Public Companies

Go to download the spread sheet for BEYOND MEAT (we won’t use this until the next question)Question:Watch the embedded video by Professor Damodaran (it is at the bottom of the web page). Identify a portion, for example a particular “minute into the 28-minute video” that reminds you of any topic in Ch 7 of our book. Explain what Damodaran said, and what you read. Be complete, NOT BRIEF AND SUPERFICIAL.Now, look at the BEYOND MEAT spreadsheet that you downloaded. Go to the sheet (tab) called STORIES TO NUMBERS. Relate this in some deep and serious way of your choice to Chapter 8-Financial Modeling. Be complete, NOT BRIEF AND SUPERFICIAL.Maximum number of characters (including HTML tags added by text editor): 32,00Think of a product you would be interested in developing, that can serve as the basis for a newventure. What are the critical assumptions on which venture success depends?a. Use the Internet to collect information on public companies that are comparable in some ways,such as from prospectuses and annual reports. Identify the information from these sources thatyou can use to help calibrate the critical assumptions in a financial model of your venture.b. Look up some sources of financial data for industries that are comparable, in some ways, to theone you are considering. Explain how the information from these sources can be used tocalibrate a financial model of the prospective venture.

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