Webstore by Branding

A 2500 – 3000-word paper. 7- 10 pages   APA style with references no plagiarism feel free to edit the subquestions or central question in order to structure a better paper.  The central question is; How can I start and maintain a successful webstore by branding?    Subquestion 1: what is branding?  Subquestion 2: what are the vital online marketing methods needed for digital marketing? Subquestion 3: what are the characteristics of a good webstore?

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Repositioning Product

1. Describe a product you like that you believe more people should purchase. As a marketer, how would you reposition the product in the customer’s mind to increase its purchase? Outline your strategy. Create a new tagline for this product. Note: Please review my expectations for the assignment. I expect your response to include 2 or more references from the APUS Library system (failure to include such references will detract from your grade on the assignment) and be presented in APA Format. Deliverable length is a minimum of 2 body pages.

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Promotion and Pricing Strategies

Product: Maple syrup Country you’re exporting from: Canada Host country: Switzerland Congratulations on all your hard work that has brought you to the final assignment of this course! So far the activities and assignments in this course have challenged you to analyze some key concepts and to apply them to marketing your product in your chosen country. In this assignment, you will focus on the promotion and pricing strategies of your plan. You will also reflect on its viability and on your learning and challenges. In the first two sections of this assignment, you will set the marketing mix strategies for promotion and price. Keep in mind the interaction of these controllable variables within the framework of uncontrollable variables of the international marketing task model. The information from this portion of the assignment forms the sections of your international marketing plan referred to as Promotion Strategy and Price Strategy. The last section of the assignment is a reflective summary in which you will discuss your learning and growth from the online discussions and journaling as well as potential concerns regarding the marketing plan preparation and implementation.

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[SOLVED] Pizza Pies Case Study

Pizza Case Study  Read the case Paglozzi’s Pizza Pies, Case – #30 found in the Cases section of the textbook and the alternative strategic and marketing responses the firm is considering.  Use the three alternatives and the four questions as a starting point for thinking about the case and the proper approach. You may decide that one of the alternatives presented in the case is the best but do not feel boxed in, if you have an alternative not presented feel free to explore it but be sure you can support it. The basic format for the case should be an introduction and summary of the facts, an analysis of possible solutions and a conclusion.  Think of your role as a consultant hired to sort all this out and present a clear strategy to management who is paying your bill.     Your paper should be approximately four pages of written work plus whatever appendices and supporting documentation you feel is necessary and useful.  The case presents quite a few numbers, so use them to analyze your options and support your conclusion. A paper without some numerical work is incomplete. Your submission should include: At least 4 additional academic (e.g., journal articles) and/or popular press (e.g., Business Week) resources in addition to your text to support your conclusions A separate title page Double-spacing APA citations for paraphrased materials (all direct quotes must have the page or paragraph numbers) References page

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[SOLVED] Brochure and the Target Audience

Task  1. CREATE: Your final 4″ x 9″ tri-fold brochure (12″ x 9″ flat) Use ADOBE InDesign Make sure your increments are in inches (not pixels or picas) Use 3 equal column format with .25″ margins Add 0.25″ or .125″ bleeds when you set up the document Include images, colors, graphics that communicate your message(s) to your target audience Create a hierarchy of information so the viewer knows what to look at first, second, etc… Use no more than 2 fonts with a maximum of 3 sizes for text font and 2 sizes for title font. Save as a PDF , and make sure you include the appropriate Printer’s Marks and Bleeds in the process. Remember to include your name in the file name. Submit the PDF version on the assignment. 2. ON A SEPARATE PAGE or in text, describe your DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY for this brochure. List 5 locations where you will put your brochure and the TARGET AUDIENCE you expect to reach in each location.

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[SOLVED] Principles of Retailing 

Required: Assess Joules’s application of the service marketing mix and discuss the importance of the brand and segmentation when it comes to international markets such as Germany and the US. Joules Joules British fashion company Joules is a notable example of a brand succeeding in the fashion sector as rivals continue to crumble. Last year the company’s retail sales rose by 11.7% across all product categories. Now in its 30th year, the brand describes itself as operating a ‘total retail marketing model’, spanning stores, online and wholesale across womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, footwear and home. In addition to more than 120 stores across the UK and Ireland, and over 2,000 stockists worldwide, the brand also boasts a growing online business which contributed almost half of sales during the period. CEO Colin Porter attributes this success to the strength of the Joules brand, a growing loyal customer base and the flexibility of its model to adapt to changing customer behaviours. He explains that Joules is genuinely agnostic about where its customers decide to shop. The wholesale strategy has, however, helped Joules expand to 1,000 stockists in the US, a market that buys into the brand’s family-focused values with a British twist. The same is true in Germany. Joules has also maintained a carefully managed approach to discounting, using a rich database of consumer data to provide targeted offers. From a promotional point of view the approach is digital-first, mixing email, PPC and affiliate, alongside Facebook and Instagram. However, the stores play a crucial role in raising brand awareness and acquiring the majority of Joules’s new customers. This is down to the Joules people, says Porter. Each and every one of them is ‘brilliant’. They are hired based on the company’s ‘brilliance’ brand value: ‘We’re talking about making someone smile and making the ordinary extraordinary.’ Furthermore, it is the brand’s signature design style, tapping into the label’s outdoor roots, that helps Joules continue to attract a growing cohort of customers. ‘We don’t chase fashion. Joules isn’t about being the fashion leader in the branded retail market, we’re about offering our customers products for their lifestyle, so an element of practicality done with a twist,’ Porter explains.

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[SOLVED] New Product Development Project

** PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FOR PART 1 AND 2 ALONG WITH PROFESSOR FEED BACK**  For this assignment, you are to develop a new product concept and research the demand, proposed product attributes, and other factors that will determine the viability of the product, and to make recommendations for the development, testing, and commercial launch of the product. This project is divided into four parts, each being completed in conjunction with several of the modules in the course. These are as follows: Part 1—Concept Generation Paper Part 2—Concept Testing and Screening Part 3—Product Protocol Part 4—Proposed Product Launch Plan For Part 3, Product Protocol, you are to generate a protocol for the actual product you are proposing. Remember, a protocol is an agreement among the functions about the required output or deliverables for the specific new product program; it sets the standards for it. It is a tool for managing the process. Develop a detailed protocol using the outlines suggested in Chapter 12 of the textbook as they fit your product. Present your protocol in outline form. It should be about 4–6 pages. Submit it with any supporting materials you think useful to your Instructor by the due date. Use the Add Submission button below to submit your assignment.

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[SOLVED] Tactics and Action

Using the attached files BUS351 M4A1 is the Amazon Situational Analysis, BUS 351 M5A1 is the Amazon Objectives and Strategy. These are both the first parts of the marketing plan. The next sections for your marketing plan will be tactics (emarketing, for example), and the action phase of the plan. Both sections will bring a clearer insight into how the organization will begin to implement the strategies that were identified in last week’s module. This activity addresses the following module outcome: MO2: Understand the needs of the multi-channel and omni-channel consumers (CO1, 5) The Tactics section of your marketing plan begin to identify how to implement the strategy from the previous section. Tactics will include an e-marketing mix, social networking, and an integrated marketing communications (IMC). An overview of the integrated marketing communications strategy information is included in the module 7 course materials. The Action phase of your marketing plan allocates specific functions and tasks within a timeline, identifies the internal and external resources that are required for the implementation of the strategy, and assess the company’s systems and processes. Your assignment should be 2-3 pages and follow the APA guidelines (6th Edition) by including a title page, written in Times Roman, 12-point font, doubled spaced, use left justify, and with one-inch margins.

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[SOLVED] Current Retail Environment

Each student or team of students is required to submit a report (8-page minimum, single spaced; no maximum length) either analyzing and critiquing a retail organization’s strategy and operations or analyzing a market and proposing a retail business start-up (create a new business) and the strategic marketing plan to enable a success launch. Companies whose strategy and operations are thoroughly discussed in the text may not be selected. Students may select small, medium, or large retailers. They may select local, regional, or national firms, publicly traded or privately held. Students should use secondary sources of information (e.g., the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Barons, and SEC filings) to discover more about the organization’s strategies, tactics, and operations. Whether articles are available and how many depends on the nature of the firm. Large, national, publicly traded retailers offer more strategic, tactical, and operational content that is discoverable and thus able to be critiqued. However, critiquing a local, smaller firm may present the opportunity to interview the owner, customers, more easily observe customer buying behavior and operations and thus investigate more deeply into the challenges and opportunities facing the organization. If a small firm is selected include a section on how the firm can significantly grow the business. Students may analyze and critique a business they might be interested in purchasing. A critique focused on purchasing a retail business must include a price range for purchase with justification. In addition to the private sector, students may choose non-profit or government organization if there is the equivalent to a retail function (i.e., a government agency that serves individual consumers, e.g., the DMV). A state or federal agency that monitors an industry would not be acceptable. If a student chooses an institution not in the private sector the student must explain how the context of non-private sector institution is different from the private sector and the impact that has on strategy and operations. For example, in the government sector the cost of higher levels of customer service may not be justified or may be very difficult to accomplish given how resources are allocated and the difficulty of raising taxes. The competitive environment for non-profit and government organizations is very different than private sector markets and how these differences impact the operation of the organization must be discussed in the report.  Students must use a strategic plan to organize the report or start-up plan. The book is organized as a strategic typology plan and thus, the table of contents in the book may be used. Other strategic and operational typologies are found throughout the text with examples as follows: pages 10-14, pages 22-23, figure 2-8 (p. 38), figure 2-9 (p. 39), pages 52-74, Figure 3-1 (p.53), Table 3-5 (p. 71), Table 3-6 (p. 72-73), pages 76-79, pages 498-511, Figure 20-2 (p. 499), Figure 20-3 (p. 500), Figure 20-6 (p. 507), Figure 20-7 (p. 510), Figure 20-8 (p. 511). The retail auditing material in Chapter 20 may be particularly helpful in critiquing a retailer’s strategy, tactics, and operations. It may also be very useful (i.e., not required) to interview the owner or local store manager (or equivalent) of the organization being critiqued to get their insights into strategies, tactics and operations and other relevant information. The students should make an appointment with the manager and explain the assignment and have prepared questions that reflect knowledge of the retail organization. The interview may lead to a job in the management trainee program or more generally! Students may create their own typologies/ plans mixing various approaches but the typology should cover all important strategic, tactical, and operational functions and the marketing mix that drive success in the marketplace. Once students have selected an organization or the startup option, the students should not change the selection without the approval of the instructor.

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[SOLVED] Organization and Implementation Plan of a Marketing Plan

8.   Organization A marketing program needs a marketing organization to implement it.  This section of the marketing plan may include an organizational chart with both current and projected positions represented.    9.   Implementation Plan       a.   The implementation plan shows how a company will turn plans into results. To implement a marketing program successfully, hundreds of detailed decisions are often required.       b.   These marketing tactics are detailed operational decisions essential to the overall success of marketing strategies.  Unlike marketing strategies, marketing tactics involve actions that must be taken immediately.       c.   Your assignment is to provide a detailed list of steps to carry out your Marketing Plan.  The Student Sample (Bagels by the Bay) provides a brief example. Yours should be a little more detailed.

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