Population Health Interventions

Doctorate level writing: These are 2 separate works but the 6 work will flow from the wk 5 work. The question 1 is discussion while question 2 is a presentation. Please create the infographic that will be used to create Kaltura video.Please provide reference as needed. Reference for articles, journals e.t.c must NOT be older than 5 years.Question #1Wk 5. Discussion (2 pages) At least 2 references (Must NOT be more than 5 years). So from 2015 to present.Population Health Interventions and OutcomesSelect a practice problem related to the below readings (Obesity). Read the related chapter.Bemker, M. A. & Ralyea, C. (2018). Population health and its integration into advanced nursing practice. DEStech Publications, Inc.· Obesity – Opportunities Across the Continuum (Chapter 10)Reflect on the above reading and address the following.· Provide a brief statement introducing the selected practice problem.· Identify the social determinant risk factors for the selected practice problem.· Describe a related Healthy People 2020 Goal.· Describe one evidence-based intervention to address the Healthy People 2020 goal.· Define one measurable objective to address the Healthy People 2020 goal.Question 2.Wk 6 PresentationHealth Interventions and Outcomes PresentationThis assignment has three components:first, identify a practice problem (Obesity) and related population health intervention as directed in the Week 5 Discussion launch question;second, design an Infographic incorporating Week 5 Discussion content; and, third, create a professional Kaltura video presentation to disseminate this information (So you have to create just the infographic that will be used to create the Kentura video)

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