Safe Drinking Water

Module 1. Introducing concepts of public health and safe drinking water) This activity marks the end of the first module in this topic. Before you move on, take time to ensure that you feel able to meet the first learning outcome ‘Describe public health issues relating to the supply of safe drinking water’. One acid test of whether you can meet this outcome is to · Think of someone you know well – could be a relative or close friend – who does not share your work-related interests · Tell them the key things that you have learned in this module 1 (summarise it down to 2 or 3 key points) · Ensure that they can understand what you have told them – do this by asking them questions

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Scholarly Response

The National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice (2016) notes that “… healthcare organizations need nurses capable of gathering and analyzing population-level data, promoting wellness and disease prevention in the community, adopting and disseminating best practices for population health, and identifying patients who may benefit from greater outreach efforts to promote health screening and related primary care services.” (p.5) Reflect on the statement above, key course concepts (SEE ATTACHED FOR THESE), and how the study of population health has (or has not) changed the way in which you view the role of nursing in advocating for and assuring the health of populations. 1.) What impacts might a population-focused approach have on your practice or community? (Write from a home hospice/home health RN’s perspective, as I already work within the community and advocate for the health of many populations. This course enriched the knowledge that I had and helped integrate many concepts and skills.) 2.) Where might advocacy as a nurse leader make the most difference to vulnerable populations?  PLEASE SEE RUBRIC ATTACHED FOR SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS NEEDED. Some, but not all scholarly articles are attached also. All must be 5 years or younger and scholarly! Must use APA 6th Edition formatting.

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[SOLVED] Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

For our final Discussion Board, we will discuss overcoming challenges in integrating qualitative and quantitative methods. Please identify at least 3 potential challenges to integration that you feel you may face in your mixed methods study and discuss how you plan to overcome these challenges. Please reference any of the 3 assigned readings from Week 9 in your response.Assigned readings are attached.

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[SOLVED] San Joaquin Valley (SJV)

Assignment 1: Introduction/Overview – Due 5/28**students will work individually or in pairs and select one county in the San Joaquin Valley (SJV) and one comparison county outside of the SJV.Pairs will write a 1–2-page overview of their selected counties that includes:PopulationDemographics (race/ethnicity, age, gender, etc.)Poverty/educationMajor industries

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[SOLVED] Natural Disasters

My Topic is FloodingWeek 4 Written Assignment – Annotated BibliographySpend time researching 10 references related to your selected topic that you can use in your final project. Create an APA formatted annotated bibliography of the 10 articles from your research.  Remember to alphabetize your annotations and format them in APA standard formatting.Each annotation should provide the following:1.    a brief summary of the main idea/concepts in the article.2.    an assessment of the article. How reliable is the source material? How does it compare with other similar sources? Does it have a clear goal?3.    a reflection of the article. How does this information fit into your research/your paper?

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[SOLVED] Behavior Change

Prepare a report of your behavior change program written like a scientific study with an introduction, methods, results, and discussion. oIntroduction: Include original, peer-reviewed sources and a thorough description of the theoretical foundation of your self-study. Include both the individual-level and interpersonal behavior change theories you chose in your previous assignments. Describe how those theories apply to your health goal. (1 –1 ½ pages)oMethods: Include briefly how you planned to change your behavior based on the theory described in the introduction, and how you evaluated your progress. (½ page)oResults: Describe the results of your intervention. Describe how the results might be different had you applied the interpersonal theory. Include your graph, table, or other visualization of the data you used to track your progress at the end of the paper. (1/2 –1 page)oDiscussion: Summarize and reflectupon your health intervention. What did this personal intervention tell you about the theory or how you applied it? What were some of the limitations/challenges you faced? What, if anything would you do differently next time? Next, move this individual intervention to the community-level. Imagine you are applying your intervention in a community. How would the socio-ecological framework and/or any of other community processes inform what you might do differently to make this intervention effective for a whole community? Discuss any cultural adaptations that should be considered. (1 –2 pages) •Your report should be a maximum of 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point readable font with 1-inch margins. APA style should be used for formatting. References, graphs, tables, and other visuals are not included in the 5-page limit. •20 pointsavailable for the final report.the heath behavior change that I use was The Health Belief Model is a theoretical example to direct efforts in the area of health promotion and disease prevention. It is used to understand and forecast changes in the actions of individuals. It is one of the most popular models of behavioral comprehension. My goal is to quit smoking Hookah, replacing smoking Hookah with nicotine replacement therapy product.  People will not change their health behaviors unless they believe that they are at risk. I feel I might be getting cancer in future because we have a cancer history family so, I used the health belief model to find the some kind of activity rather than smoking hookah.  My plan is by the end of the first week, I will decrease the number of hookah I am smoking from 5 per week to maximum of 2 or 3 per week. By the end of the second week, I will smoke 1 Hookah per week. For the first week I try to go running with my partner who help me to reduced smoking hookah, 20 minutes every day and going gym 3 times a week. For the second week I try to increase the time of running to 45 minutes and going gym with my partner who encourage me for running. Also, every time that I follow my plan and reduced smocking hookah by running I give my self protein shake as reward.

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[SOLVED] Malaria and Human Trafficking in Comoros

I need an abstract written for the paper I have attached. I want it to be 200 words and I want these two questions answered below in a separate paragraph. It should be 100. overall I would like between 300-350 words written it should be a page.If/how international agencies can help toward the solutions about malaria and human trafficking in comorosIf/how private industry can help with solutions about malaria and human trafficking.For references only use peer reviewed articles at least two

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[SOLVED] Hypertension in African American Community

What factors are associated with Hypertension (Diabetes)?How does Hypertension affect the African American community?Bibliography: Include a bibliography or works cited of all sources cited in the researchproposal.• Page Length: Your proposal should run between 10-15 pages not counting your works citedand any appendixes you might include.• The proposal is written in good English and has been spellchecked.• Formatting: APA Format, Times New Roman, Font size- 12 pts is used throughout themanuscript (including references and tables), the whole text is aligned left and ragged rightwith 1 inch margins on all sides, the whole text is double-spaced, and all pages arenumbered in the bottom center of the page. Your proposal cover page should include:o Your research titleo Your nameo Course Number/Name/Semestero Instructors’ name ando Due date.

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[SOLVED] Post-Disaster Recovery

Assignment: Post-Disaster Recovery what you learned about the complexity of working with clients in post-disaster recovery situations and some of the issues that they may experience as they move through the recovery process.  Consider the role of government agencies, environmental engineers, and non-government agencies in the resources and help that they may provide.  Use at least three professional or official agency sources to support your work. 

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[SOLVED] Genetic Screening

Cover page (topic listed in the Running Header)* Brief introduction (less than 1 page)* A minimum of two peer reviewed reference (Reference page)

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