Theoretical Bases

Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics reminds readers that applying ideas (theories) to actual situations is the necessary and challenging step after establishing theoretical bases. Discuss the crucial relationship between ethical theory and moral practice, considering the claim that good ideas are “valuable because they allow us to do thing well. Any good theory will be a useful tool in the laboratory of life” (Wilkens, 2011, p. 217).

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Temperature Management

Systematic review more than not less than 20 pages.Targeted Temperature Management: Post Cardiac arrestAIM: to determine the influence of targeted temperature management in post cardiac arrest ICU patientsOBJECTIVES:· To evaluate the neurological outcome of targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest.· To assess the effect of targeted temperature management on survival post cardiac arrest· To determine the adverse effects related to targeted temperature management post cardiac arrest

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Importance of Water Conservation

Importance of Water ConservationOur Earth is about 71% water. Of that percentage, 97% is salt water and 2.5% is freshwater. Because we cannot increase the amount of freshwater, it is important that we conserve as much as we can.Conserving water is something we should all strive to do on a daily basis. The process of taking salt out of water is very expensive and is not a common practice. Because of this, weneed to save as much freshwater as we can so there is enough for future generations.Part #4: Answer the following questions.1. Why does each video remove salt water from the drinking water equation?2. Where is most of the worlds fresh water used for?3. Where is most of the worlds fresh water stored?4. Why is most of the worlds ground water not available for use?5. Where is Earth surface water mostly located?6. How much fresh water is found on Earth?7. Where does Los Angels get most of its fresh water?8. Where do you use the most water in your daily e life?9. What are a few ways that you can reduce your water requirement?10. What did you find most interesting from this lesson?

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Renal and Urologic Systems

Renal and Urologic SystemsCystitisapprox 20 minMs. Vance, age 28 years, has noticed urgency, frequency, and dysuria recently, as well as an unusual odor to the urine. Urinalysis indicated a heavy concentration of Escherichia coli in the urine, some pus, and WBCs. Ms. T was prescribed antibiotics, which she took for the first few days. This seemed to give her relief, but she then stopped taking the medication. Within a few days, the symptoms returned, but she decided to “just live with it.”Question 1Explain why women are predisposed to cystitis.Answers may vary.Question 2What preventive measures are important in reducing recurrence?Answers may vary.Question 3Discuss other signs and symptoms that may indicate cystitis.Answers may vary.Question 4What potential problems may she experience if she does not adhere to the treatment prescribed?

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Bioecological Theory

Consider early childhood interventions such as Head Start from the perspective of bioecological theory. Identify factors at the microsystem, mesosystem, and exosystem that programs may address to promote children’s development. Provide examples related to 2 of the systems listed.

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Foodservice Program

Assignment 2: Menu Planning (Download instructions)Course Outcome addressed in this activity:NS313-2: Analyze principles of menu planning and food production to satisfy recommended nutritional requirements in a foodservice program.You are the manger for a foodservice establishment. Consider your establishment and clientele.Using the menu planning principles from chapter 5 of the course textbook, design an original lunch menu that is static and selective. The menu should be one full page and have at least 7 items, but no more than 15 items.On a separate page, analyze your menu with respect to your organization’s presumed goals, your clientele’s sociocultural influences, and any nutritional requirements to consider. Finally, comment on the production and service capabilities you would probably need. Your analysis should be at least 500 words

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The Diversity Of Life

Title of Essay: Evolution and Diversity of Life1. I need a 5 paragraph essay2. no specific amount of words needed.

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Population Cycle

Essay questions. Choose and answer two (2) questions from below. Clearly indicate the numbers of the questions you are answering. If the wrong number is indicated, points could be deducted. If more than two questions are answered, only the first two will be graded. Be careful about providing citation(s) where asked. (30 pts. each)9. List and explain all the main drivers of evolution. Which one(s) lead(s) to adaptive evolution?10.List and explain the major models for intersexual selection, including the initial proponent of each model. Describe one example from a peer-reviewed study. Give the citation by including the URL of the article.11.Explain what a population cycle is and what are some of the potential causes of it. Describe one example from a peer-reviewed study. Give the citation by including the URL of the article.12.Explain the optimal foraging theory, including all the factors involved in its prediction. Give an example of this from a peer-reviewed study. Give the citation by including the URL of the article.13.Explain what a metapopulation is and how its dynamics are predicted. Describe one example from a peer-reviewed study. Give the citation by including the URL of the article

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Electricity Consumption

Electricity consumption is a large fraction of our overall energy use. Electricity is generated using both fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. In this assignment, you’ll review the basics of electricity, some energy sources, and examine electricity flow and efficiency. [40 points total]Conceptual and quantitative problems. You will only receive credit if you show all your work and write legibly.I. Electricity Basics1. ___________ is the capacity is to do work. ________________ is the rate at which work is done. [1 pt]2. A circuit includes a 9 V battery and a copper wire of a given length and diameter. You measure the current in the wire to be 1.5 Amperes.a. What is the resistance of the wire? Your answer should be in Ohms. [1.5 pts]b. With this battery and wire, how much power can be provided? Report your answer in Watts. [1 pt]c. What changes could you make to the wire to increase the power? [2 pts]d. If you half the resistance of the wire, what is the power output? [1.5 pts]e. If you double the voltage of the battery, what is the power output? [1.5 pts]3. You have been using a 75W traditional incandescent light bulb in your desk lamp. However, you have learned about LED light bulbs and decided to replace your inefficient light bulb with a 12W LED that provides the same amount of light.a. Assuming that you are using your lamp for 5 hours per day and the electricity rate is 15 cents per kilowatt-hour, what is your annual energy cost savings? [2 pt)b. The incandescent bulb cost about $0.75, and the LED bulb cost about $6.00. Based on the energy savings, does the LED bulb save you money in the long run? For more information, visit: [1 pt]II. Electricity Generation and Transmission4. Although our small electronics like cell phones and flashlights use direct current, the electricity coming into our homes is alternating current. What is the advantage of transporting electricity on the large scale using AC instead of DC? [1 pt]a. Voltage can be stepped up or down using a transformer with A/C.b. More materials can be used as conductors with A/C.c. Less electrical energy is lost to heat with A/C.d. Ohm’s Law restricts D/C, but not A/C.5. At the large scale, electricity cannot be effectively stored with current technology (though the technology is improving In other words, the electricity generated and transmitted over the power lines needs to match the electricity that is being used. ISO New England is an organization that carefully predicts how much energy will be used in the New England power grid during every hour of every day. They then communicate with energy generating companies (nuclear, solar, gas-burning power plants, etc.) to supply the most economic electricity to the grid at a certain time. Visit the ISO New England website: What is the current actual demand (MW) and fuel mix (percentages)? [1 pt]b. Describe the daily pattern of system demand (i.e. what time of day is energy use high or low). [1 pt]c. At the top of the page, click on the “About Us” tab. Under “What We Do”, click on “Our Three Critical Roles,” click on “Grid Operation.” Scroll down and read the section “Forecasting New England’s Electricity Use.” What three factors largely determine the hourly demand for electricity? [1 pt]d. Read the section “Dispatching the Power System.” Why does ISO-NE take the pulse of the power grid every few seconds? [1 pt]e. Energy sources can be described as dispatchable (can provide electricity on demand, can be turned on or off relatively quickly) or non-dispatchable or intermittent (timing and/or amount of electricity generation cannot be controlled by operators). What are the challenges in using non-dispatchable sources (such as solar or wind) to provide all of the needed electricity for the region? [1.5 pts]f. At the top of the page, click on the “About Us” tab again. Under “Key Grid and Market Stats,” click on “Electricity Use.” Scroll down to the graphs showing projected annual energy use with and without EE (energy and efficiency improvements) and PV (photovoltaics) savings. Which has a greater impact on energy use and summer peak demand? EE or PV? [1 pt]g. Read the report from ISO New England on air emissions from electricity generation: What are the top 6 factors that have contributed to a reduction in emissions from electricity generators? [2 pts]III. Energy Flow6. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory publishes flow charts for energy for multiple countries and states. Visit In 2019, the United States consumed __________ Quads of energy per year. Of this, _________ Quads is lost as rejected or waste energy. _________ Quads of the rejected energy comes from electricity generation. [1 pt]b. If the going rate for electricity is $0.15/kWh, what is the “cost” of the wasted energy from electricity? Report your answers in trillions of dollars. [1.5 pts]c. What is the fate of most of this “rejected energy?” Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so where does it go? [1 pt]7. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory published flow charts for both energy and carbon

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Old Testament Genres

$12 SummariesWith each word being worth 10 cents, write four $12 summaries of the reading from any four of the following chapters in Everyday Bible Study. Please note that this list includes chapters from last week’s reading from Everyday Bible Study.• 15. Observe: How to Make Accurate Observations • 16. How to Use Multiple Translations of the Bible • 17. How to Ask Key Questions • 28. Interpret: How to Find the Meaning of the Bible • 29. Correlate: How to Connect Scripture to Other Scriptures • 30. Correlate: How to See Jesus in the Bible • 31. Apply: How to Live Out What You Learn • 32. How to Study the Old Testament Genres, Part 1: Law • 33. How to Study the Old Testament Genres, Part 2: Narrative • 34. How to Study the Old Testament Genres, Part 3: Wisdom and Poetry • 35. How to Study the Old Testament Genres, Part 4: Prophetic LiteratureThis means that in this assignment you are developing four summaries of 120 words each (one for each of the four chapters you selected). You should aim to create four summaries where each summary is between 100-120 words. Each of your summaries should not exceed the 120-word or $12 limit. You must include at least one quote from Everyday Bible Study in this thread of four summaries. For an example of this type of thread, please see the provided example in the Course Content folder.Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday.

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