Life Cycle Nutritional Needs

Examine the differences in nutritional needs throughout the life cycle.

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[SOLVED] Section A: Analyzing Dietary/Nutritional Claims

Find an article that makes a dietary or nutritional claim. (e.g. “lose weight while you sleep with ‘x’ diet pill”, “gain muscle mass fast and easy with ‘x’ supplement”, “follow this diet plan to detox your body”, “add ‘x’ super vitamin to your diet to prevent illness”). The article can be from an online magazine, […]

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[SOLVED] Nutritionist and Dietician

This is for content writing to be uploaded on the webpage for Nutritionist and dietitian.  Each and every condition should be explained individually in maximum of 4-5 lines, write what the condition is about and how a Dietitians and Nutritionists can be of help in that condition. Every word or line should be related to diet counselling.

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[SOLVED] Registered Dietitian

There are a lot of people online, on social media, at the gym, & supplement stores giving nutrition information & weight loss advice but who can you trust? For this week’s 2nd discussion question, after reading the information provided in Highlight 1 in the textbook (pages 28-31), I would like you to discuss the difference between someone calling themselves “nutritionist” vs “dietitian (Registered Dietitian). Before you learned about the difference, what did you think it meant when someone called themselves a “nutritionist”? Have you heard of “Dietitians” or “Registered Dietitians” before?

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[SOLVED] Pros and Cons of Different Diets

Write a 3 – 5 page paper (NOT including the title or references page!) in which you analyze and evaluate the pros and cons of 2 different diets (Example: Paleo, Atkins, 5:2, Ketogenic, Macrobiotic, Mediterranean, South Beach, Vegan, Weight Watchers, Zone, Vegetarian, etc.). Compare and contrast the 2 diets based on scientific research in relation to incidence of chronic disease (stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer), longevity, and overall health and wellness. Based on your findings, which of the 2 diets would you recommend & why? Explain, Be Specific

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[SOLVED] Solutions to Food Insecurity in Developing Countries

Nutrition Program  Purpose: To gain an understanding of the impact that global organizations have on mitigating world hunger through partnerships with the local economy.  Objective:  Outlines a program that supports sustainable solutions to food insecurity in developing countries.? Outcomes: 1. Identify global organizations that provide nutrition programs to all populations in West Africa. 2. Describe agricultural initiatives to increase the availability of food in the country chosen.  3. Determine possible solutions to food availability and accessibility to improve the nutritional status of the population. ACEND competencies:  3.4.2 Identifies the need and when needed, works to establish partnerships with local growers and producers.  Instructions: In groups, research ways in which global organizations that serve the population of West Africa have included nutrition goals through local agriculture sources and systems. Work within your group to identify an organization.  Reflect on the following:  1. What is the mission of the organization?  2. What agricultural plan/initiatives/systems does the organization support?  3. How can these efforts by the organization impact the people it serves?  4. Describe what you think can be done to help people of West Africa improve their nutrition status, food availability and accessibility. Make connections with the geographical landscape locations and (select a specific country to focus on in this portion of the discussion)  What are some common nutritional health concerns among the population? How will the suggestions that come up with impact the nutrition and overall health status of the population?  Turn in: Via a shared document, you will turn in a minimum of a 500 word response. Include the names of all your group members on your document. Select a team leader for your group. Only 1 document should be submitted for the whole team. The team leader of the group will be the only one to submit the shared document. Correct grammar and sentence structure expected. A minimum of one citation is necessary, please use APA styling for full credit.  Resources Needed:  Book,  organization of your  choice website, and any other outside resources as necessary

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[SOLVED] Nursing Staff

What is the staff nurse’s role in evidence-based practice in your organization? How much do you think evidence-based practice is valued by your colleagues on the nursing staff? Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. Your initial post is worth 8 points. No title page or abstract needed. Only APA format with in-text citations and reference page.

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[SOLVED] American Diet

Discussion Question: As reviewed in the video, the American diet has changed significantly over the past 50 years driven by what was the known nutrition science of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Discuss how the dietary recommendations, regulations, and subsequent changes in the American diet over the decades since have contributed to health status of Americans today. Cite at least one reference source to further back up your comments. here is the video Peer Response: Review your peers’ discussion comments. Choose at least one post and develop a response to that post. In your response, consider the following and address these points: 1) Did their comments concur with or differ from your own? 2) How did their comments enhance your understanding of this discussion topic? 3) From what you gained from the video, what can you contribute to add to your peers’ understanding of the topic? Add additional citations, if necessary, to back up your comments. after you done with the discussion i will send you one of my friend discussion so you can do the peer respond

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[SOLVED] Body Image Research

write a research paper on Body image. Focused on( “perfect body”, eating disorders, obesity) Format – Length: – Font: – Spacing: – Format: Work Cited argument and the points you use are important to understanding the topic and views you have selected. 5-6 Pages Minimum Times New Roman / Size 12 Must Be DOUBLE-SPACED Must have MLA Heading / Last Name & Page Numbers A Works Cited page is mandatory for this assignment. It must be the last page of your research paper but does not count towards the total number of pages of required writing. Sources – You must have a minimum of FIVE sources dated after 2000 – Your sources can include: o Books o Academic Journals / Articles o Verifiable Interviews – It cannot include o Websites that are not official academic pages such as that of universities o Wikipedia o Online essays from other students

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[SOLVED] Local Hunger and Food Insecurity Issues

1,000-word document ( not including references). Use APA formatting with cover page and reference page and utilize in-text citations. a.     Research global and local hunger and food insecurity issues                                      i.     How prevalent is this issue? 1.     Outline the common causes of world hunger. Outline common causes of hunger in the U.S.                                     ii.     What is the impact of hunger and malnutrition on society? On health?                                   iii.     Discuss issues related to malnutrition in the world as well as the concept of “cycle of undernutrition.” b.     Summarize the physical findings used in nutritional assessments for malnutrition c.     What has been the impact of Covid 19 on local food insecurity?                                      i.     What has been the response locally to addressing issues of food insecurity as result of Covid 19? What more could be done? d.     Research information on three different organizations that address local or global hunger or malnutrition. Of the three organizations, select at least 1 local organization.                                        i.      Summarize who they are, how they got started, what they do, what type of population (children, adults, seniors) they serve, and how/when/where/if college students could get involved.                                     ii.     Quote their mission statement.                                   iii.     Discuss the organizations’ nutrition impact on the community 1.     Include information on the population served by the organization and the influence of malnutrition on that population—for example, if the organization focuses on feeding children, what is the impact of malnutrition and hunger on a growing child, what would be the long-term influence of malnutrition and hunger on a child’s health?                                   iv.     Describe at least 2 strategies that could help eliminate local and/or world hunger.

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