Fractions and Ratios Assignment

A picture or screenshot of the written document is okay. Please solve the following questions: 1. Show how to compute the problem by drawing an area model for 3/5 * 1/3.  2. Steve can type 6 pages for every 4 pages that Stan can type. If Stan has typed 12 pages, how many pages has Steve typed? 3. There are 75 girls and 25 boys interested in student council. a. What is the ratio (in simplest form) of girls to boys? b. What is the ratio (in simplest form) of boys to girls? c. What is the ratio (in simplest form) of girls to total students who are interested? 4.  About 11/12 of a garden is planted with tomatoes, 1/18 with onions, and the rest peppers. What part of the garden is planted with peppers? 5. What is the rule for determining if a fraction can be converted to a terminating decimal?  (Hint:  it has to do with the denominator).  6.  Last year 28% of the kids in our school were using the Free and Reduced Lunch program.  If there are 1180 kids in the school, how many use the program?  Round to the nearest person. 7.   If Alex got 55 correct answers on a test with 80 questions, what percent of his answers are correct?

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Calculus 1 Integration Test

This is a math test; calculus 1 chapter 4 (Integration). The test is only consist of 15 questions with a time limit of 120 minutes. I need a knowledgeable person with calculus 1 that can get me an A. Most importantly, I need the scratch work for all the 15 answers to be written in good hand writing and with DETAILS. As well as to have the scratch turned in to me after taking the test immediately, so I can rewrite it and submit it to the teacher. I will be giving my student profile login after I see that you went through my instructions and fully knowledgeable with calculus to get me an A. If I picked you and you did a great job at this, I will be forwarding to you all my work and start having business with you. Please get me an A.

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Banking and Interest around the World

Please investigate the history of banking interest in the United States and in other countries. Present your findings in your own words. Provide specific examples and how they are used or applied to financial transactions.

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Math’s Lesson

Maths lesson- I will provide the maths lesson details each day I provide details of the lesson in a powerpoint presentation to explain to students as I am not the best with maths  For example Monday lesson- details of the lesson how to explain to grade 4 students.

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Statistic Homework Need Done BY 8 Pm

3. A random variable has the following probability distribution: X        P(X) 0          0.35 1          0.30 2          0.20 3          0.10 4         0.05 A) Compute the expected value, variance and standard deviation of X. Show the computations for each of your answers. Fourteen percent (0.14) of the students in a statistics class are graduate students. A random sample of 10 students is selected. Use the binomial probability formula to determine the probability that the sample contains exactly 3 graduate students. Show your work. Nine percent (0.09) of the parts produced by a machine are defective. Twenty(20) parts are selected at random for study. A. what is the probability that at least 3 parts are defective? B. what is the probability that exactly 2 parts are defective? C. what is the expected number of defective parts in the sample? D. What is the variance and standard deviation of defective parts in the sample? Two letters are mailed to San Francisco. One was sent air mail, the other first class. From past data we know that the probability of an air mail letter arriving in 2 days is 0.55, and the probability of a first class letter arriving in 2 days is 0.35.. Assuming independence: A. What is the probability that both letters arrive in 2 days? B. What is the probability that at least one letter arrives in 2 days? C. What is the probability that none of the letters arrive in 2 days? HTML Editor Keyboard Shortc

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Business Statistics Assignment

Link to the assignment – Username – 100371639 password – Wander=Kpu1

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Financial Literacy

When it comes to a country’s economy, the spending habits of its citizens, corporations, and the government all play a role. Is saving encouraged? Does inflation hinder buying power? How do interest rates change spending and lending? Since so much of our daily lives center around financial security, it is important to understand how money and numbers can (and often are) manipulated. In this Discussion, you will analyze how a country’s financial health is related to its citizens’ financial health. To prepare for this Discussion: Review 7, 7.1, 7.3-7.7 from the course text, Math in our World. Think about how you manage your personal finances and how a government and/or financial industry might influence the way you save or spend. Should consumers save money or spend money? Think about the pros and cons of both. Analyze why and how a country’s (or the world) economy has been affected by personal, corporate, or government-related decisions. Focus your analysis from the perspective of one specific country. Reflect on how a country’s economy affects individual, family, or community spending. Focus your response on the following: One country How decisions made by (pick one of the following) individuals, corporations, or government can affect the financial health of (pick one of the following) individual citizens, families or communities Research data related to (pick one of the following) home ownership, mortgages, interest rates, inflation, and foreclosure rates or another economic measure

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ALEKS Workbook

This assignment is in a workbook named ALEKS which is an Algebra class. There is a pie that shows the amount of work that is completed, 190 topics are remaining. It’s mostly math problems that have to be correct just to move forward to the next problem. You’ll have to use my school id along with my password to access it. There will be a verification code they’ll send to my phone for logging in so when they send it to me I will send it right back to you. This class is challenging for me so if your serious about helping me I’d love to work with you.

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