum of three paragraphs and a current trend is within the past two years)? Choose one from either a breakthrough, technological, or ordinary innovation. Explain what is the type of innovation you chose and how it can be applied to a tourism or hospitality business (a minimum of two paragraphs). You are having a difficult time thinking of a business to start in the tourism and hospitality industry.  Explain how you can use a creative problem-solving method that was discussed this semester to help you create your business concept (minimum of two paragraphs). Length: Stated at the end of each question

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[SOLVED] Differences between Forbes, AAA and Canada Select Rating Systems

In 750 words (or less), explain the differences between Forbes, AAA and Canada Select rating systems for Canadian Hotels.

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[SOLVED] Visitor Report

A review of how 3 tourism organizations/ enterprises (considered best practice) design and deliver the experiences obtained by their guests. Your review is based on two frameworks covered this semester that explore the design principles involved in creating memorable moments and experiences. These frameworks are: –   –       Heath and Heath’s (2017) moments of Elevation and      -Pine and Gilmour’s (2011) design principles for creating cohesive experiences.

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[SOLVED] Trends in Tourism

Write a report on a current Trend in Tourism. If you used a trend in tourism for your Article Review, you may not use the same article. There is an abundance of information on this topic, from domestic tourism to international tourism and with the Covid-19 pandemic, even more information has been published. Include the information from your course book and information shared from the guest speakers in your report. Show me you read the material and can apply it to this topic. Your report should be: 500 and no more than 1000 words, not including the Reference page. the should be your own writing, so minimize the use of directly quoting another source. minimum of 2 references (course book can be 1 reference) APA style for referencing (in-text as well as in a reference page)

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[SOLVED] Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.

Please make note of changes to the Final Dark Site Profile Essay as it was originally presented on the syllabus. This proposal is to begin the process of developing the final essay. The purpose of a 200-level class is to provide an introduction or foundation to students on concepts that ought to be expanded on later in a curriculum, and is heavily dependent on students and their instructor framing that connection. The aim of this final submission is to focus on an example of dark tourism: 1) provide an analysis of its context to a socio-political reality. This analysis should also 2) consider the historical background of that dark destination site or dark tourism behaviour. Lastly, the profile should also, 3) consider the evidence of dilemmas or possibilities of hope in the continued management of the site and the presence of the behaviour. During finals week, each student will draft a 2500 word-essay (not including cover page, references, or quotes). APA 7th Edition is the standard format. This final essay analysis will incorporate (at least, one) primary source, (at least, seven) scholarly sources, and (at least, two) additional web-based sources (news, reports, and blogs), and should also use the frame set by the course, course content, and readings.

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[SOLVED] Placement Project 

I am on my final year and instead of a Diss i need to write a Placement Project! It will be a around 8k words and a mix for lit reviews and others including some of my writing i will send inn, as some of the info is from my work/ placement year. It is mostly the academic work and writing i need help with as i am pretty bad at this part! I would like to work close with you and send doc back and forth to get the best outcome

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[SOLVED] Media Studies

Draw from Campbell’s “Evolution of Mass Communication” (2017), Nash’s Wilderness & The American Mind (2014), Urry & Larsen’s The Tourist Gaze 3.0 (2011), “#Vanlife” (2017) and “Recreating Wilderness 2.0” (2016) to answer this question:How has the evolution in media technology changed humans’ imagination of, and interaction with, the Wild? What is the resulting impact on the Wild? Trace the changes from premodern  (Links to an external site.)times, to modern and postmodern  (Links to an external site.)times***The first hyperlink inserted above (a Youtube lecture) gives you a quick and dirty breakdown of the differences between premodern, modern, and postmodern times; the second hyperlink (aPurdue University course webpage) gives a helpful timeline of the evolution from premodern/oral society to modern/print and postmodern/electronic-digital timesBy “media technology,” I am mainly referring to communication technology (e.g. organic/interpersonal/mass/digital media or logistical/recording/transmission media), but you could also define it broadly to include production technology (e.g. hunting/herding/farming/industrial production methods) and transportation technology (e.g. walks/trains/ships/cars/planes), both of which has communicative and structuring functions.Please define the concept of “the Wild.” Is it a noun, an adjective, or both? Is it a place, an animal, a quality, an idea, or a mindset?Evoke as many key concepts and arguments from the readings as you can. Add page numbers to where the quotes come from.Draw as many connections and comparisons between the readings as you can.Create a personalized title, a unique thesis, and organize the essay in the most intriguing and insightful way you can. Be creative.

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