Is the Advertising Really Necessary?

In search engines, “Are the sponsored links supposed to be better links than the organic links, or worse? Is the advertising really necessary?” What is your opinion? Use sources to support your views. To gain all the points in a discussion response: Posts well developed assignment that fully addresses and develops all aspects of the task. Demonstrates analysis of others’ posts; extends meaningful discussion by building on previous posts. Posts factually correct, reflective and substantive contribution; advances discussion. Uses references to literature, readings, or personal experience to support comments. Contributes to discussion with clear, concise comments formatted in an easy to ready style that is free of grammatical or spelling errors.

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President Trump’s Declaration of a National Emergency

Beginning with Executive Order (EO) 13873 signed on May 5, 2019, analyze President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in regards to securing the information and communications technology and services supply chain. Your paper should clearly discuss the EO’s possible impact on the National Security agenda of protecting citizens from foreign national terrorists while evaluating agency implementation, and the role federal, state, local, and tribal governments to support your argument. All requirements of prompt and format must be met to receive full credit. Grades are based on the following: Pros vs cons on the EO; Recommendation to your superior on the implementation; What will be the outcome by the Supreme Court, and why; Grammar and compliance to APA (6th) including citations and reference page Times New Roman, 12 point font.

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Grievance Arbitrations

1.With more organizations providing dispute resolution procedures (e.g. non-union grievance processes), will Unions become obsolete?  Justify your answer. 2.With grievance arbitrations taking so much time and being very expensive because, some argue, due to the use of lawyers, should non-legal company and union representative be the only ones allowed to make presentations at grievance arbitrations? Justify your answer

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 The Summons by John Grisham

Each student will be responsible for preparing a critical analysis of the supplementary reading in which the student identifies the “legal issues” in the reading and discusses how those legal issues are related to the three social science requirements above. Analysis of the reading should follow the standards of legal analysis. For example, if there is a legal issue in your reading that involves the tort of negligence, then you should analyze the tort issue using legal analysis format. In addition, students writing should conform to the instructions for a college level paper: 1) An introductory paragraph with a thesis statement as the concluding sentence. 2) The thesis statement which should be the premise of your paper (meaning what is the point of your analysis. In the case of this paper, your thesis will be to prove how the reading examines the ways in which law influences human behavior; the ways in which law, legal institutions and legal processes influence a person’s beliefs, assumptions, and values; and analyze how the legal system is based on a reciprocal interaction among the individual, community and society are ) 1-39 | P L S 1 1 0 W i l l i a m W o o d s U n i v e r s i t y 3) Body paragraphs that begin with a topic sentence and that support the thesis with argument based on facts (from the source that is being critically analyzed or reflected upon) and evidence (this should be from your supplemental reading and your text primarily, although you may use outside sources as long as you include a works cited page.) 4) A concluding paragraph that includes a summary of how the thesis has been proved.

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Legalization of Marijuana in Canada Compared to Other Countries

Legalization of marijuana in Canada compared to other countries

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The Effect of Sentencing Laws on Corrections

The Effect of Sentencing Laws on Corrections You are an intern at the Department of Justice (DOJ) and have been assigned to the Office of Justice Programs. Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a discussion brief on the effects of sentencing laws on corrections in the last ten years. The head of the Office of Justice Programs Department will use the brief during an upcoming conference. Using South University Online Library, research the effects of the 1990s sentencing laws on corrections in the last ten years. In your 3- to 4-page brief: Identify the trends in prison incarceration rates since 1990. Cite reliable data to support your conclusions. Discuss the impact that sentencing laws had on the prison population. In your response, consider mandatory minimum laws and habitual offender laws. Discuss whether “truth-in-sentencing” laws are effective. Suggest improvements or changes that can be made in individual prisons to respond to the challenges being faced by prison administrators. In addition to research articles in South University Online Library, the following Internet site may supplement your search: Cato Institute

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This project is about women’s rights or lack of. The piece of work I have selected which is Frances Benjamin Johnston’s self portrait seated in front of a fireplace. This is the source I have already used – That is my primary source so you would provide the thesis about that. And then add two outside/secondary sources. The Analysis Project is a focused research essay that performs a “close reading” of one of the complete works of literature or any visual artwork (painting or photograph) included the course modules. Students also may not substitute outside materials. (For example, just because an artist was discussed for one painting does not mean you may go on the internet and find a different painting by that artist – you must write about the exact artwork presented in the course. Likewise, several poets and writers are presented yet you may only analyze the specific poem or story presented in the course modules.). Your essay should offer an analytical interpretation of the work of art or work of literature by having a thesis about what the piece seeks to express and how the artist or author accomplishes this expression formally in its historical context. The paper should address the form, content, and context of the work, although not necessarily equally. . Two outside/secondary sources are required. (JSTOR, a database accessible through the FSCJ Library & Learning Commons is the best online research tool to find books and articles for Humanities.) You may have more than two secondary sources, although in a paper of this length, more than four will limit the possibility for you to clearly develop your own voice and present your thesis about the work. A note on sources: The provided course material does not count as an outside source. Sources are journal articles, books, and quality multi-media, such as videos and museum blogs. Sources may be primary (such as a letter or publication by the artist him/herself) or secondary (such as scholarly criticism or historical research). Only one of your sources may be a web-based source, although certainly you may access print sources such as books and journal articles digitally. **Any and all sources must be documented correctly using MLA citation.** Plagiarism and academic dishonesty are not acceptable; consequences as detailed in the college’s student code of conduct fully apply, including failure of the assignment and referral for disciplinary action. The paper should be 3-4 pages, at least 750 words and no more than 1250 words, and be typed, double-spaced in MLA format.

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Mental Health Case Management

The Criminal Justice System possesses several agencies that require evidence-based practices to address policy and process changes write a 3-5 page case management proposal about how a criminal justice agency (law enforcement, the court system, or corrections) should address the following: What services currently exist to address the mentally ill population? Are they enough to meet the needs of the populations? Why or why not? What services should be delivered? Consider these at the micro, macro, and mezzo levels. How would you incorporate the services into your case management process?

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The Issues Immigrants in the United States Face Today

What are the four ways to be a U.S. Citizen? Who are the two categories of immigrants? Discuss some of the issues immigrants in the United States face today. Suggest your recommendations.

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Prisoners’ Rights

Prisoners’ Rights You work in the administrative office of a correctional facility and handle complaints about violations of prisoners’ rights. A conference on prisoners’ rights is being held in the near future. Your supervisor asks you to study a report on violations of prisoners’ rights and prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for the conference. The presentation will lead to a discussion on prisoner complaints and the increasing litigation that correctional facilities have to handle. The discussion will include an analysis of how courts handle cases of violation of prisoners’ rights. In your 10-slide presentation: Identify trends in the most common prisoner issues and the way courts handle them. Focus on the following five issues: Living conditions Physical security Fourth Amendment rights Religious considerations Access to a law library, courts, and lawyers Discuss the Supreme Court decisions on these five issues. Provide a minimum of two innovative solutions (for each issue) to resolve these problems. For more information on prisoners’ rights, visit: Resources for Legal Research: Prisoners’ Rights

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