Roger’s impact on nursing

Roger’s Science of Unitary Human Beings — Rogers is the one that talks about the science and art of nursing.  The patient is more than just the sum of his or her parts – he is an individual impacted by his environment. To apply this to the critical care environment, a patient is more than a combination of lab values, diagnoses, and treatments.  The art of nursing is the realization that there is more to this patient.  The art of nursing means, as the nurse, I walk into my intubated and sedated patient’s room and speak to him.  I touch his arm gently and tell him what I am about to do, and how his environment is about to change, such as putting a blood pressure cuff on his arm; treating the patient as a human being with every action. Discussion: Consider what was happening in nursing in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the change from diploma programs to an associate degree program. Martha Rogers, a major theorist of this time, believed that nursing is a separate and essential discipline and unique field of study. She worked hard to establish nursing in higher education. In your post: Explain the importance of this shift and how it impacted nursing as a profession (think about the changes that took place because of this change – what did this do to the outlook and practice of nursing) Remember word counts and to use one outside source

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