Health and Human Performance

Self-Evaluation Paper : (30 points)Students will complete a self-­?evaluation to be turned in at the end of the semester, refer to course schedule for due date. Students will upload their Self Evaluation through the Assignment tab in Blackboard Learn. Late self-evaluations will not be accepted!Please note late self-­?evaluations will not be accepted. Instructions: You will need to answer the three following questions honestly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. The self-­?evaluation must be typed, double-­?spaced, 10-­?12” font, with a 1” margin and 3-­?4 pages in length. Begin with an opening statement, write your content in a clear, succinct manner, and end with a concluding statement.1. Describe the major learning events related to course content/information you learned in this class.2. Identify a career path in Health and Human Performance that you are most interested in at this point in your education. Specifically, what is your background in this career-path and what are your future goals.3. What could you have done yourself to improve your efforts/learning during this semester for this class?

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Honors Forensic Science

Honors Forensic ScienceNameHair Analysis for Heavy MetalsGeneral BackgroundDetection of Heavy Metals in Hair SamplesHeavy metal toxins such as arsenic and thallium commonly enters the body through ingestion. These toxins pass through the stomach and are absorbed by the blood stream. Once in the bloodstream, the toxins travel to all parts of the body. Heavy metals have a high affinity to bind to the amino acid cysteineFigure 1: Cysteine, an essential amino acid.Keratin, the major structural protein in hair, contains many cysteine molecules, and therefore, is one of the main accumulation sites of these heavy metals.Image result for keratinFigure 2: Keratin, the major structural protein in hair.In simpler terms, heavy metal toxins like arsenic and thallium are “trapped” inside the keratin inside the strands of hair. Therefore, hair analysis is a great way to determine the presence of heavy metals in a person’s system.Image result for contamination in hair strandsFigure 3: Toxins trapped in the bloodstream are carried to the scalp. When at the scalp, the toxins are bound to the keratin, through the composite cysteine molecules, which makes up the structural integrity of a strand of hair. As the hair follicle grows, the trapped toxins are suspended in the individual strand of hair where they can then be detected through forensic toxicology analysis.Hair grows at approximately 1.3 cm /month . Hair keratin that is produced today will not protrude through the scalp for one week. This indicates that if a hair sample tests positive for toxins directly at root, the exposure occurred just one week prior. If the presence of heavy metal toxin does not appear until 1 inch away from the scalp, the exposure occurred 2 months prior, and so on.How to Analyze a Hair Sample1. A hair sample is collected for analysis. Approximately 1 gram of hair is needed for analysis (this is about 2000-5000 strands of hair!). Hair found at the back of the head offers the best results for analysis. Why do you think the hair found here offers the best results? (take your best guess)2. In the lab, the individual strands of hair are split and analyzed under a microscope. The microscopic analysis ensures there is a contaminant present in the hair and is in need of further elemental testing.3. The overall chemical makeup of the hair is then identified using mass-spectrometry to determine the elemental analysis inside of the strands of hair.ProcedureUsing the patient’s symptoms and the chemical makeup of the toxic metals found in a hair sample, it is up to you to determine how the patient died.A male, aged 40, went to the hospital complaining of abdominal pains and muscle cramps, accompanied by overwhelming nausea and vomiting. While at the hospital, his health began to decline rapidly. His hands began to turn brown and scaly and his fingers and toes felt like they were always on fire. After a couple days, his body shut down resulting in a coma after he fell into cardiac arrest. The blood supply to his brain eventually stopped and his family decided that it was time to pull the plug.The hospital toxicologist knew they needed to perform an autopsy to determine that exact cause of death, although he already had an idea in mind. The toxicologist has suspicions that the patient was poisoned and sent samples of the patient’s hair to the lab for analysis.Below are the results the lab determined to in the chemical makeup of the patient’s hair sample:Lab Questions1. What major symptoms did the patient exhibit that made the toxicologist believe the patient was suffering from a poisoning?2. The reference interval is the maximum amount of heavy metal exposure a person can have in their system before symptoms of acute poisonings begin to appear. Analyze the table above and indicate which heavy metal toxins are above the maximum in the patient’s system (there is more than 1).3. Of the heavy metal toxins found in the patient’s system, what heavy metal toxin do you believe is the reason for the death of the patient? Why?After the patient passed away from the poisoning, the forensics team began their search to figure out the cause of the poisoning. Was it an accidental exposure? Was it deliberately done? The forensics team traced the patient’s whereabouts in the weeks leading up to the onset of the symptoms of a poisoning to determine the cause. The patient was an employee for the World Health Organization. At his job, he was responsible for traveling to different communities and gathering water samples for routine analysis to ensure the water quality was within quality range. At one particular site, the quality of water appeared to be contaminated with heavy metals that were well above standard amounts. A new drilling project recently began very close to the water source resulting in a runoff of the metals naturally found in the soil. The patient accidentally fell into this water source while collecting his routine analysis samples, ingesting some of the water.4. How did the patient get high levels of toxins into his system resulting in his death? Was the poisoning an accident or did someone deliberately try to poison him?

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Muscular System Disorder

in an 800 word essay, discuss one muscular system disorder and it’s effect on the muscular system12pt font double spaced apa format

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Economics and Political Power

Find a NEWS article that addresses an issue in immigration. (A news article is an article from a media source like a newspaper or magazine tsuch as the New York Times, FOX, The Washington Post, VICE, etc. that addresses a current event. It does not include sources like Wikipedia, eHow, dictionaries, academic journals, or other information websites.)Write a 300 word essay that answers the following questions:What are economics and political power, and how are they related?What is the nation-state and who decides who belongs?How do economics and politics impact the immigration issue you found in the article? What would be a better solution to the issue?Discuss with details and tie the findings in the article to what you learned.Your essay should be:A total of 300 words or more.Use factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites.Original work and will be checked for plagiarism.Cite your sources – type references according to the APA Style Guide.Essays without proper citations and/or large portions copied from other sources will receive a zero.

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Carbon and Hydrogen

Hydrocarbons refer to any elements or compounds that contain the elements hydrogen and carbon. Therefore hydrocarbon waste is any remaining and discarded items that have the two aspects of carbon and hydrogen. Hydrocarbon waste is a byproduct of petroleum and fossil fuels. Despite being a challenge, countries and engineers worldwide are trying to come up with solutions for dealing with such waste. According to [1], a group of chemical engineers at Rowan University have developed a process of optimal pipe flushing, thus reducing the end product of petroleum. The new technology aims at cleaning and flushing pipes in an optimal way to reduce the amount of hydrocarbon waste.As an analogy the idea behind the flushing and cleaning of pipes resembles that of flushing a toilet. To flush the pipes, a person needs to push a lever near the tank of water lifting the flush valve. The valve then releases water into the tubes hence cleaning them. There should be proper pressure, temperature and flow conditions to allow water to push the oil and petroleum end products out of the pipes. However, the oil and petroleum products have to be heated to make it easy to flush them out of the pipes.An extension of this flushing process system has been used for human flushing waste in toilet bowls. The flush toilet system flushes out feces and urine of human beings on the toilet bowl through a pipe separating waste and humans. The waste is flushed by water released through high pressure from a water tank which is part of the toilet system. For example, a standard toilet contains a tank fixed at the top of the toilet bowl, which includes a fixed amount of water, usually 3 to 6 liters. The tank has two devices; one allows the water to be released into the toilet bowl, while the other provides water to enter the tank.

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Mental Health Nursing

Family mental health nursing.1) Annotated bibliography related to family mental health nursing.The student will search literature for current research related to family mental health nursing. The student will create an annotated bibliography of a minimum of five research articles. The student will create a summary paragraph listing and describing the family nursing approaches/interventions/actions that are supported by the findings described in the annotated bibliography.Below are several reputable websites that explain how to prepare an annotated bibliography. annotated bibliography includes a brief summary of the research article and an evaluation of the relevance of the research for nursing. The bibliography should use the APA citation style

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Safety Fundamentals

Paper assignment 1 Need it within 4 hoursCollective bargaining has several advantages over the legislation such as flexibility, and ability to be adapted to local problems. How we could use it for achieving improvements in OHS.Word count: 150-250words• Use any referencing style consistently• Avoid plagiarism• Submit as Word document file• Deadline: 3/April/2021with References

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Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining has several advantages over the legislation such as flexibility, and ability to be adapted to local problems. How we could use it for achieving improvements in OHSWord count: 150-250words• Use any referencing style consistently• Avoid plagiarism• Submit as Word document file• Deadline: 3/April/2021with References

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A Systemic Racism

Women’s health with race componentWrite first draft of reproductive healthGrading Rubric for Research Paper – First Draft1. Introduction/3Overview of topic and culture Some background informationThesis is clearly and concisely stated2. Content/15Description of why topic is a systemic racism issue (or a women’s issue) Description of why topic is a social justice issuDescription of population and its culture, including how the culture impacts or is impacted by the issueBoth sides of an argument are initially consideredThesis is supported by thoughtful and organized arguments Arguments are well-supported with evidenceDiscussion of actions taken and proposed3. Conclusion/2Summarizes the content of the paperStates concisely what was learned from the research4. Scholarly Writing/5Paper has a title page and a reference page in APA style. APA style is used consistently throughout paper.Paper is clearly written and flows well with correct grammar and spellingPaper contains four sources of evidence, two of which come from scholarly sources.All sources of evidence are authoritative, relevant to the topic, and paraphrased, using minimal direct quotes

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Hydrogen and Helium

It’s possible for both hydrogen and helium reactions to occur simultaneously in the same star

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