[ORDER SOLUTION] Applied Behavior analysis Ethics

Research The New york stake state behavior analysis licensure requirements.  How do they align or differ from the Behavior analysis certification board (BACB) certification requirements.  Describe the process and what you will need to do to obtain licensure.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Attribution Errors

Wherever you go, you will be observing human behavior, and it is difficult not to make a judgment about people after observing how they behave. You might consider three people on a crowded bus to be kind if you see them give up their seats so a mother can sit down with her two young children. You might consider a grocery store employee to be rude if you asked him where to find the milk and he rolled his eyes and sighed heavily before directing you to its location. These two judgments would be logical—kind in the first case and rude in the second—because that is the type of people they appeared to be.

However, social psychologists are more concerned with the external social conditions that influence behavior. Maybe only one of the people on the bus acted kindly and the other two gave up their seats because they did not want to be perceived as unkind by others on the bus. Perhaps the grocery store employee is usually kind, but he behaved rudely because he has been told to work an extra shift at the last minute and it means he will likely miss a friend’s birthday party. If you attribute someone’s behavior to her or his personality, your judgment may underestimate the social conditions that influenced the behavior. When explaining the causes of someone’s behavior, underestimating or discounting the social situation results in what social psychologists call an attribution error.

For your assignment this week, you will look at a scenario and consider how the cause of a person’s behavior may be explained better by situational influences than one’s personality or internal disposition.

To Prepare
Review the Learning Resources for this week and consider how the causes of a person’s behavior may be explained by situational factors.
Consider the following scenario for this Assignment: Imagine that you have been summoned for jury duty in the United States. If you are selected to be on the jury, you will be hearing a rape case where a 23-year-old female alleges sexual assault. In order to select the jury (a process known by the Latin term voir dire), both the prosecutor and defense attorney question the jury pool to identify and dismiss for cause people who have strong opinions about the subject matter, who already know about the case, or who may be biased for or against either party to the trial. Attorneys may also dismiss members of the jury pool who they think will not be favorable to their case. These types of dismissals are called peremptory challenges and the attorneys have a limited number of them. During the process of jury selection, you notice the prosecutors are using their limited peremptory challenges to dismiss most of the young women from the jury pool. You find this peculiar, given that young women would seem to be most favorable to the prosecution’s case.
Submit 1–2 pages, not including title page and reference page:

Informed by social psychology theory, explain why the prosecutor was reluctant to seat young women on the jury. Please provide a detailed explanation for this seemingly odd behavior.
In addition to the Learning Resources, search the Walden Library and/or Internet for peer-reviewed articles to support your Assignment. Use proper APA format and citations, including those in the Learning Resources.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Issues in K-12 Education

In this Assignment, you want to answer questions such as: What themes can I identify? How does this information relate to the issue I am exploring? What information is most important, and why? What problem(s) related to the issue the authors address? What problems still need to be addressed?

Submit a 4- to 5-page literature review based on the four articles you collected. Be sure your literature review reflects the questions posed in the opening paragraphs of this Assignment.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] School Bus Hazardous Route Memo

Prepare a memo to your governing board explaining the implications of school bus hazardous route identification and propose an outline of a policy addressing this issue.
Your memorandum should include:
1. an introduction to the problem and importance of a hazardous route or condition identification policy and
2. an outline of a policy in bullet-point, narrative form that addresses:
-definition of fixed hazard and non-fixed hazard
-evaluation criteria applicable to each
-methodology and reporting protocol
-responsibility for decision-making.

Here are some references to use. Please feel free to use other related references if needed.



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[ORDER SOLUTION] Impact of Trauma on Child Development

i would like to discuss the emotional well-being and overall development of a child after experiencing trauma or a traumatic occurrence. What negative or positive affect did it have on their development. What affects does it have on them and how will they thrive in their environment. What intervention were used or can be used. Is recovery achievable or is this a lifelong process. Please include 4 references/work cited.

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Ethical Dilemas

Dr. Rudy, a psychology professor, has been teaching and supervising a graduate student, Tara, for about one year, since she began the Psychology doctoral program where he works. Tara is a bright and enthusiastic student, though at times she confides to Dr. Rudy that she has a lot of “personal issues” that sometimes get in the way of her graduate work, but she declines to give more detail than that.

In the classroom, Tara is usually an active and dedicated student, and completes her work on time (or ahead of schedule). Dr. Rudy appreciates the work she does in class, and in addition to giving her high grades consistent with her work, he regularly praises her in class.

As time goes on, as part of Tara’s work on her thesis, she often spends hours each week meeting with Dr. Rudy in his office at the University, discussing the project and her work progress on it. From time to time, Tara and Dr. Rudy will have a meal together, either in his office or at a nearby diner, so they can continue their work. Dr. Rudy usually pays for the meals, as he knows that as a graduate student Tara probably does not have much money.

One December afternoon, after completing their thesis meeting for the day, Tara asks for a ride home rather than having to wait for a bus or ordering a ride service. Noting that it getting dark, and that it is beginning to snow outside, Dr. Rudy agrees and drives Tara the 10-minute trip to her apartment. Tara thanks him for the ride and they do not mention it again.

As the new school term begins in January, Dr. Rudy notes that Tara’s work has declined somewhat. She still completes her assignments, but often will turn them in late. The quality of work is still generally good, but not to her same level as before. Knowing that Tara has “personal issues,” Dr. Rudy continues to give her high grades, hoping that eventually things will get back to normal.

Dr. Rudy privately expresses some concern about Tara to Dr. Cline, another faculty member in the program, who teaches Tara in another class. Dr. Cline says that Tara seems to be completing her work in this other class just fine (and on time), and has not mentioned any personal issues or concerns to her. Dr. Cline gently suggests that Dr. Rudy might be giving her “too much leeway” and that he should consider spending less time with Tara to “get a clearer perspective.” Dr. Rudy is shocked by this suggestion, but agrees to consider it. When he returns to his office, Dr. Rudy sees an email from Tara in which she asks for a meeting “over lunch” the next day and states that she has some things she needs to tell him about. Dr. Rudy is unsure how to respond, and decides to put off responding to the email until the next day.

In your essay, you will evaluate Dr. Rudy’s actions, and argue for or against his decisions. Make sure to follow the assignment instructions, and include all necessary sections of the essay!

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[ORDER SOLUTION] The Media’s Effect on Eating Disorders in Adolescents

I need the psychological standpoint of how all media can cause an adolescent to get an eating disorder. I will need the sources and an abstract. Thank you so much!

This is what my teacher wrote:

This paper will cover a psychological topic of the student’s choice and it is expected that the student will review the current research/literature on the topic (nothing older than 15 years, please!). At least 3 primary source psychological journal articles must be referenced and cited in the paper. Please use the CSN Library website (www.csn.edu/library, click on “Find Articles”) to find your three sources. Ideally, students will choose a topic that is somehow pertinent to their own lives and interests, in light of course content. Pick a topic that interests you, because if you are bored writing it, imagine how bored I will be reading it!

(Please note that Psychology Today, Time, Newsweek, Star, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, and Mad Magazine are not psychological journals! The following are a few examples of psychological journals: American Psychologist, Journal of Counseling, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Behavior Modification, Behavior Research and Therapy, Family Therapy).

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Psychology of Gender Identity

Your grade will also be based on a writing assignment designed to encourage critical thinking about theorizing and research on gender identity. The format of the assignment requires students to apply their knowledge of the psychological processes involved in developing one’s gender identity.
The paper should be 6-8 double-spaced typed pages, using 12-point Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins. Points will be deducted for papers that are not written in APA style. Your paper must also include a minimum of 4 scholarly sources other than those listed in this syllabus.

John Colapinto’s book As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised a Girl introduces you to a story that examines the role of nature and nurture as influences on gender identity. David Reimer (Bruce Reimer) was unknowingly born a male but raised as a female. By comparison, Jennifer Boylan’s autobiographical book She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders immerses you in the turmoil of her gender identity disorder and takes you through her transformation from male to female.

In this paper, I would like you to choose one of the books, and using some of the scientific theories of gender identity examine the relative influence of nature and nurture for David Reimer or Jennifer Boylan. Please address the following questions:
• What does being a boy/girl/man/woman mean to David Reimer/Jennifer Boylan? Is this a result of nature or nurture?
• What signaled gender to David Reimer/Jennifer Boylan (e.g., body parts, clothing, toys, friends, lovers)?
• Both David and Jennifer define and ultimately redefine their gender. How does this work both within and against complex social and cultural forces?

The Books are free to read:
Kimmel, M. (20123. The gendered society (5th Edition). Oxford University Press, NY. ISBN-13: 9780199927463

Boylan, J.F. (2003). She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders. New York, NY: Broadway Books.
ISBN 978-0767914048

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Cyberbullying Prevention

My topic is how can schools and teachers prevent cyberbullying. I will attach my research topic and my annotated bibliography. Also, I have 6 scholarly empirical articles already but more sources are needed. I need 10-11 pages and it does not include the title and reference page. Make sure extra sources are up to date ,no source older than 5 years ago

Below are the instruction from my professor:
* Each student will select a topic of interest, complete a thorough literature review, and introduce a research question. APA format is required and, given those writing / formatting conventions, I expect approximately 10-13 pages is a reasonable target length. Please note that this is just a general guideline. As with all written assignments, quality is more important than quantity.*

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[ORDER SOLUTION] Psych of Personality

student will write a research paper on a specific personality theory of their choice. Your paper should address the general theory as well as strategies/interventions, appropriate clinical populations, and data relating to the impact of theory applied to specific populations.

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