Dosages for Patients

When selecting drugs and determining dosages for patients, it is essential to consider individual patient factors that might impact the patient’s pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes. These patient factors include genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, behavior (i.e., diet, nutrition, smoking, alcohol, illicit drug abuse), and/or pathophysiological changes due to disease. For this Discussion, you reflect on a case from your past clinical experiences and consider how a patient’s pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes may alter his or her response to a drug. To Prepare• Review the Resources for this module and consider the principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.• Reflect on your experiences, observations, and/or clinical practices from the last 5 years and think about how pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic factors altered his or her anticipated response to a drug.• Consider factors that might have influenced the patient’s pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes, such as genetics (including pharmacogenetics), gender, ethnicity, age, behavior, and/or possible pathophysiological changes due to disease.• Think about a personalized plan of care based on these influencing factors and patient history in your case study.By Day 3 of Week 1Post a description of the patient case from your experiences, observations, and/or clinical practice from the last 5 years. Then, describe factors that might have influenced the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes of the patient you identified. Finally, explain the details of the personalized plan of care that you would develop based on influencing factors and patient history in your case. Be specific and provide examples. For more information on Dosages for Patients read this:

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Orodispersible Tablet of Metochlopramide

This is a dissertation INTRODUCTION based on the Orodispersible tablet of Metoclopramide. It must be well-referenced and be written in EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH. Every Information must be referenced with recent publication not really old publication. Note please include any additional information you think is necessary. 1) What is an Orodispersible tablet? (Very detailed) e.g the characteristics, advantages, limitations, Pharmacokinetic of Orodispersible tablet, etc. Please include additional information/pointers in regards to this. 2) Intro about Metoclopramide 3) Orally Disintegrating Tablet Technique -Direct Compression 4) Intro about Superdisintegrant – Mechanism of Superdisintegrant – Advantages of Superdisintegrant – talk about the following disintegrant; Crospovidone and Sodium Starch glycolate. – How did the above disintegrant help with disintegration?

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[SOLVED] Cardiac or Pulmonary Diseases

Write a one page essay on a cardiac or pulmonary disease of your choice, include etiology, signs, symptoms and population range affected the most by it.

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[SOLVED] Pharmaceutical Advertising

Analysis of Pharmaceutical Advertising for Psychiatric Drugs (10%) (10 pages max, excluding bibliographies). The purpose of this assignment is to explore the veracity of advertising claims for psychotherapeutic agents by searching for evidence for the advertising. The Psychiatric Drugs is – Invega Sustenna – use for Schizophrenia Select one drug that is currently heavily advertised to consumers in print, online, or on television and summarize (a) the advertisement and (b) the claims for that drug—both for the effective use and possible side effects. (15%) Summarize and critique evidence that supports (or not) the use of the drug for the disorder described in the advertising (include only research studies or clinical trials—meta-analyses should be used only to identify applicable studies). This should include at least 5 actual published research studies about the use of this drug. (40%) The discussion should include, but is not limited to: * Who financed the studies? * What drugs (used for the psychiatric condition) were used for comparison in the drug and/or randomized control trial? * What were the strengths of the studies? * What were the weaknesses of the studies? Compare the advertised drug to the drugs most frequently used in research and/or practice, what are the risks and benefits for using the advertised drug? (20%) * Based on this analysis, would you use the advertised drug, other drugs, or make a case-by-case decision? * How would you tell clients that you will or will not use an advertised drug that they request? Bibliography (10%) Scholarly writing including accurate summary and synthesis of findings throughout the paper. (15%)

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[SOLVED] The Effect of COVID-19 on Clinical Pharmacists

How COVID-19 affected the job of clinical pharmacists, including residents. As an example, how it affected the communication between the clinical pharmacist and patients. We had to reduce the interaction and keep social distancing as much as possible. On the other hand, We had to make some changes to the medical computer system, like adding the patient’s room phone number to ease the communication. Another example is how we switched all our meetings to be online; this can be advantageous because more clinical pharmacists can participate and attend without leaving their work station. We allowed to work remotely for better social distancing and allow parents to be with their kids when school was closed. We had to do flexing and decrease the working hours due to the financial burden, but that increased the clinical pharmacist’s overall tasks because they need to cover more floors and patients and duties to have the same level of patient care. This type of work needs high levels of flexibility and adaptability. The importance of transparency as protective measurements, any updates were shared through the weekly meetings. Also, this pandemic was an excellent opportunity to create opportunities to conduct trials and research, especially that we started using a different medication (approved medication for unapproved indication). Pharmacy residents have challenges now with the learning experience. As an example, most of the patient rounds became online, and communication became challenging.  In conclusion, I want to list the challenges and the opportunities that the clinical pharmacists and the resident are experiencing during this pandemic.  I would appreciate it if there is a paragraph about students. Most hospitals did not allow them to come to the hospitals and most of the internship became remotely, But our hospital was allowing students to come and learn with some restrictions.

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[SOLVED] Presentation on Threats to the Global Environment

Assignment 3a: Presentation on Threats to the Global Environment  Due Week 9 and worth 150 points   Congratulations! The members of the United Nations found great value in the two analyses you provided. They are now asking you to develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the four most critical threats to the global environment. They are listed in the table below.    Energy sources  Civil war Globalization Poor health of entire populations Lack of educational opportunities Cultural taboos  Inappropriate uses of technology Climate change   To complete this task, you must do the following:    Step I. Narrow the List from Eight to the Four Most Critical Threats  To complete this step, complete the following tasks in order:  Review research on each of the eight threats listed in the table.  Determine what you believe to be the current and potential future impacts of each threat on the global environment. Choose the four threats that you see as the most critical by considering which pose the greatest or most immediate risk to us.       Step II. Create the PowerPoint Presentation The completed version of this presentation will include a minimum of 19 slides. Your audience consists of the United Nations General Assembly.  PPT Content and Structure 1.     A Title Slide: Include your name, course title, current date, and the name of your instructor.  2.     An Introduction Slide: List the four threats you chose, and in the Notes section offer a brief narrative justifying these choices 3.     Body Slides: The slide content is listed in the outline below. For each body slide you develop, please include a paragraph in the Notes section explaining how the details you have provided in the slide are pertinent to the United Nations’ discussion on selecting and prioritizing goals.   I.               For your first threat (this is the threat you consider to be the greatest risk/highest priority) a.     One slide on a brief history and assessment of the threat  b.     One slide on the countries most affected by the threat, and how those countries are affected (please give examples) c.     One slide on the effects of this threat on the world population as a whole d.     One slide including a chart, graph, or compelling visual that relates to the content you present in body slides a–c  II.              For your second threat (this is the threat you consider to be the second greatest risk/second highest priority)  One slide on a brief history and assessment of the threat  One slide on the countries most affected by the threat, and how those countries are affected (please give examples) One slide on the effects of this threat on the world population as a whole One slide including a chart, graph, or compelling visual that relates to the content you present in body slides a–c    III.             For your third threat (this is the threat you consider to be the third greatest threat/highest priority) a.     One slide on a brief history and assessment of the threat  b.     One slide on the countries most affected by the threat, and how those countries are affected (please give examples) c.     One slide on the effects of this threat on the world population as a whole d.     One slide including a chart, graph, or compelling visual that relates to the content you present in body slides a–c  IV.            For your fourth threat (this is the threat you consider to be the fourth greatest threat/highest priority) a.     One slide on a brief history and assessment of the threat  b.     One slide on the countries most affected by the threat, and how those countries are affected (please give examples) c.     One slide on the effects of this threat on the world population as a whole d.     One slide including a chart, graph, or compelling visual that relates to the content you present in body slides a–c  4.     A Conclusion Slide: Summarize your findings for the Assembly. 5.     Optional – Reference Slide: You can include full-text citations in the Notes section of each slide or provide a reference slide at the end of the presentation with the full citations of your sources.  Note: Please discuss the threats in order of priority as described above, so the threat you consider the greatest should be discussed first in the presentation and so on.  Note: Please use at least five credible sources to back up your discussion Note: The body slides should summarize your key takeaways, whereas the Notes section of each body slide should discuss the evidence and the details that support your takeaways. The content in both the Notes and body sections requires citations and sources.   Formatting Guidelines Adhere to guidelines for effective PowerPoint presentations discussed in the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) documentation. Success Tip: For more information and help in creating a PowerPoint, review the content found in the PowerPoint Essentials course on (  The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is as follows: Examine the factors that account for why the growth in the world’s population can negatively affect the global society

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[SOLVED] Pharmacology of Antipsychotics

Pharmacology: Briefly — Routes of administration, how are they used, how do they get in the body, absorption, elimination, how do they get in the brain, metabolism and elimination. Thoroughly — Receptor interactions. What receptors? Subtypes? Receptor structure and function. Where in the brain? Agonist? Antagonist? Etc.

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[SOLVED] Pharmacology Methods

Background Pharmacology is a constantly changing field – every year, new drugs are discovered and developed. As pharmacologists, there are many different techniques that we can use to aid us in the discovery and development of new drugs. In this assignment, you will select an experimental method or technique that is used in pharmacology or drug development research, and write a short essay about this technique, its uses and limitations. Task 1. Choose the method or technique that you will discuss in your essay. Places to search for topic ideas include:     – Scientific journals focused on pharmacology. Examples of pharmacology research journals include                       British Journal of Pharmacology, Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology,                          – Molecular Pharmacology, and there are many others.     – The Journal of Visual Experiments (JoVE) is another good source of topic ideas.     – You may even get an idea from the media – stories about new drugs and therapeutics regularly appear in           the media. Keep an eye out, and if you see a story that sparks your interest look up the original research              and see what techniques they have used. 2. Research the technique that you have chosen, and what it has been used for. Your primary source of                    information should be peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. 3. Write a short essay about your chosen technique. Your essay must incorporate the following:        -An introduction that briefly outlines your topic and the scope of your essay.        -A description of the technique        -An explanation of what the technique is used for.        -An explanation of both the advantages of the technique, and its potential limitations.        -A conclusion that summarises the key points of your essay. Format/submission instructions Your essay should be 500 – 600 words, excluding references. It should be presented in Times New Roman (12 pt) and saved as a Word document (doc/docx). Your essay should have a title at the top of the first page, and your name and student number should be in the header (or footer) of each page. References should be cited using the Vancouver style of referencing, and at least five references should be included. see ONPS2563 methods assignment rubric.pdf You will be marked on the content and scientific accuracy of your essay, the clarity of the professional expression and structure of your essay, and the quality and use of appropriate references using a structured rubric.

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[SOLVED] Broad-Spectrum and Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics

Define the terms broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum antibiotics. List factors that determine which antibiotics are ordered. List the advantages and disadvantages of each.2. Hospitalized patients frequently require antibiotic therapy. Identify a patient in the clinical setting who is receiving antibiotic therapy. Describe three common adverse reactions that can occur related to the patient’s antibiotic therapy. Develop nursing interventions that would be implemented to assess for the common adverse reactions related to antibiotic therapy.Please use and list two reference from a peer reviewed source less than 5 years old (APA format) with in-text citations in APA.

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[SOLVED] Psychopharmacology Field

1.       In 3 or 4 sentences, explain the appropriate drug therapy for a patient who presents with Major Depression Disorder and a history of alcohol abuse. Which drugs are contraindicated, if any, and why? Be specific. What is the timeframe that the patient should see resolution of symptoms? 2.       List 4 predictors of late onset generalized anxiety disorder. 3.       List 4 potential neurobiology causes of psychotic major depression. 4.       An episode of major depression is defined as a period of time lasting at least 2 weeks. List at least 5 symptoms required for the episode to occur. Be specific. 5.       List 3 classes of drugs, with a corresponding example for each class, that precipitate insomnia. Be specific.  Please do in Apa Format. Would prefer someone with in the medical field and with knowledge of pharmacology. Please write information in your own words no copying from sources.

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