[SOLUTION] Community Action and Social Change

complete a 2- page paper on experiences and motivations for community action and social change to include readings of the 3 articlesReflections on Community Action and Social Change  paper (use 3 articles in this assignment and:    includeWhy do I care about community action and social change?What are some of your experiences engaging in activities of community action and social change?What are some of your influences (people, experiences, communities, ideology, etc) that shape my motivations?What core values do you hold that influence how I engage with community action and social change?What do you think you can contribute to the class?What do you hope to learn?

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Smart Homes

Research the topic. Write a one page paper (double spaced) offering a summary of the research and how you feel this could impact your future career in nursing. Please make sure you CITE YOUR SOURCE(S). Sbj: Smart HomesOn a seprate page please watch and seperate these question and answer it with 100 to 150 words.Question 1:tedTalk Discussion: https://www.ted.com/talks/clay_shirky_how_the_internet_will_one_day_transform_government No unread replies.No replies.How does censorship impact you?  If it does not, think of who censorship might impact and what the would look like.question twoTedTalk Discussion: https://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_single_story?referrer=playlist-talks_for_the_thoughtful_traveNo unread replies.No replies.How can we apply the ideas shared here?  How could situations like this be changed with technology? Question 3 Discussion: advances in telecommunications. Explain how advances in technology have impacted telecommunications.

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[SOLUTION] Social Institutions

What roles do social institutions play in your life? In society as a whole? For this assignment, you will evaluate each of the three sociological perspectives (functionalist, conflict, and symbolic interactionism) on social institutions.To prepare for this Rough Draft Essay Worksheet:•    Read the articles and complete the Interactive Units referenced above.•    Review the three major theoretical perspectives: functionalist, conflict, and interactionist.•    Review social institutions and select a specific social institution to analyze.https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/social-institutions•    Reflect on your relationship to social institutions and how that might affect your perspective on them.•    Review the Final Essay requirements and rubric, as this Worksheet is designed to help you better understand the three sociological perspectives and social institutions, and to help you organize your thoughts forand writing for the Final Essay assignmentdue in Week 6.The Assignment:•    Download the Rough Draft Essay Worksheet document listed in the Required Media for this assignment.•    Consider the 4 prompts presented in the black boxes of the Rough Draft Essay Worksheet document and respond to them in the white boxes immediately following each prompt. Note that you should present your responses in paragraph form as complete sentences, and each of your responses should be approximately 2 paragraphs in length.•    Keep in mind that this Worksheet will help to shape the Final Essay that you will write at the end of the course.

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[SOLUTION] The Discovery of the Asylum

After reading the assigned readings posted on Blackboard under Topic 1, answer the questions below.  To receive the full 50 points, your response must be a minimum of three but no more than five pages, double-spaced, numbered, using a 12 point font, and one inch margins.  Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in a one-letter grade deduction per infraction.  The total page count does not include your name, the reiterating of the question, nor the reference page.  This paper must follow the APA (American Psychological Associations, fifth edition) format, and it must not exceed five pages, written text. You must place you name either on a separate title page or on the top left hand corner of the paper.  In addition you must include a reference page and cite (where appropriate) within the text.  What were the reasons that Americans in the Jacksonian era constructed and maintained correctional institutions to confine the deviant members of the community?  What were the two major models used and what were they expected to accomplish?  How was this different from the colonial period? By the end of the Jacksonian area, how did the reformers deviate from their original plan? (3-5 pages).

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[SOLUTION] Categorical Imperative or with Utilitarianism

You are the ethics advisor to the sheriff of a small town in the 1960s, which is experiencing extreme racial unrest. There is a murder of the civil rights leader, who did not advocate violence. You know that there will be many riots, and many innocent people, including children and elderly, will be killed, if the murderer is not found today. Furthermore, you know that the actual murderer is gone, and will never kill again, but you cannot prove this, and you cannot catch him (let us ignore for now how you can know this).A homeless person wanders into town that day. He has no family, no friends, no job, and no connections.  You know that if the homeless man is framed for the crime, and he is immediately tried and executed, you can subvert the riots, and guarantee peace in the town. If you don’t, then you know that there will be riots, and many innocent people will die. These are your only two options, and you must act today.what would you advise that the sheriff do, and why? Is your decision consistent with the Categorical Imperative, or with Utilitarianism? Develop your answer as a defense of your choice, but also as a defense of one or the other of these moral theories.

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[SOLUTION] Understanding Children’s Thinking

Conceptual Change Interview Assignment: Understanding Children’s Thinking (15 pts)In this assignment you will interview two children or one child and one adult about a specific science concept.Chose a science concept that will be the focus of your interviews. This concept should be broad enough that you will be able to probe students understanding of various aspects of the concept. Describe the concept and the current scientific explanation of the concept (3 pts).Find two articles or websites on students’ conceptions (including common misconceptions or alternative conceptions) of that concept. Summarize what the research shows about common student difficulties with understanding that science concept. Include the age ranges for which the common misconceptions were identified (if provided). In some cases these misconceptions are common even into adulthood; in other cases they are common among younger students only.  Cite the sources that you used for this review (2 pts).List at least 5 interview questions that you will use to assess understanding of the concept. Include a description of any props that you will use or tasks that you will have your interviewees complete during the interview. Describe why you chose to ask these questions (3 pts).Conduct the interviews and summarize what you learned about their understanding (4 pts). What did you find surprising? How did your findings relate to what you had read about the research on students understandings of this concept?Reflect on the success of your interview questions. Did they elicit the kind of information you were looking for? Suggest how you might change or add additional questions (3 pts).Please turn in a 2 page double-spaced report.

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[SOLUTION] Racial Discrimination Against the Afro-Americans and Federal Policy

Select federal policy from Congress.gov that targets the form of oppression and discrimination with Afro-americans….Competency 5: Engage in Policy Practice.A: Identify social policy at the local, state, and federal level that impacts well-being, service delivery, and access to social service.Related Assignment Criteria:1. Describe the purpose of a currently enacted federal policy that addresses the social justice problem for a chosen population, using scholarly literature for support.3. Describe how the policy connects to the chosen social justice problem, using scholarly literature for support.4. Describe the historical issues and context that led to the creation of the social problem and policy development, including details about voting outcomes and legislative leaders, usingscholarly literature for support.Competency 5: Engage in Policy Practice.B: Assess how social welfare and economic policies impact the delivery of and access to social servicesRelated Assignment Criteria:2. Describe the programs and services provided through the policy, using scholarly literature for support.5. Describe the impact of the historical influences on the implementation of the policy, using scholarly literature for support.To complete this assignment, select a federal policy from Congress.gov that targets the form of oppression and discrimination you described in Unit 2 (for example, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Veterans Millennium Healthcare Act, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Adoption and Safe Families Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Temporary Aid to Needy Families Act, or Social Security Act). Then, complete the following:Describe the policy you have chosen and its connection to the social justice problem that was the focus of the previous assignment. This policy must be enacted—in other words, it must be passed legislation.Describe the purpose of this policy.Describe the programs and services that are provided through the policy.Connect the policy to the social justice problem you selected by giving a brief description of the problem. Is it a new problem, something that has recently arisen, or an old problem that never got resolved?Describe the historical issues and context that lead to the creation of the social problem and policy development.Include information about the voting outcomes for the policy and the legislative leaders who influenced the policy historically and in the present.Include the impact of these historical features have had on the policy’s implementation.GuidelinesUse scholarly, peer-reviewed literature to support your claimsAdditional RequirementsThe assignment you submit is expected to meet the following requirements:Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting standards.Cited resources: Minimum of five scholarly sources. All literature cited should be current, with publication dates within the past five years.Length of paper: Four to six double-spaced, typed pages.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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[SOLUTION] Self and Personal Agency

Students will compose an essay that presents an arguable position about an issue regarding the self and personal agency, as they are interpreted in global contexts (DSS 200.3). The goal of a position paper is to convince the audience that the argument/position presented is valid and worth listening to. This is an academic, formal essay written to an academic audience. The essay will be formatted as in APA style as a “student paper” in Calibri 11 font, with a minimum of 3 academic sources.This paper should begin with an introduction where the student clearly lays out a position of their choice.  This introduction should:get the reader attention with a hookinclude a thesis that unambiguously picks a sidepreview the main points in support of the claim of the thesisNext, the paper should have two or three reasons (supported by evidence, emotion or logic) that the claim of the paper is correct.Following this support, the paper must lay out a brief counter proposal with an explanation of its reasoning: (for example: “some people may claim X because…”).  After presenting this counter-position, the paper must show why this alternative view is incorrect.Finally, the paper should conclude withReiterating the main points of the paper (including the defeated counter argument)Restating the thesisConcluding with a memorable final thought.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Constitutional Right on a Public Posting

1)Does Facebook have the constitutional right to deny someone from posting information on a public forum if it is not obscene?2)Who gets to decide if a claim is actually fraudulent?  What if a scientist has made a discovery, that is unknown to other scientists, that reduces the symptoms of the virus?  Should Facebook have the right to deny publication because the treatment has not been publicized?3)Obviously, Facebook has the right to deny publication of information that is obscene or dangerous.  What are some other reasons that would give Facebook the right to refuse to publish information?

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Discuss the role you think religion has played — and continues to play — in the American South?

Discuss the role you think religion has played — and continues to play — in the American South?Note:Add another reference totaling 4References:Cobb, James C. 2007. Away Down South: A History of Southern Identity. Oxford: Oxford University Press.Frank, Andrew K. & Malcolm Swanston. 1999. The Routledge Historical Atlas of the American South. New York: Routledge.Harvey, Paul. 2016.  Christianity and Race in the American South. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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