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Section I: (Slide #8)From the Hempis Gonpa Celebration of the Tibetan New Year video, please answer the following questions:a) Who performed the dances and are they gender specific?b) Were the dances secular or non-secular in their origins? Are the dances secular or non-secular in present day?c) Why did they dance and what was their motivation for their dances?d) Describe the detail of the costuming and masks.e) What was the purpose for the masks?f) Are the performances accompanied by music or instrumentation?Section II. (Slide #9) From the Tibetan Monastic Dance – ‘Cham’ video, please answer the following questions:a) What was the significance of having the dances performed before the Tibetan New Year?b) What types of instruments are used during the performance?c) What is the kangling instrument made from and what is its symbolic significance?d) What is the ritual surrounding the creation of the sacred peace mandala? What is the symbolic representation of the mandala and the lesson behind the ritual?Section III. (Slide 11) From the National Geographic Video, The Science of the Mind – Sacred Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, discuss the following:a) Many practice Buddhism as a religion. In the video, the narrator/host discusses that Buddhism is “neither a philosophy nor a religion, but a path to wisdom.” As discussed in the video, using the tenets of Buddhism, choose one that may apply to your daily life and explain why.b) In our course thus far, we have studied how the use of rhythm, repetition with movement and dance, the use of elixirs/herbs/incense, for example, are ways to assist the human body in the connection to spiritual realms. Is this the case with the practice of Buddhism? Through contemplative study and meditation, what is the goal for the Buddhist?

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