Chinese Socialism Past

Chinese Socialism Past and PresentChinese Culture Traditional and ModernThe paper should be at least 6-7 pages in length, double-spaced, coherently written, with 1-inch margins on all sides. The preferred font is Times New Roman 12.Discuss and compare the major themes, prominent subject matter, and distinctive styles of the films of these directors.A Touch of Sin (Director Jia Zhangke 2013). KanopyMr. Six (Director Guan Hu, starring Feng Xiaogang, 2015). KanopyYouth (Director Feng Xiaogang, 2017). KanopyAvoid simple generalization. You need to refer to specific elements in the films. Your writing should reflect the level and ability of an upper-division college student. Coherence, organization, and elegance are important criteria for good writing.If you anticipate difficulty in writing this paper, try to make an appointment with the University’s Writing Center to get some help as soon as possible.

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The Characterization

I’m curious what you think of the character “Injun” Joe in Tom Sawyer. Twain based the character on a real person he had known growing up in Hannibal, Missouri, Joe Douglas. The real Joe was an Osage Indian and was not at all “murderous,” as depicted in the book. Indeed, he objected to Twain about the characterization, as have later members of the Osage Nation, including the poet Carter Revard, whose native name Nom-peh-wah-the means “fear-inspiring.” He finds the characterization deeply offensive, including the word associated with Joe, “Injun.” I think what bothers Nom-peh-wah-the even more is the idea that no one seems bothered by this. The title he gave an article on the subject clearly suggests this: “Why Mark Twain Killed Injun Joe, and Why Nobody Cares.”At the same time, it seems to me that Tom’s reaction when he sees the dead Joe in the cave is very important. It suggests some level of empathy on Tom’s part, and presumably on Twain’s.So . . . what do you think of the characterization of Joe throughout, and does the way Tom reacts to his death suggest any positive view of Joe, either in terms of other characters or on Twain’s part. To put it another way, does anyone care that Joe died the way he did?

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Paragraph Structure

Begin by stating a tentative thesis (what you think your paper might argue). Then use the MEAL plan paragraph structure to write one rough draft paragraph that could support this potential thesis in your research essay. The evidence from the Evidence section of your paragraph should come from the source you located on your topic.My research topic is : How has the COVID 19 pandemic affected people’s mental health and substance abuse.

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Analyze Plays Structured

Analyze the way one of the plays we have read is structured by making reference to the following terms: point of attack, inciting incident, climax, and structure. The plays PDF in below.Papers are to be 5 pages long, double-spaced, with a clear introductory paragraph stating your thesis (argument) as well as the main supporting points. In your paper, you should: italicize the titles of plays and provide page number references for all quotes and specific textual references.

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Areas of Macroeconomics

Write an analytical report that demonstrates an integrated understanding of the principles of Macroeconomics related to the country you were assigned. You should choose at least 8 of the following areas of Macroeconomics to incorporate in your report.1GDP2Consumption3Disposable income / saving4Monetary policies (interest rates)5Fiscal policies (taxes)6Supply side policies (productivity)7Trade (net exports)8Unemployment9Inflation10Government debt (expenditures)11Country’s economic position

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Political Ideas and Beliefs

How would you write a mock-apotheosis/deification today? Which powerful figure would be its subject? Who do you imagine might be its author? What are some concrete physical–, character-, or other traits the satirist might mock or belittle, and how or why might he choose these? What might make these funny (and true)? What political, policy, ideological, or other ideas, beliefs, and practices of the satirized might the satirist identify and satirize? And what might the political, ideological, entertainment, or other potential purposes of such a satire be? Make sure to justify yourself: explain why you’ve made the choices that you have, and esp. how they relate to Seneca.Directions:This should be 2 pages, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 size font.As always, you will be evaluated on the quality of your writing. You will also be evaluated on your understanding of the principles behind this exercise, in this case, how satire functions. So your assignment must show an awareness of the purposes and strategies that satirists adopt in order to achieve their stated (or unstated goal. You may consider how and why satire mocks, belittles, but also creates community; how it might combine high and low registers and content, and how it is used as a tool to make broader political and cultural observations and statements.

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Suffering of Roman Ancestors

Trojan WomenPrompt:This is a reaction/reflection assignment: What, in your view, do the Trojan Women, especially Andromache and Hecuba, represent? What ideas or beliefs about warfare, slavery, sexual assault, agency, fate, freedom of choice, grief, or motherhood might Seneca be attempting to articulate using these characters as a vehicle? Importantly, do you believe that this tragedy entrenches and justifies Roman ideas of superiority and empire (that it looks to the mythological Roman past to glorify the suffering of Roman ancestors and to justify empire today), or is it a veiled critique of Roman practices, using the Greeks to illustrate how those in power — now the Romans — always behave

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Speech Video Analysis

Prepare a 300 typed response including a properly cited source using MLA or APAWatch the Video:

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Games and Politics

Can games be political? In what kinds of ways can politics enter into games? Should games contain political topics? You have been presented with four journalistic perspectives and a video on the same critical question of how political statements enter into video games in various kinds of ways. Please use the four readings and the Errant Signal video (in Lecture 18) to write your opinion on the question of Games and Politics.Be sure to accurately summarize the positions of each before moving on to your opinion. You may do outside research if you wish, however, you may rely on the assigned readings. You may use video game examples if you have played any of the games discussed, though this is not mandatory. Remember this is a formal response, so you should do proper citation and include an intro and conclusion. You can use anything you have learned in this course to support your ideas.Chicago in-text citation

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Suffered Breath

Poem:3-Note the alliterations and the assonances. What effect do they produce?8-What does the poet ask for?DEPUIS AKKAD DEPUIS ELAM DEPUIS SUMERPAR AIME CÉSAIREAwakener, snapper,Suffered breath, rushing breathMaster of the three paths, you have in front of you a man who has walked a lot.SinceElam.SinceAkkad.SinceSumer.Master of the three paths, you have in front of you a man who has carried a lot.SinceElam.SinceAkkad.SinceSumer.I carried the body of the commander.I carried the commander’s railroad.I carried the commander’s locomotive, the commander’s cotton.I carried on my woolly head that goes so well on the padGod, the machine, the road – theCommander’s God.Master of the three paths I carried under the sun, I carried in the fog I carried on the shards of embers of the Manian ants.I carried the parasol I carried the explosive I carried the straitjacket.SinceAkkad.SinceElam.SinceSumer.Master of the three paths,Master of the three channels, please that for once – the first sinceAkkad sinceElam sinceSumer – the muzzle more leathery apparently than the callus of my feet but in reality softer than the meticulous beak of the raven and as if draped, bitter folds mygray borrowed skin (livery that men impose on me every winter) I advance through the dead leaves of my little wizarding steptowards where triumphantly threatens the inexhaustible injunction of men thrown to the gnarled sneers of the hurricane.SinceElam sinceAkkad sinceSumer.

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